January 11 New Moon – Alluring


New Moon January 2013The New Moon on 11 January 2013 is at 21º Capricorn and on Sulaphat in Constellation Lyre, the little harp. The Moon is conjunct Mercury which falls on Vega, the beautiful Sapphire star in the same constellation. This makes the harp a strong influence for the month ahead. Lyra is obviously musical, but can be an alluring liar as I discovered when I looked at its fixed stars. Mercury’s influence on the new moon also brings out more of the trickster and its also conjunct Asteroid Ottilia named the patron saint of eyesight. Are our ears deceiving us? Are we blind to what is in plain sight? This Moon is telling us never mind what the harpist is playing, and the sweet nothings that are being whispered in our ears. Seeing is believing!

New Moon Aspects

Moon conjunct Mercury; “Thoughts are things and this person could conjure themselves up a beautiful domestic arrangement if they can focus on their dreams for long enough… The Moon can be quite clingy and stuck in the past while Mercury is flighty and ever youthful. What they both share though is the tendency to meander through life and change with the tides.”  This is an aspect that finds it hard to get to the point, but the point may be hard to focus on with that blurred vision and distracting music.

Moon quincunx Ceres; “They love to touch, savour and caress the things they value. However they are surprising generous with their abundance, it’s like they milk what they have for all its worth because they know they will have to give it away fairly soon. They will express their love with much affection and make it very hard for their lovers to leave their cosy bed.” This mirrors the transient nature of Moon conjunct Mercury, together they seem to be floating in a fool’s paradise, but at least they are living in the moment.

New Moon On Sulaphat

The constellation of the Lyre was originally drawn as a Vulture holding the Lyre against its chest with its talons clutching the base. This is where we find Sulaphat. The stars in the vulture’s claws I found to be Mercurial and therefore hold the trickster archetype. In some cases this can mean real criminal activity. The Moon is conjunct Mercury anyway so we really can’t avoid the forgery and faking side of the Moon in the Lyre. There is a chance of higher rates of crime during this New Moon period. So watch out for con-men, gigalo’s, gold-diggers and petty thieves. This is a great time however for purging out your dark side through some art form or venting your spleen playing a musical instrument.

Mercury on Vega gives extraordinary story telling abilities, a boon time for creative writing, spin-doctoring, eloquent speeches and witty lectures. If you need to tell one big whopper of a lie, do it today! Unless your prey is very cunning themselves, you will be believed! If you have a connection to these stars natally then there will be a tendency to speak too soon and say things that you may regret later, so a planned speech will work far better than something off the cuff. There is a hint of scandal and controversy in the air too. The media could pick on some poor soul who couldn’t keep his Sulaphat mouth shut, quote them out of context and make it into some huge gaff that shatters their credibility. Words will have a VERY profound effect for good or ill. The abuse of that power is more likely to end badly, otherwise this can be a very magical period. Chanting and singing for what you want to manifest could actually be very effective for those who have strong connections to this Moon. Just be careful what you wish for outloud.

Asteroid Ottilla

St Ottilla was was disowned and brought up by peasants because she was born blind. When she was baptised at a monastery aged twelve she miraculously regained her sight. She became an Abbess and patron of ocular afflictions and ear diseases. In relation to this new moon it would seem that the sense of hearing is subject to manipulation. These days with technology, it is easy to fool someone through illusion using sound and vision. Ottilla gives us back our sight through spiritual practise and looking within. It’s easy to overlook blemishes when a violin makes us tearful. They are not called “Fiddles” for nothing. Music can sway us very powerfully. You are looking at the sea; “Surfin USA” or the soundtrack to “Jaws” , which is going to make you want to swim?

This new moon will make us question some of our senses, but it allows us to develop ones we don’t usually use in compensation. For magicians, tricksters, advertisers and spin-doctors this is a boom time. If you have anything to pitch, use this time to sell it. You will be able to sell ice to Eskimos, but are liable to suffer frostbite as soon as the seductive soundtrack starts to fade. Those with something genuine to offer by all means strum those Lyres strings for all they are worth.

New Moon Keywords

Lyre, lair pants on fire, fleeting honours, wishful thinking, positive spin, raconteurs, fakers, forgers, storytellers, illusionists, mystifiers, charlatans, “look into my eyes….”, pulling at the heart strings, miracles, teary-eyed, play misty for me, tricksters, fiddlers on the roof, con-men, petty theft, purging your dark side, playing air guitar, serenading, troubadours, truth or dare, pleasuring the senses, chanting, chanteuses, sirens, pillow-talk, sweet nothings, abracadabra, curses, power ballads, magic words, incantations, manifesting.

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