New Moon March 2020 ~ Fiery Solitude


 The new moon 24 March 2020 falls at 4º Aries Decan 1. This lunation happens on the same day as a volcanic Mars/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction! The Aries new moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith which makes it truly a Lilith moon. ie: A true apogee moon when the moon is furthest away from the earth.

New Moon March 2020 Astrology

new moon march 2020

New Moon Fixed Star ~ Deneb Kaitos

Deneb Kaitos with the moon ~ “Pioneer, reckless, headstrong, violent temper, many quarrels.”

Deneb Kaitos is a 2nd magnitude major star found in the tail of Cetus the sea-monster. Robson says “It causes self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune and compulsory change.” While Elsbeth Ebertin says “Inhibitions and restraints in every way, psychologically and physically.” [3] Aries rules the head, so mental disturbance and hot-headedness go with the territory.

Deneb Kaitos is probably the very star that gives the Rams their selfish and quite frankly, spoilt-brat reputation… This star situated in the tail can make them lash out without thinking at times. They can deeply wound (lacerate.) without meaning to. Interestingly the constellation of Lacerta the lizard makes up quite a large section of this decan.

New Moon March 2020 Video

In this video I go into more detail about the New Moon March 2020 Aries Astrology and how it fits into current events.

New Moon Conjunct Black Moon Lilith

From my Dark Moon Lilith post: “Sometimes Black Moon Lilith is seen as a kind of ghost moon, a shadow. In myth, she is also seen as a succubus, a night demon, and a baby killer. Modern-day UFO abductions can also be associated with Lilith as are night terrors. The abduction connection with Eris/Persephone is also strong with Lilith. So Black Moon Lilith is a ‘lady of the night’ whatever way you look at her, so of course, as the forbidden seductress, Lilith is also connected with prostitutes.”

A Tom Montalk article I found mentions the Black Moon Lilith as the lunar apogee:

“But there was another pattern: early on the incidents generally took place before the new or full moon, then they happened during, and in later months they arose after. I found out that this latter pattern involved moon perigee and apogee, times of the month when the moon was closest or farthest away from the earth. Trouble days occurred between the new/full and perigee/apogee dates. “

During this new moon March 2020 the apogee takes place just six hours after the new moon so this very much counts as a disruptive lunation.

1st Face Of Aries

“The form of a black man, restless and great in body having red eyes and holding a cutting axe in his hand, girded about with white garment; and there is great worth in this face.  And this is a face of strength, high rank, and wealth without difference.” ~ Picatrix

New Moon March 2020

Artwork ‘1st Face Of Aries’ J Swofford at: and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

New Moon March 2020 ~ Summary

With the influence of Black Moon Lilith as the lunar apogee AND the mentally unstable sea monster Deneb Kaitos I would expect the fear and panic in the collective to go into overdrive at this time. Plus Mars is aggravating both Pluto and Jupiter. Saturn has moved away from Pluto and has also just entered Aquarius to give us a taste of what that will mean for us over the next 2 and a half years.

I have looked at Mars conjunct Pluto “Mars conjunct Pluto seems to be the proverbial phoenix from the flames. If we learn to channel this wild energy well, then they can survive anything. This combination is also a dare-devil. It is fearless to the point it may indeed have some kind of a death wish.” Mars conjunct Jupiter has a courageous/survival instinct to it.

This feisty energy does not cry over split milk. It is a conquistador and conquering machine, constantly on a quest to make expand, learn, better themselves and grow. Life is one big adventure for Mars/Jupiter even if it produces some accidents along the way. The protection from Jupiter will still serve us well at this time except we will probably have quite a few battle scars to show for our trophies.

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Main Image: Ava Sol @Upsplash

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