New Moon 5 June 2016 ~ Hidden Cross


New Moon June 5 2016 is at 14º Gemini Decan 2 is a really complex lunation as it triggers a grand mutable cross of Venus (Gemini,) Jupiter (Virgo), Saturn (Sagittarius) and Neptune (Pisces). Gemini decan 2 contains part of constellation Orion too, one of the most recognisable star patterns in the sky. This New moon will align with the beautiful Sapphire star Rigel, in Orion the hunter’s foot. I think this is one of the most important New Moons of the year, as important as an eclipse perhaps.

Rigel 16º Gemini “Much worry and disappointment, injuries to life and fortune, sickness, ill health or death to wife or mother.” The proud hunter Orion was brought down a peg by Gaia’s Scorpion, which she sent to sting him in the foot. However Rigel is very bright and generally considered fortunate. It’s just the Moon that doesn’t seem to like it here, nor in Gemini decan 2 as a whole. The marriage of ambition with natural law is a difficult one. So when one has become too greedy for material booty, you will know it! Nature always finds a way to rebalance the scales.

Grand Mutable Cross

new moon juneThis Full Moon is heavily aspected since it triggers a grand cross. In order interpret the whole of this aspect pattern, we need to dissemble it first and look at it’s parts. This New Moon will however trigger both Saturn square Neptune and Jupiter square Saturn which are probably the most important aspects of 2016. Alice Bailey calls the mutable cross, “The Cross of the Hidden Christ.” She says “This is the Cross of the four major energies which produce the conditioning circumstances which transform animal man into an aspirant. It is, therefore, the Cross of the personality…and finally integrating human being. This takes place at first in response to circumstance and later to soul inclination.” Moving away from animal/base instincts could be the big challenge, as two very different worlds collide across Europe. The Muslim and the Christian. The Muslim, (in a very roundabout way) is showing the West just how un’divine’ and degenerate our morality has become. I say ’roundabout way’ because it was done through these men’s very primitive, animalistic behaviour during the New Year 2016 sexual attacks on German women.

New Moon June 2016 ~ Aspects

Moon conjunct Venus doesn’t have to make a great deal of effort to get the good life, attract good fortune and be at the right place at the right time. These people expect a life of luxury and abundance so they usually get it. But all this passivity leaves these people wide open to being exploited and manipulated by the Svengalis of this world. One thing Moon conjunct Venus wants above all else is peace and love. They are hungry for affection and will comply to keep things as harmonious and pleasant as possible at all times. Many of them believe they are unlovable if, for example; they loose their temper, criticise their partner, put on weight, show their face without makeup, or anything else that is not aesthetically pleasing.

New Moon June 2016Sun conjunct Venus Sun combust Venus can feel quite unlovable as the ego burns away any complements. What happens then, is that the native constantly needs an audience to shower them with praise and adoration, which it is never enough. There is an exception to combustion, which is known as cazimi. This is when Venus is under 18? (minutes not degrees!) away from the Sun. This Sun is over that by 11 mins, but it’s very close to cazimi really! Generally cazimi is considered highly fortunate as it means Venus is literally sitting in the throne of the King. This gives her Queenly power, but also huge responsibility. With this force the Sun cazimi Venus can influence and work magic over vast amounts of people. Indeed the list of cazimi natives includes two high profile female criminals…

Moon square Jupiter is generally a lovely, warm, all-embracing spirit that wants to nurture everyone and everything. The only danger with the square is overdoing things. This aspect knows no restraint and can over-react, over -reach and promise the world when it has no idea if it can deliver. Moon square Jupiter is a gambler and risk taker, 90% of the time luck does swing their way, but when they do fail, they fail spectacularly. Moon square Jupiter needs to teach, but also to preach. It has strong opinions on pretty much everything, leading others to get rather tired of their constant judgemental attitude. Moon square Jupiter is apt to get irritatingly smaltzy and sentimental. It’s overblown reactions to events can give it the reputation of a drama queen.

