New Moon 27 January 2017 ~ Snowflakes


New Moon 27/28 January 2017 at 8º Aquarius Decan 1 Aspects: None.  Fixed Star: Alpha Tucana In the Toucan.

Fixed Star Alpha Tucana

At 9º Aquarius we have Alpha Tucana in the comical looking Toucan. This adds kookiness and a garish mask to the New Moon. Toucans toss objects such as berries in the air and jest around with each other playing ‘catch’. It’s a behaviour that earned them the title of the joker of the forest. Toucans can actually pitch and are said to never miss their target.

This behaviour reflects the focused aim of Sagitta the arrow which is also found in this decan. Toucans use their long sharp beaks to duel with each other much like a fencer. The word bicker comes from beak. The New Moon in Aquarius decan 1 enjoys a good verbal fencing match. This is a great time for political rants. Entertaining though these pundits are, they might be accused of going too far with the vitriol. Toucans are known to be one of the noisiest birds in the forest…

Venus Square Saturn At The New Moon

With Venus square Saturn, love and money will be taken very seriously. Expressing affection could be difficult at this New Moon, not because we don’t want to but because we fear rejection. Personally or in the wider world, potentially difficult clients are best approached by going through a third party or from behind some form of safe shield. Until you feel confident to confront these people directly, take time out to work very, very hard on your self-worth.

New Moon January 2017 As the month progresses though, those touched by this New Moon will develop that elusive self-confidence, just like the classic ugly-duckling who turned into a swan. The painful inner-work behind closed doors is vital, but will be time worth spent. Have patience, because and it will take time to construct that all important, professional shop front. Venus square Saturn makes the working style meticulous and that is a good thing for lasting quality.

The most negative manifestation of Venus/Saturn at this New Moon is feeling unworthy of love or support. This can cause big problems in all forms of relationships wether in business or your romantic life. Try not to unconsciously push partners away, and work towards thawing any ice that has built up out of mistrust. Check all the fine print at this time as deals made come with strings attached. Proof of commitment is demanded from either side of the contract.

Marriages can be rocky at this time if touched by this New Moon. Either you or your spouse could feel ignored or unappreciated by the other, so give them a hug! Being taking for granted could happen in a working partnership too. The good news is that if the romance or business collaboration makes it through this New Moon testing phase it should age into the very finest vintage for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Venus is not just about love, but also money. This combination at the New Moon can make one feel extra competitive since the planet Venus wants to be adored above all others. Self-worth and status are tightly connected, so this makes the mood highly ambitious. Those touched by this New Moon will work their very hardest this month to stand out from their rivals.

New Moon January 2017 ~ Summary

New Moon January 2017This New Moon’s themes seems to be one of providing temporary refuge for those attacked for their garish image or eccentric behaviour. In the news we could see some freak shows, wacky demonstrations or otherwise attention-seeking behaviour. A lot of it will just be a verbal circus and not to be taken seriously. The baby boomers will have their ‘structures’ well and truly tested by the Millennials.

The old guard who have worked hard on building something solid and lasting will not take kindly to some upstart crapping memes all over it. There are negatives and positives on both sides. Traditions worth preserving, that took generations to build (Saturn) could be trashed by silly ‘offended’ snowflakes (Venus.) On the other hand there are the stagnant, corrupt, Satanic Saturnians who need challenging by Venus in her form of Lucifer the light-bringer.


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