New Moon July 2012

New Moon JulyThe New Moon on July 19 is at 26º Cancer and on fixed star Procyon in the crazy little doggy. We have a melancholic and slightly rabid Moon who “vants to be alone” since it is widely square Saturn and conjunct asteroid Hekate. This seed moment is a time to go into ones cave and make some very serious plans for the future. These important decisions can only be made by you and you alone.

Going into hermit mode for this moon will work best. One will need a quiet, still, meditative mind with no outside interference and manipulations. As you will see, a storm has been brewing for quite some time. Dogs are chasing their tails and foaming at the mouth in anticipation.

New Moon Horoscope

The temptation to bury ones head in the sand and go deep into a witches cave will be great because, well just look at the chart! Mars plugging into the Uranus square Pluto. This is a very dangerous time. A fiasco. The planet of war does get a trine from Jupiter and Ceres, which could be a way out of conflict. Jupiter/Ceres could bring justice. A super-fertile, rich benefactor, possibly a spiritual warrior steps in. For Jupiter and Ceres are both on the honorable fixed star Aldebaran. With Jupiter “Great ecclesiastical honor and high military preferment.” In the wider world, this could be a brave ecological organisation who will step in and prevent some catastrophe from happening.

In our own lives this would be an outside counsellor stepping in and mediating in a relationship that is going through a crisis. New Moon July 19So many of us are directly feeling the effects of the Uranus square Pluto, it is relentlessly challenging our closest relationships as we are feeling the effects of the paradigm shift on our bodies. A lot of us are exhausted from the fighting and it’s effecting our health too, leaving us too tired to make any important decisions. All the more reason to retreat and not throw petrol onto the fire of this very challenging chart. Mars opposite Uranus alone will be making everyone feel very wired and on edge.

New Moon on the Star Procyon

Procyon is the dog that rises just before Sirius, it seems to bask in some of the greater dogs glory and benefit from its success. It is seen as lucky for that reason. I think Procyon is a bit of an opportunist myself. I like Robson’s definition “makes its natives petulant, saucy, giddy, weak-natured, timid, unfortunate, proud, easily angered, careless and violent.” Other commentators recognise its hot temper, but also its Martian/Mercurial nature to quickly put plans into action. It’s impudence and drive to succeed often causes them to injure themselves. However the Ebertins say “Procyon gives drive and a good sharp mind. Linked with positive stellar bodies, success is made greater, but the native, in order to avoid a fiasco, has always to take care not to be imprudent… With the Sun, a valiant demeanor is indicated.” [1] It’s good that the Moon is not tangled up with the horrendous T square then, it is there in the very same chart but needs to draw back and “take care not to be imprudent”

New Moon on Asteroid Hekate

If anyone can handle Moon square Saturn on a “giddy” dog Hekate can. This aspect is prone to depression, but we have to remember it IS on Procyon, so the star heats up this potentially cold and mournful aspect. Procyon can be very stop and start. So this moon is a bi-polar and passive aggressive pup. It needs to find a balance between barking its rabid head off and whimpering at the back of a dark cave. Quiet time with a witch doctor maybe just the medicine it needs. So onto Hekate, she is a lunar goddess, Queen of the night and moves between different dimensions, but she is especially associated with dreams, prophecy and visions. Hekate is a shadowy figure that dwells in caves, while rocks and crystals are also Saturn’s realm. I do see Saturn as very magical, once we transform its blockages. And like Saturn “When we deny and reject Hekate, her shadow nature may make itself known as madness, nightmares, stupor, depression, stagnation, blocked creative energy, or real/imagined persecution” [2]

July 2012 New Moon Meaning

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is “A Violent Storm In A Residential Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes”. We can certainly see that the Mars/Uranus/Pluto T square is the violent storm and the New Moon itself the valuable home. We retreat into our Hekate caves when the emotional weather is just too frenzied. The message of this moon is pretty clear. Batten the hatches and wait for the furious tempers to subside. Protect yourself and those closest to you. Do not, under any circumstances try to whip this Moon up or try and fight it on your own. The benefits of this storm will not be felt for a while. Any destruction suffered may be a blessing in disguise and a chance to rebuild a better model from scratch over something that wasn’t working anyway. Those who have a hard aspect to this moon will especially need to lay low. Look to see which house it falls for where your  personal “storm” may fall, what may need rebuilding. Hide in the cave of the opposite house.

New Moon Keywords

Quiet time, retreat, planning, protection, melancholia, practical magic, crystal power, mud-baths, dream diaries, meditation, divination, barking mad, stormy emotions, furious weather, opportunists, charlatans, flash-in-the-pans, flash Harrys, flash..a-ah saviour of the universe, tempestuous relationships, domestic violence, stirring things up, fall-outs, marriage guidance, seeking counsel, rebuilding from the roots, re-structuring.

1.Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.43.
2.Finding Our Way Through The Dark” Demetra George. Pg 97.

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