New Moon March 11 – Starry Eyed


New Moon March 2013The new moon March 2013 is at 21º Pisces, it falls in star-struck Pisces decan 3 and on Beta Reticulum, the star measurer. How cosmic is that? This is high-flying Pegasus’s domain and will be the last new Moon before the spring equinox (a mere 9 days away).Yee har, the sap is rising and it is fitting that so many personal planets are grouped in the womb of Pisces. Symbolic too is the fact rampant Mars is at 29º Pisces, (Oh Scheat!!) butting at the gate of Aries, ready to charge into springtime. We all damn well can’t wait another second. At this New Moon, the Yod of December 21 comes into effect yet again making us all wonder any paradigm shift happened. Well the world didn’t end, but the Pope resigned! That’s a Jupiter Yod for you.

Finger Of God

Religion and politics are two powerful ways of controlling the masses and are blended together in this Yod. Will we get some kind of political saviour, or is this the anti-christ? Yods are so unpredictable and can go either way. But it is looking very likely that the election of a new Pope will be during this Yod phase that ends April 7. (They have until March 19 according to tradition). At this New Moon, a Mercury retrograde sets fire to the tip of this Yod by a dynamic square aspect.

We can protect ourselves with that healing Chiron/Saturn/Pluto minor grand trine, so keep hold of your crystals and anchor yourself because there a lot of slooshy Piscean water about. And wasn’t Christ the fisher of men? Hmmm…Just look at that stellium! It’s making me feel rather sea-sick already.. We may be rather feeling lost at sea, but thankfully we have the New Moon in Reticulum! A Reticulum is an ancient star measurer. It’s a grid of fine lines, like a net, placed inside a telescope to measure the size of the object being looked at. Stars represent our dreams, our highest hopes, placing them in a Reticulum is like we are putting them into a structure, to assess them, seeing if we can realistically make these stellar fantasies work on earth.

New Moon March 2013 Aspects

It is interesting that the election of a new Pope may take place under a New Moon square Black Moon Lilith and she happens to fall in the lascivious twin baby goats also. One wonders if there are more scandals to come out. The momentousness of electing a funky new pope maybe a last ditch attempt to repair the Catholic churches sullied image. The timing of electing a new pope just before the Spring Equinox, the lamb of God, is interesting indeed. We should have a new Pope in time for Jesus’s resurrection on Easter Monday (April 1 this year). All very synchronistic.

new-moon-march-2013In the microcosm of our own lives, Moon Square Lilith is about triangular relationships that will either make or break. You may be asked to choose between mother and spouse, child and lover or family and spiritual path. If this aspect plugs into your own chart strongly exceptional demands may be made of you to make heartbreaking decisions, which in the end may exile you from your family. This is especially true since Lilith is wide conjunct Ceres too.

Sun square Lilith “seems to create incredibly strong-willed, feisty individuals who take it upon themselves to become spokespeople for the disadvantaged or for gritty, dark issues that are disturbing for the public in some way” is the same energy of Moon square Ceres but applied to the collective. ” seeking to rescue those in the most need. They must be careful however that their saving doesn’t turn into a saviour complex as when this aspect warps, it warps big.” If Ceres can’t have children she will mother the world via conservation or ecology.

All can see in this Moon is the vocation of someone who choses the priest or priestess path, but has to say goodbye to the secular family life. On a personal level some of the issues may be about coming to terms with infertility, the menopause or accepting that its okay to have chosen a career over having children and not feeling pressurised by the biological clock ticking. Or one could be simply be tempted to bunk off work for a long weekend of Ceres’ herbs or hops and fly like Pegasus that way… Be careful with your starry eyed trippin’, I advise holding onto a sober friend.

Moon conjunct Demeter, Sibyl & Sophrosyne

It’s a busy moon asteroid wise. We double the Ceres influence since Demeter is the Greek version of the grain goddess and also double the witch because Sibyls were travelling prophetesses and respected oracles (Lilith). Sophrosyne is the Greek goddess of moderation and temperance. It’s meaning is complex, a mix of “everything in moderation”, enlightenment through balanced living, integrity, harmony and purity. I had been thinking about Hypatia of Alexandria while writing this post, one of the first female mathematicians. She was highly respected teaching philosophy and astronomy in Roman Egypt but was brutally murdered for allegedly causing conflict between the governor and bishop of the time. She was accused of all manner of beguilement and witchcraft but Wikipedia notes her as a prime example of a Sophrosyne due to the fact all her life “she remained a virgin” and that she rejected a suitor with her menstrual rags, saying that they demonstrated “nothing beautiful” about carnal desire.”

New Moon March 2013Stargazing, astronomy, purity, everything in moderation, so even getting spaced out on your favourite sacred herb is ok then? This moon seems to suggest there is a place for everything. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, there are times in our lives where we will be mothers, fathers, lovers, wise elders, celibate, nymphomaniacs, drinker or teetotal. Nothing is bad as long as you respect when a season has come to an end. Know the value of a ritual (Lilith) as opposes to blindly repeating habits (Moon). We are now on the threshold of a new season, how are we going to mark this changeover? We could simply eat a lot of chocolate eggs, or make a plan to start something new at the next new Moon in Aries. Plant something symbolic, a very important seed we want to bear fruit in a year’s time.

The Sabian symbol is also very fitting “A prophet bringing down the new law from the mountain”. Like the reticulum, this new moon is bringing the stars down to earth. It can also channel information and revelations from above expecially with the Piscean/Pegasus influence too. This symbol then, like the Jupiter Yod is about uniting people in faith and channelling that energy like a wand into manifesting a new reality. The symbol warns though, that those who want to control can equally use the religious power in this Yod to divide and conquer. We, like Sophrosyne must use its great power with integrity.

New Moon March 2013 Keywords

Resurrection, lamb of god, pagan spring, sap rising, starry-eyed, ambitious, impulsive, fun & frolics, sewing seeds, hedonism, excitement, entheogens, new dawn, pregnant with anticipation, spiritual calling V family life, celibacy V wild sex, temperance, alchemy, integrity, purity, balance, floating, tapping the collective consciousness, seeking muses, advice from Sibyls, catching stars, pushing the boundaries, astronomy, using machines to connect other dimensions, crystal healing, far-out thinking, visions, telekinetics


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