New Moon February 2016 ~ Spicy Muse

The New Moon on February 8 2016 is at 19º Aquarius Decan 2. The Moon is a bit of a gypsy here in Aquarius decan 2. and feels quite isolated in the domicile of Saturn. Because of this, this New Moon will make us grow up very quickly if we have been clinging to redundant childhood behaviour patterns. The Moon in this decan forces us into emotional independence. This is a good position for the mind and imagination since Mercury rules this decan, but we may find it difficult to listen to the body at this time.

With the moon here we tend to distrust our gut feelings and rationalise every problem that comes to us. This can lead to health problems if we continually ignore the bodies’ aches and pains and carry on stoically pushing through the pain body in order to look after someone else who appears to be more “needy”. Those touched by this Moon could find themselves playing the martyr in relationships. However we can express our feelings very well through art and poetry at this New Moon, even if actually talking about them is difficult.

New Moon February  ~ Aspects & Star

New Moon February 2016

Moon square Mars is a highly emotional, combustible and passionate combination. The square brings such intense feelings and moods to crisis point, so at this time we will need to vent this great energy into some project which fuses the Moon with Mars. This could manifest in a variety of ways; starting at the most base level would be sexual conquesting. In a man they would have a great appetite for women, plain and simple. In a woman it would be a need to express themselves sexually, otherwise they may feel like they have permanent premenstrual tension. If the sexual expression is thwarted in any way, then of course the flip side is great anger and rage.

Moon sextile Uranus brings an abundance of radical and innovative energy into the collective. This moon is a self-assured rebel which doesn’t give a fig about conforming to the status quo. This New Moon brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius. It makes us freedom-fighters first and foremost. Those touched by this moon could become quite ‘out there’ with their views, but will still find acceptance by the wider society as they will find they are seen as heroic renegades or loveable eccentrics. This New Moon inspires innovators and inventors who think outside the box. It helps develop an instinct for what is about to happen and is hip to new trends.

Moon trine Lilith stumbles dramatically through the prickly forest, a gothic Tinker belle wearing a ripped up floaty dress and shredded ballet pumps. This is a bit of an Emo New Moon. It is sensitive and wants to be loved and accepted; with the trine to Lilith the Moon likes to play the wicked fairy, but not to be dark right through to the core. This is a ‘lovable-rogue’ New Moon with less of the spikiness you sometimes find with Lilith aspects. The trine soothes out Lilith’s rough edges and brings out the magic. There is very little malice here, more Harry Potter than Blair Witch Project. This is a fantastically, gothic New Moon best channeled into the arts or media.

This New Moon aligns with Delta Delphinus one of three stars in the Dolphin which are found in the last few degrees of Aquarius decan 2. The stars of Delphinus give “a simple appearance, cheerfulness, dissembling and duplicity,…. There is a fondness for pleasure, ecclesiastical matters and travel, but danger of suffering from ingratitude.” Those that have these stars prominent make great sailors and swimmers. At the very least it will give a sleek dolphin-like physique as Manilus states:

 “birth is given to children who will be equally at home on land and in the sea. For just as the dolphin is propelled by its swift fins through the waters, … so whoever is born of it will speed through the sea., he will be no burden to the waters but will recline upon them and float, the whole of him forming a sail-boat not needing oarage…. Even if the Dolphin’s sons lack these skills, they will yet possess a physique suited to them; nature will endow them with strength of body, briskness of movement, and limbs which fly over the plain” [1] I can imagine someone who “swims” on land like an acrobat or a yoga master.

 New Moon February ~ Summary

New Moon February 2016This is quite a poetic New Moon, but also one where we are more likely to be creative in private as the Moons decan will make us feel sensitive, vulnerable to criticism and more introverted than usual. There is the Uranus sextile however that makes those who do speak out at this time more likely to be brave eccentrics. But the tightest aspect is the Moon square Mars which can be very sexual.

In the collective, the ‘sexual conquesting’ that comes with Moon square Mars reminds me of the sexual assaults of western women from anti-European values male immigrants* on New Years Eve. The difficult T-square of Uranus square Pluto activated by Lilith that was operating at the time the news finally broke is waning, but may be replaced by the Mars square anger at how could these mass abuses happen so publicly in a so called ‘civilised’ country?

To counteract the spiky T-square is a fairytale Venus trine Jupiter/North Node conjunction. It looks like creative tension inspires those who are touched by this New Moon to make powerful art which will be cathartic for them. Maybe some feminist protest art will spring out of the assaults? The nightmare becomes the muse.

1. Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.335
*I struggle to find a word to describe these men. There are plenty for words to describe people who object to these men. Bigoted, racist, islamophobic, zenophobic… I am of Sicilian descent. I remember that not so long ago in Sicily, there was a mentality that if a woman travelled alone (especially at night.) without a male escort for protection, that she must be a prostitute and was treated as such. Western women travelling in Muslim countries are always warned to dress modestly in travel guides for this reason. Do men from this kind of culture miraculously change their mentality when they hit European soil? I don’t think so.

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