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The new moon 4 February 2019, falls at 15º Aquarius decan 2. This new moon is the focal point of an eye aspect pattern which triggers one of the big aspects of the year Saturn sextile Neptune. It also aligns with Alnair, a watchful kind of star that falls in the constellation of the Crane.

New Moon February 2019 Astrology

new moon february 2019

Austin Coppock calls Aquarius decan 2 ‘Heaven & Earth’ because it is about bridging the gap between them. This means that at this new moon we can sometimes feel in a state of limbo. “The natives strive to be emotionally independent but may suffer from a lack of support and feeling of alienation…. Many have a detached, philosophical disposition” he also agrees that “The lunar position supports the mind, but often at the cost of the body” [1]

New Moon February Star ~ Alnair

Not much is written about the constellation of the crane. It is very small, but its main star Alnair has a “retiring, active, proud, watchful, kind, idealistic and devoted nature, with a liking for astronomy.” There are many other stars in the crane in this decan and also one in the microscope, which brings out the geeky tendencies of this decan. The observing qualities make it fit very well into the eye aspect pattern particularly since it is right at the focal point of the triangle.

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New Moon February 2019 Aspects

Moon sextile Jupiter is a beautiful blossom of an aspect that seems to breed writers of song or word in particular since Jupiter rules publishing. The imagination is expansive and pioneering, inspired by overseas or inner travel. This aspect support roots though, no matter how far afield they voyage. Moon sextile Jupiter can fall into success by chance, being at the right place at the right time. There can be a dark side to this aspect, however, when the combination of Jupiter licentiousness and lunar bad habits can spill over into drug or sexual abuse, either given or received.

The New Moon February 2019 ~ Eye Aspect Pattern

Eye aspect patternThis is one of the aspect patterns recognised by the Huber school; “The eye flexibility, inquisitiveness and alertness produce a state of concentrated attention. The area of this aspect figure, information is sought, everything is observed in detail, nothing escapes the ‘Eagle eye’.

The eye can also be compared with a radar screen, which rotates to take in all sides, scans the surroundings and records everything it comes across.” So this eye can work in two different ways. Focusing on a very small sphere of interest or with a wider lens as with the radar screen. The way that the eye works depends on what planets are involved. Here we have Neptune which is more diffuse, while Saturn is more discriminating.

Taking all factors into account then you could say this particular eye works more like the radar screen. The Hubers say “The aspect figure can pick up things that are not visible as if it was a rotating radar screen producing parapsychological abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, especially of spiritual planets are involved” Well, in this case, they certainly are. They go on to say “A deeper insight into motivations and life patterns can be gained. Several sides of all issues are taken in mainly unconsciously so that they see more than the normal perception allows; it is something like an “instinctive intuition” [2]

Saturn Sextile Neptune Triggered!

The Moon falls on the midpoint of 2019’s important aspect, Saturn sextile Neptune. These two planets are also super powerful as they are placed in their own signs.“Saturn sextile Neptune is serious about religion and spirituality. This as an aspect that also takes organic, practical steps towards health and medicine. Ideally, this soft aspect can bring out the best in two planets that can be melancholic and deceptive otherwise. These planets work well when Saturn provides the structure and realism to the dreams of Neptune. It also makes one sensible about future plans and gives you the ability to defer gratification.

Those touched by this new moon should find the patience to see a project through to the very end, no matter what obstacles fall in your path. Patience is probably one of its biggest gifts. Saturn can turn Neptune into a bit of a martyr at times, but this sweet sextile can do much to avert the misuse of this energy. Creative projects have the much-needed self-sacrifice and prudence to have them crystalise into a form that is not self-indulgent or ego-driven.”

The 2nd Face Of Aquarius

“A man who looks like a king, who permits much to himself and abhors what he sees. This is a face of beauty and position, having what is desired, completion, detriment, and debility” ~ Picatrix

Artwork kindly supplied by J Swofford at: and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

New Moon February 2019 ~ Summary

new moon february 2019In our personal lives, this is a fantastic new moon to concentrate on projects that are dearest to our heart. We will have the willpower to see them through no matter how much the odds may feel stacked against us. Connecting to the intelligence of the Universe and getting your programmed-self out of the way of your higher-self will be easier at this time. We could look at this eye aspect pattern as functioning as a third eye.

Jo Dispensa in this book ‘Becoming Supernatural’ actually refers to this ‘eye’ as being the first eye which makes it more important, but I prefer the 3rd eye concept because of the number three and it being part of a triad. Like all triple gods and goddesses, it shows nature’s cycle and connects sky-eye to earth. This also fits quite well with Aquarius decan 2’s meaning and the name given to it by Austin Coppock. ‘Heaven & Earth’. Saturn sextile Neptune also does a great job of marrying mysticism with science too. At this new moon our body and intuition will speak to us very loudly, so listen to it!

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