New Moon May 2014The New Moon on May 28 2014 is at 7º Gemini in the stormy but passionate Hyades and igniting a very tight square to splashy Neptune. Neptune is still the apex of the same Yod pattern that was active in the Full Moon. Moon square Neptune is one of the most sensitive and compassionate aspects one can have, but we need to pay attention that its idealism is not misplaced, unrealistic and impractical. Left-brain existence could be a struggle with the nebulous and surreal energy of Neptune. We may feel like they we are forever walking through a Dali painting, checkerboard staircases tapering off in spirals, melting clocks…So be prepared!

If this moon really connects with you the next month it will be perfect for romantic escapes, gonda-leering and wandering around aimlessly. Mars makes the same sextile with Lilith he did at the last Full Moon but now he is direct. So despite the bellowing seascape, I think this New Moon is  far more easy-going than the last Full one. It heralds a fresh new start, moving away from all the trauma of the early part of this year. This Moon has still got some bite to it however because it does fall in the infamous Hyades in Gemini decan 1. These tempestuous group of stars are activists, very emotional and can be controlling with their very sharp minds. The Moon in particular in the Hyades seems to give great creativity due to the imagination of the Moon and also its sensitivity to what is popular. The moon can ebb and flow, so during this period one can adapt to what is popular and meander out of trouble.


This is certainly a glamorous New Moon and with the Neptunian influence mixed into these artistically temperamental stars, it has an eye for fashion too. All in all a bit of a Diva Moon then, but like most drama queens her bark is worst than her bite. The stars of the Hyades cluster around the face of Taurus the bull, so this is an excellent time for a makeover and designing things in general. The Huber school of astrology call this New Moons aspect pattern a Model (Yod + Minor Grand Trine + Square). “The model is like prototype that is produced to enable a better understanding of a finished product. A model can be made of something that already exists. Artistic design talent is expressed in the verb “To model” …This figure is an example of the old hermetic rule “ As in the great, so in the small” and vice versa.” [1]

The feeling I get from this New Moon is a time of musing, experimenting, throwing clothes on and draping oneself dramatically across various drawing room sofas (or other bodies..) just to see what it feels like. As a contrast to the Full Moon, nothing with this New Moon in Gemini is set in stone. Life is fluid, temporary, like passing ships in the night. Don’t ruin the butterfly moment by trying to capture it. Let it float and dissolve while you take deep breaths. Float on…

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New Moon may Horoscope

1 Aspect Pattern Astrology. Bruno & Louise Huber, Michael Alexander Huber. Pg 241.

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