New Moon March 17 2018 ~ Rescue Remedy

The new moon March 17, 2018, falls at 26º Pisces decan 3. This new moon March 2018 astrology shows us we are just about to regenerate into something new. For this reason, it is a very unstable time where everything feels like it’s in flux. This is because the new moon falls on fixed star Matar in the right knee of Pegasus, at the very end of Pisces. We are on the verge of spring, but it not quite there yet!

Unstable weather patterns persist and we might see our poor daffodils and croci blanketed in snow. The square from the Moon to Mars brings in even more instability. Mercury is also slowing down to turn direction for Mercury Retrograde on March 22. This might not be the best time to make any life-changing decisions or commitments. Keep all options open.

New Moon March In Pisces Decan 3

The wild mood-changes in this decan are bound to keep us on our toes. Because of fluctuating emotions, we might well find it hard to keep hold of relationships at this time or stick to any project. We are apt to lash out for no apparent reason, so this decan is typical of the temperament that is often described being “artistic ” Interestingly in my research, I actually found very few actual artists with their Moon in this decan, but there are certainly those who have a finger on the pulse of what is popular in the collective.

New Moon March 2018This decan is very sensitive to what its peers (or the public) perceive them to be. If they can’t be loved then Pisces decan 3 might go out of their way to be unpopular and delight in being controversial. Moon in Pisces 3 loves being the subject of gossip, and they seem to lap-up any attention, even if it is negative. Bad press doesn’t exist as long as this person is being talked about; So at this time, we will see many prominent people feeding off drama in the collective. The Moon here can be quite “bratty” also. Infantile rages can emerge due to unresolved childhood trauma.

There is no specific meaning for the fixed star Matar, so we need to look to the constellation of Pegasus the flying horse. Manilus writing in the 1st century says “It will bring forth people endowed with a swiftness of movement and limbs alert to perform every task… proudly mounted on its back he will wage war from on high; horseman and soldier in one. Another will possess the ability to rob the racecourse of its true length such is his speed…and make the ground vanish before him… will know the herbs which bring aid to an animal’s limbs and those which grow for the use of man.” So there is swiftness in the body and mind.

New Moon March 2018 Astrology & Aspects

Moon square Mars delivers a huge drive to succeed and the tendency to be competitive. The sexuality is a force to be reckoned with and thrusts the subject like a rocket past all of its rivals. At this new moon, we are fiercely protective. Blood ties are extremely important to us and a spur for us to succeed. The square brings such intense feelings and moods to a crisis point, so at this new moon, we will need to vent this great energy into some project which fuses the Moon with Mars.

This could manifest in a variety of ways, but the most base level would be sexual conquesting. Moon in hard aspect to Mars has a great urge to protect and defend the family, but also a need for the family to get ahead. Success and competitiveness are encouraged at this time but we need to be careful of becoming overly pushy and placing too much pressure on our younger kids. There is no particular aspect pattern to this new moon but the Mercury/Venus conjunction in trine to the North node look like a fun escape or even an elopement from the madness. Both planets are on Alpheratz, found in Andromeda. This star is about breaking chains or possibly karmic ties. Andromeda was used as a sacrifice and chained to a rock by her father to appease Neptune’s wrath.

Neptune had avowed to destroy the king’s lands. So symbolically this describes a leader making a personal sacrifice for the greater good. Luckily Andromeda was rescued by Perseus riding Pegasus no less. (The constellations of Andromeda and Pegasus are found next to each other in the sky.) Perseus and Andromeda then got married and lived happily ever after!

New Moon March 2018



New Moon March 2018To help prepare the earth for your new Moon seeds, make the gods work for you by immersing yourself in Pisces decan 3 energy. If your ascendant, Sun or Moon are in the mutable signs decan 3 you might find that you lose patience easily and have the urge to do something wildly impulsive at this new moon. To enhance your intuition and good timing, try focused meditation or yoga with a Pisces decan 3 theme.

Useful healing materials and props are: The 10 of Cups to gaze at, asparagus to eat, orchids to adorn your table, bloodstone crystal to hold, music in the key of D to listen, sandalwood, clove and eucalyptus essential oils blend in a bath.

New Moon March 2018 Summary

At first glance, this New moon March 2018 astrology does not look easy, with some sacrifices having to be made. It also will feel volatile. Like Pegasus, we may want to reach for the stars, but the cosmic weather will feel too blustery to set sail. Patience and deferred gratification are called for. Rash decisions may end in an embarrassing fall from grace. Trusting in the justice of natural law will be a challenge, but there is a good chance that a savior will step in at the 11th hour and rectify any mistakes.

This all sounds very passive, doesn’t it? It is not a position that pro-active Mars really likes, but there will be some action just in the nick of time. Kind of like bidding for an item on eBay. It is all about timing and sensing the mood of the players around you.

New Moon March 2018

In the extended new moon March 2018 Astrology is found in the YouTube version of this post (After 10 mins) I talk about sadness over local crime rates, having to flee, healing with bloodstones and reaching for Pegasus’ stars.

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Image ref: Perseus On Pegasus Hastening To The Rescue Of Andromeda. Lord Frederick Leighton
Orchid photo: Claudia Nuta

10 thoughts on “New Moon March 17 2018 ~ Rescue Remedy

  1. Hello Marina. Long-time reader. Would appreciate if you cited your sources for the following:

    “Useful healing materials and props are: The 10 of Cups to gaze at, asparagus to eat, orchids to adorn your table, bloodstone crystal to hold, music in the key of D to listen, sandalwood, clove and eucalyptus essential oils blend in a bath.”

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Marina, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who wrecks havoc in Poland now, has his Moon there. He is hated by majority of Poles. How true your observations are. He will destroy Poland to be hated even more and feed his Moon. So sad…

  3. The answer , I think there’s too many people. Maybe start a neighborhood watch. Did they catch the mugger? When we were kids 40 yrs. ago even 25yrs .ago violence and robbery were not prevalent. Sad things are much more happening but we must keep good prevailing. Wishing you the best from St.Loius,MO

    1. No, they haven’t it seems and it’s a gang not just one. Have heard they are intimidating people the park too.

      Aaah neighbourhood watch. I remember them where I grew up! I dunno about this area tho.. Just doesn’t seem the place for that.

  4. The star literally means ‘Rain’… also we had some very heavy rain in Southern California that may have endangered lives with mudslides, they had mandatory evacuations of maybe 30,000 people, just on the Thursday night/ Friday morning, Friday was the complete full moon.

  5. I use science of astronomy to interpret a star’s character, my deduction is that Matar is about being distanced from spirituality but complacent about that because society has its psychology and various forms of calculation and analysis that act as crutches to support our mentality without referring to morals, traditions, etc. So the lack of tradition with the star Matar seems to be meaningful in itself. Also the name comes from Sa’d al Matar, the Lucky Rain of Shooting Stars which radiates from this star’s location on May 30 each year, so it’s possible that the outcome of March 1’s full moon may reveal itself at May 30. I advise people to look to their traditions and get some grounding that will support them for the near future, don’t be complacent because logic may let us down while deeper spirituality may bring good luck.

  6. Marina I loved the healing element of the article, which stones to you, taro to gaze at, this is new to your writing? I loved it, x

    1. Thank you! This is something new yes. I want to connect to the natural world as much as possible and this is an ideal opportunity. I’ve always loved crystals and aromatherapy and go for natural remedies over pharma everytime.

  7. Right on my South Node. I seem to be well ‘blessed’ with new moons and eclipses this year.

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