Sun square Jupiter natives find it very hard to take no for an answer. This trait is particularly pronounced in competitive situations, wether it is for accolades, in sport or in terms of winning a mate over a rival. At their very worse, this aspect can be pushy to the extent that it literally pushes through to invade the boundaries of others. Sun square Jupiter feels very blessed and this translates having a midas touch in business.The amount of luck it attracts gives confidence and incredible bravery, but has to be careful that it doesn’t overestimate it’s abilities. This feeling of godlike strength and protection sometimes means it goes too far with dare-devil activities. Nothing is done in moderation and setting a limit is extremely difficult.

new moon juneMoon Opposite Saturn is serious about getting ahead and has driving ambition for a better life. The aspect has extremely high standards, is critical and makes one continually striving to better oneself. This aspect may cause a person to be accused of being stuck-up or a snob. This is quite an elitist New Moon. There will be a need to be respected and admired however. The Moon rules habits while Saturn is structure and organisation, therefore this part of the cross brings a great endurance and self-discipline.

Sun opposition Saturn is only a “bad thing” because Patriarchy tends to be experienced as oppression rather than support. Those of us who feel we have no sovereignty will find ourselves enslaved by the Saturnian traits of authority, fear mongering and control. There are many factors that determine whether we see Saturn as Satan himself or whether you will see him as a wise old druid and a rock to lean on. It all depends on our upbringing, parental style and the religion we were brought up with (If any). This aspect can work itself into the ground or become quite extreme in any thing they become obsessed with. We can project this Saturn side onto an authority figure, which we then want to bring down. There is something quite political about this opposition due to both the Sun and Saturn being patriarchal or monarchic. There is a battle here with one’s sovereignty. When Sun opposition Saturn becomes self-governing, we feel it is our duty to help others do the same

New Moon June ~ Mundane Meanings

New Moon JuneI find it very hard not to see this mutable cross in terms of the coming ‘Brexit’ referendum. (For wether Britain chooses to stay in the European Union or not.) The number one issue for most Europeans these days is immigration. Trump on the other side of the pond has made any discussion on the matter a taboo subject. I can’t help feeling that Trump’s brash media presence is almost too planned.. Because of the media reporting of Trump, any talk of immigration limits are immediately branded as bigoted or racist.

Enki & Enlil ~ Two Religions

Going back to our grand cross, we see Saturn has an important role to play in mediating between Enki and Enlil. But who is Saturn in all this? Isn’t he supposed to be Satan, the bad guy? Saturn for the Sumarians is Anu, “Lord of the Constellations, Spirits, Angels and Demons”, and “Supreme Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven”, where Anu himself wandered the highest Heavenly Regions. He was believed to have the power to judge those who had committed crimes, and to have created the stars as soldiers to destroy the wicked.”  Who knew?

UK National ChartThe public, represented by the the Gemini New Moon at the bottom of the cross have a huge responsibility at this decisive crossroads. No country has had the independent means or guts to make the brave exit from the EU... yet! Greece was too indebted to Germany to cut the umbilical. On May 9 London historically voted for it’s first Muslim Mayor, but the rest of the UK isn’t multi-cultural London.. If there is a ‘Brexit’ on June 23rd, it would greatly undermine the EU/NWO, but polls currently (25th May) show that 55% want to stay. I have not had a chance to look at this in depth, so I’m not at liberty to predict anything other then how important this New Moon is. The UK national chart has a 3rd House Mercury at 17º Sagittarius. The New Moon will be opposite the UK Mercury (triggering local voting about international matters.) The transiting nodes (at 17º mutable) are exactly squaring this Mercury, which rules the UK’s 9th house (Religion/Foreigners) and 12th House (Hidden enemies.)

Even though this is a plain old New Moon, for the UK (and anyone with important mutable placements) it will feel more like an eclipse due to the “The Cross Of The Hidden Christ” effect. Back in the Middle ages “The destruction of temples, knowledge, the burning of books (and even people) .. brought about the greatest darkness over Europe in human history… the citizens of the Roman Empire.. had to make a choice, convert to Christianity, or die. Strange as it sounds, the appearance of Islam united the Christians. The Islamic threat was more fearsome than the fact that they were forced to convert to Christianity!” ~ Planet Of Gold. Is that the plan now? Divide and conquer again? Good twin, bad twin.

1. “The Anunnaki Of Niburu”. Gerald Clark. Pg 201
Image Credit: Fair Rosamund and Eleanor. Frank Cadogan Cowper. British, 1877 – 1958

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