new moon july 2014The New Moon on July 26 2014 is at 3º Leo. It falls on the star in the front paw of the great bear Ursa Major. The star is called Talitha, which means “daughter of the assembly”. Robson gives no meaning for it, but it is associated with a bible story where Jesus is called to revive a dying girl. Jesus says “Talitha arise”, so this star can bring healing and compassion along side Ursa Minor’s other protective, nurturing traits. The maternal side of the proud lioness Leo can also be felt as it filters through the many stars of constellation Cancer that reside in Leo decan 1. With the influence of the Leo decan, this Moon could make us overly defensive and stubborn. If threatened, the influence of Cancer’s shell can harden into Saturn armour. This is when the famous Leo pride intensifies their resolve never to show their soft, vulnerable core. We could be setting intentions with this moon to toughen up, if we have been hurt by that raptor full moon two weeks ago with it’s accompanying harsh grand cross. We even have the same aspect Moon square Mars as we had then too. So even though this is a brand-new Moon cycle, it still feels a bit like we are tying loose ends from the previous moon. This moon will also reactivate the Mars square Jupiter arm of the Cardinal Grand Cross we had back in April, so we are also reawakening a few issues from the earlier on in the year. At this time we will feel very much in limbo, about to arise as Talitha, but a little half baked!


This Moon also falls before the tele-microscope I mentioned in the July forecast. You can see that one half of it has taken form. At this half way stage, the pattern is known as a Learning Triangle* by the Huber school. The crisis first arises between Lilith square Saturn. Lilith is on Dubhe, another star in Ursa Major, but in Leo decan 2 which is generally outspoken, fearless in its reasoning and dives into debates with gusto. To have a gobby Lilith holding sway between conservative Saturn and rebellious Uranus should prove very interesting. We must remember that Black Moon Lilith is the lunar apogee and therefore very much an agent of the Moon. So the effects of this learning triangle will certainly be felt by us, even if it is not in direct aspect to the actual New Moon itself.

What the Leo Moon is in direct conjunction with, is the god of all gods, Jupiter! Combine Zeus with the Lion King and you get someone who relishes power and is very happy to give orders. Of course they will be accused of being bossy, but at the same time they will look after you. Jupiter, lions and a big bear paw all suggest fierce protection. With the learning triangle then, we will be finding the balance of being protective without being stifling. We will feel willing to let go of the leading rein and even take off the harness. The adjustment is very obviously between the old and the new with Saturn quincunx Uranus. New Moon July 2014The resolution could come from  a Kundalini awakening. This is always this lightning-bolt possibility when Lilith is infused with Uranian electricity, even with a happy trine connection. Combine this with the “Talitha arise” thing and I get the impression of the Frankenstein monster. But no! Let’s hope the risen being or project looks rather more aesthetically pleasing. With this Moon I think it will be essential to debate into the small hours. The topic needs churning over from every angle before it can arise. This is a New Moon of very heated discussions and it’s important to hang in there and not rush out a new plan or product in haste. Otherwise it really could look like a patched up Frankenstein. It’s important to let those Franken scars heal good and proper, then get the timing right for when you need to let go of your “baby”, literally or figuratively. The house this New Moon falls in, will give you a clue in what area of life you need to carefully incubate something or someone.


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* A learning triangle is comprised of one of a square with either a trine/sextile or a quincunx/semi-sextile. They can be of various sizes depending on the aspects used.This one is known as a dominant which is the largest learning triangle possible and will be about huge collective, karmic lessons.