New Moon 27 March 2017 ~ Bold Retreat


The New Moon March 27 2017 falls in Aries Decan 1. This means everything feels fresh, new, shiny and bouncy. It all looks very tempting. But Venus is retrograde! So ‘To boldly retreat’ might be this New Moon’s motto, especially in relationships. Though some impulsive souls still could jump first and think later, this is why we could see many scandals, accidents and rash decisions in the news around this time. Ones that may be regretted later.

New Moon on March 27 2017 at 7º  Aries Decan 1. Aspects:  Conjunct Venus. Fixed star:  Alpha Reticulum in the Star Measurer.

Moon Conjunct Venus Retrograde

nm-marIt looks like a mission and higher calling could be put before love in the early stages of this Venus Retrograde. You can see there is a bit of a tug-of-war going on between a packed sign of Aries and against Jupiter all on its own trying to lay down the law. Or could this be the Abrahamic religions v the so called ‘infidels’? Aries can represent the horned pagan god, so this symbolism is interesting in view of the state of the world!


New Moon March 2017In our personal lives, with the New Moon conjunct Venus we expect luxury and abundance, and those touched by this New Moon could actually get it. BUT, all this passivity leaves them wide open to being exploited and manipulated by the Svengalis of this world. One thing Moon conjunct Venus wants above all else is peace and love.

So the New Moon is hungry for affection and will comply to keep things as harmonious and pleasant as possible, at all times! This means we can feel unlovable if, for example; we loose our temper, criticize our partner, put on weight, or anything else that is not aesthetically pleasing.  This Aries Moon conjunct Venus can also attract violent behavior as it goes about trying to bring fairness to situations. At this new Moon we have to watch out we don’t become a doormat with all that people-pleasing. Sociable Moon conjunct Venus is so hypersensitive to the needs of others that paradoxically the only way to get any ‘me’ time at all at this New moon might be by shutting off from company all together.

This is a very contrary New Moon that wants company, but then feels overwhelmed. Venus retrograde in Aries in quite uncomfortable anyway. There is also a lot of noise in Venus’s neighborhood with Mercury, Uranus and Eris partying next door but one in Aries decan 3. The New Moon then will be kept home by a very nervy Venus, but they will twitch at their net curtains every time they hear a bump from Aries decan 3!

New Moon March on Alpha Reticulum

New Moon on Alpha Reticulum. This is not a major star, but still worth including since it is fairly bright at 3.3 magnitude. “Reticulum means a netlike formation or structure; a network. A reticle was a scientific instrument used to measure star positions, a grid of fine lines in the focus of an optical instrument, used for determining the scale or position of what is being looked at. The grid lines of meridians and parallels lines on a map is sometimes referred to as a net.” ~ Anne Wright.

Alpha Reticulum brings scientific, astronomical and astrological skills to this New Moon. It might be a good time to gaze at the night sky and ponder on the meaning of the universe.. What is important in the greater scheme of things and what part do you play within the net? As we have seen in the Venus Retrograde post, she has two sides. Positive and negative. Are you serving your venereal urges (ie Service to self) or are you working to illuminate others? (Service to others.)

In the New Moon YouTube version I look at the Aries Ingress chart (For the spring equinox.) and discuss the themes of horned gods, demonized pagans, Light workers and the shadow, the ‘Bitch Queen’, dividing of the family, fertility, falling birthrates, Erdogan of Turkey’s threats, female leaders in the EU.

I have decided to add the geo-political perspective and summary to the end of the Moon posts a few days before the lunation via YouTube.

Image Ref: Bertini fresco of Galileo Galilei and Doge of Venice. 1858. Varese, Italy.

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