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New Moon July 4 2016 is at 12º Cancer decan 2. This brilliant New Moon aligns with Sirius and triggers Saturn square Neptune, in a good way! American Independence day, becomes the Uk’s first independent New Moon since 1992. The aspects are pretty surreal though and we could all get a bit too carried away with the madness. There will be much for everyone to re-learn in the Eurozone (and this will impact on our US cousins).

The last New Moon in Gemini triggered the mutable Grand Cross and now we will have to recalibrate accordingly. This New Moon will again poke Saturn square Neptune, but this time with a much easier learning triangle.* This pattern learns through the three corners of the triangle and will help greatly with karmic re-alignment. In the aspect pattern the Square = Crisis, Quincunx = Adjustment, Trine = Resolution. Saturn square Neptune caused the crisis. (Globalist schemes) so the karmic adjustment will happen now between Saturn and this Sirius New Moon conjunct Mercury.


Moon quincunx Saturn is the quintessential eccentric, batty-but-brilliant headmistress. This New Moon generates respect because it carries a rock-solid air of authority and a stoic, no nonsense approach to life. What the quincunx adds is a quirky sense of humour and an unusual approach to problem-solving. This New Moon may seem to take the traditional approach to management, but will also have the knack of throwing a curve ball into situations which throws people sideways. It’s good to shake things up!

New Moon July 2016Sun quincunx Saturn is similar to the Moon but carries more serious karmic implications. This is a time that acknowledges that solutions will have to come from outside the box, but they still need to fit neatly inside the structure once everything is sorted out. Saturn has retrograded back to the very beginning of Sagittarius decan 2 and applying to Antares again.

As said in the Saturn in Sagittarius post with Saturn on Antares “The tables have turned, but in doing so we have lost that honest, upfront courage of the Aries warrior. Instead the Antares battle is waged sneakily, with cunning, in the dark… Saturn transiting over Antares can be read negatively for this reason. There is something very insidious about it which could be very toxic for humanity.” Well, we have certainly seen a lot of that lately…

The New Moon itself is coloured by Mercury. But the Sun makes Mercury combust. Maybe it flushes out the trickster/sneaky element, but could extract the magical essence so that all is not lost.

New Moon Conjunct Mercury

Moon conjunct Mercury. The Moon can be quite clingy and nostalgic while Mercury is flighty and ever youthful. What they both share though is the tendency to meander through life and change with the tides. Jupiter, North Node, Saturn and Neptune are in mutable signs right. So this New Moon might make it hard for anyone to stick at anything and easily driven to fads. At worst this New Moon can bring out the cheats and tricksters mentioned above.

At best this New Moon has the feel of the magician about it. Thoughts are things and those touched by this New Moon could conjure themselves up a beautiful domestic arrangement if they can focus on their dreams for long enough. As well as combustion we have the hot ‘n sweaty, dog days of Sirius to contend with too.

Sun conjunct Mercury is close enough for it to be combust. Therefore it can be very hard to debate sensibly at this New Moon because ego/mind fusion may not see the compromise between the opposing thought forms. Things are very black or white currently. Those touched by this New Moon may have had a hard time getting heard or being taken seriously by authority figures.

Children will be constantly told to shut up. To gain attention at this New Moon we could well have to play the clown. We might even fall into thinking that if what we say is “silly” then we might as well take that silliness to the extreme. This New Moon makes us rebel from conventional society and support causes that are deemed ridiculous by the general public.

New Moon & Sirius

New Moon July 2016The New Moon aligns with fixed star Sirius. Robson’s definition with the Moon is “Success in business, influential friends of opposite sex, favorable for the father, good health, beneficial changes in home or business.” 

In recent times Sirius has come to be associated with fame, eminence and riches. But depending on its connections within the chart, it can also be success that burns. When Sirius heats up, it’s a searing white heat that causes a very premenstrual type temper. In the past Sirius was associated with feverish temperatures, which brought pestilence and the star was not regarded as a good omen at all.

Sirius is Isis the beloved wife of Osiris (Orion). This Goddess is the devoted, nurturing moon and her association with Cancer decan 2 gives the ability to resurrect and breathe life into the dead. Cancer is a cardinal sign, associated with the all-important Summer solstice. This bursting into bloom under the steady burn of the Summer Sun was known as the ‘Dog Days’

The Romans feared this time as “the Sea boiled, the Wine turned sour, Dogs grew mad, and all other creatures became languid; causing to man, among other diseases, burning fevers, hysterics, and phrensies.” [1] The Moon in Cancer is of course very powerful in it’s sign so this is passionate, heated and an emotional New Moon indeed, almost like Full Moon in intensity.

Not to worry, the doctor prescribes a trine from Neptune to cool things down! But the fever relief comes with some contra-indications. In terms of the learning triangle. This trine is the healing that needs to take place now. It’s summer time in the northern hemisphere, so we should be taking a holiday and escaping from the grim 3D politics of this world. God knows we have had enough of them in the last few months. I think we are all propaganda-ed out!


New Moon July 2016Moon Trine Neptune. The unreality and glamour of film lends becomes highlighted at this New Moon. Art released at this time is popular if it is fantastical, spectacular and out-of-this-world.

This New Moon works well for artists and designers as they seek to beautify and refine the world around them. The main thing with this New Moon is the need to merge with its surroundings. At this time our boundaries are so thin that we can feel the harshness of the 3D world a little too acutely.

Those touched by this New Moon may need to smooth the edges with alcohol or drugs. We can also feel more devoted to our lovers than usual especially with the Sirius effect. Those touched by this New Moon will do best when they put this great devotion into an all-consuming passion, Ie; An artistic project or spiritual practice.

Sun Trine Neptune. Surprisingly it appears that this aspect can also be tinged with tragedy. The trine goes too easily with the flow. With Neptune then, it can make the collectives sense of ego become easily porous and suggestible. The willpower is easily swayed by smoke and mirrors with this New Moon which makes it hard for those touched by it to resist drugs, alcohol and temptations of escapism. Once hooked they could find it far more difficult to quit during this month.

There can be a need to worship authority figures even if they are abusive, disappointing or distant. The foggy mist blurs out the ugly truth and a fantasy is created around them. All is well if we keep grounded and stay close to people we can trust. This New Moon works exceptionally well for those on a spiritual path.


This is just the New Moon we need at this present time then! Yes Sirius warns of over-heating, but the Neptune trine will always beckon us to jump in a cool Sapphire pool before we totally burn-out. The Cancer New Moon offers practical guidance with the mechanics of the learning triangle and the it’s cosmic guide Sirius. The focus can now move toward the spiritual development while the earthly dust settles.

1. Brady’s Clavis Calendaria, 1813.

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