New Moon 16 January 2018 ~ Throne Theif


The New Moon 16 January falls at 26º Capricorn. A good few lessons shall be learned at this New Moon since it features an aspect pattern known as a learning triangle. At this New Moon January 2018, you will notice that the sign of Capricorn is quite heavily tenanted! Saturn has just entered Capricorn too, the sign that it is most comfortable and powerful in.

New Moon January 2018 Astrology

Terebellum is found on the hindquarter of the horse part of the archer. Robson says “It gives a fortune but with regret and disgrace, cunning, a mercenary nature and repulsiveness.” The spelling of Terebellum is actually an ancient typo. But it means ‘Earth War’ in Latin. This star speaks of the need to come back down to earth and not lose touch with it.

Runaway technology that keeps us out of tune with natures cycles can result in us becoming unsympathetic to flora and fauna. Earthy folk will take it upon themselves to campaign to bring this earth-connection back and this goes a long way to redeeming the negative aspect of this star. So conservationists will be active at this time just as much as those who are destructive towards nature.

New Moon January Aspects

New Moon conjunct Venus expects a life of luxury and abundance and usually gets it. BUT, all this passivity, the New Moon wide open to being exploited and manipulated by the Svengalis of this world. One thing Moon conjunct Venus wants above all else is peace and love. Those touched by this New Moon will be hungry for affection and will comply to keep things as harmonious and pleasant as possible at all times.

New Moon square Uranus loves to shock, and at this time is apt to rebel against their mother or their mother country, rejecting their own culture by marrying someone of another race or moving to a country where they become the ‘alien’. Moon square Uranus needs constant change and is often nervy and electric. This New Moon is exciting and generates a sizzling aura that is constantly on the verge of discovering something novel and unique.

New Moon sextile Mars is as you would expect an extremely passionate aspect, but needs to express this energy physically or sexually otherwise anger-management can become a big problem. Mood can change very quickly, but the frantic tide can be very creative. Moon sextile Mars makes us passionate about our artistic products and very driven towards projecting them out into the world.

New Moon January 2018 Horoscope

New Moon January 2018


New Moon January 2018 ~ Summary

The New Moon is part of learning triangle which means the tension starts with the New Moon square Uranus, this could be a rebellion that is cooked-up for disruption sake only. There is the possibility of a front man or leader taking the blame for a shady background figure’s plotting. A trap could be set, with penetrating words from Mercury conjunct Lilith on vicious star Facies.

Could be some revenge here. The karmic adjustment comes with Uranus quincunx Mars, an unexpected spanner gets thrown into the works. It is a rapid response and shocking. But somehow there is an impassioned resolution between Mars and the New Moon. Maybe the conservationists of the star Terebellum step in and save the day. Could this be a Coup d’eta?

If you are touched by this New Moon then you might find yourself extremely busy, especially if you are Capricorn. It might feel that everything in your life is lopsided in one particular direction. For example, if Capricorn is your 4th house then you might find you are inundated with guests or domestic chores overwhelm you. A loaded 7th house then lucky you! A stream of potential suitors? As always there are positives and negatives with this New Moon January, you may become too obsessive in one direction and not notice and shenanigans going on elsewhere in your life. Keep your wits about you as someone might be eyeing up your empty throne!

Image ref: Lucretia Borgia Reigns in the Vatican in the Absence of Pope Alexander VI. Frank Cadogan Cowper. 1908-14

New Moon January On YouTube

The New Moon January 2018 extended video looks at the power behind the throne, being a slave to gooo*gle, the break up of communities, the end of Uranus-in-Aries progressive madness and the Mercurial dilemma of fitting in everywhere and nowhere. Please add your comments to the YouTube video.

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