New Moon July 23 2017 ~ Tribal Shock

The New Moon on July 23 2017 falls at 0º Leo decan 1. The New Moon July is has a tribal, clannish energy due to its conjunction with Mars. It is also square Uranus too however which could also signify family breakups too. Alliances will be put under pressure and tribal loyalty will be put to the test. There is a feeling of make-or-break in terms of domestic situations. If one is frozen out from the ‘family’ then you will have to question whether your loyalty to this tribe is worth in the long run. You may be sacrificing true family connections in order to please a fake, cult ‘family’.


Full Moon July 2017

New Moon July ~ Aspect & Star

The New Moon is closest to fixed star Aludra which technically is still in Cancer decan 3. Aludra falls in the tail of Canis major, the greater dog. Manilus says of Canis Major in general “it will fashion unbridled spirits and impetuous hearts; it will bestow on its sons billows of anger, and draw upon them the hatred and fear of the whole populace.”.

Moon conjunct Mars makes us passionate about protecting those we consider our family. At this time everything is about strategy, our instincts are extra-sensitive and we react super-fast to any outside threat. Moon conjunct Mars is very physical, and most useful in competitive sports like tennis or fencing, when one has to anticipate the moves of one’s opponent. It can signify that there may be quick reaction during an emergency situation. Those touched by this new Moon might be called upon to remain calm while sensing quickly who to treat first. Moon conjunct Mars can make the home feel like a war zone because of the amount of emotional domestic explosions. Mars can inflame that New Moon so that we feel like we treading on eggshells.
Moon square Uranus makes it really hard to put down roots at this time. This New Moon can trigger memories of early childhood trauma and signify premature expulsion from the warm, cosy womb; literally or metaphorically. In the collective there is a sense of abandonment from the (nanny) state. In personal relationships, this will force a fierce independence so that any later nurturing will seem cloying or smothering. Moon square Uranus loves to shock, so we should see rebellion of the general public towards the mother country.

There could be a rejection of the prevailing culture in favor of something more ‘alien’. At this time there is a need for constant change and the atmosphere is nervy and electric, but also exciting. Those touched by this New Moon should feel they are constantly on the verge of discovering something novel and unique. Innovation is in the air, but this New Moon’s volatility can drive some less balanced types really crazy. Far-out ideas can be misunderstood at this time with some people being branded as having a mental illness.

New Moon July Summary

full moon julyThis powercat New Moon could be a taster for the coming Leo Solar Eclipse on Regulus at 29º Leo. It is unusual to get two consecutive lunations in the same sign, plus the eclipse in February was in Leo decan 2. This means all three Leo decans get a reboot this year, as do all the fixed signs to an extent. (If these eclipses plug into any fixed degree planets in your chart.) Because of the collective fixed emphasis, it will feel like many are just digging their heels in for the hell of it. But this immovable energy is at odds with the hard Mars and Uranus aspects which just want to ‘blow the bloody doors off’ (To quote Michael Caine..) Those touched by this New Moon will feel stuck between stubborn ‘Baby boomers’ and brattish ‘Millennials’. Time to call the spirit of the ancestors in to knock those generational heads together!

Image Ref: Still from ‘Reign’ Season 4 2016

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