February 10 New Moon – Lady Luck

new-moon-february-10-2013The New Moon on February 10 2013 is at 21º Aquarius 43’ in the fishtail of Capricorn, but it is also within orb of “Luckiest of the Lucky” Sadalsuud in Aquarius. The closest aspect is Moon trine Ceres. It is conjunct Asteroid Velleda, which is a supermop in the UK, but otherwise a real life Germanic prophetess circa AD 69. I predict luck then! Dare to dream big with this New Moon. Predicting a glittering future could generate self-fulfilling prophecy. So be lucky, but be prepared to put in the graft. Shiny surfaces are high maintenance.

The New Moon chart contains two triangles reflecting each other. On one side, Venus is connected to Saturn sextile Pluto; “Steely determination and endurance which is put to practical use to create something of value, something lasting.” This could be a romantic union or an art project. Venus square Saturn suggests there is some hardship involved; maybe some deferred gratification, a separation in order to create something more solid in the future. Across the New Moon there is Jupiter sextile Uranus, innovation, experiments, freedom. In some ways it is the the very opposite of the learning triangle above it. This sextile is fuelled by an impatient Mars. It is a warrior, brave, bold, risk taking, but could be a tad reckless.

Jupiter here is activating the Spicy Lunar Eclipse of November 2012 as it is on Prima Hyadum in the Hyades. This was the eclipse with the very destined Jupiter Yod which had Lilith conjunct Jupiter at the apex. These two mini learning triangles* maybe apart, but they are still linked by two tenuous trines. There is still a connection, a karmic link, a little like the cord that holds together the two fishes of Pisces that swim in different directions. The chart seems to suggest two entities need to learn their lessons separately. This could also symbolise an organisation that splits itself in two in order to cater for two different markets.

New Moon Horoscope

New-Moon-february-10-2013The New Moon squares the nodes; it looks like a crossroads between the past and the future. At this New Moon we may be standing there between two paths, stuck because we haven’t made the decision to go one way or the other. The fish tail of Capricorn is known as the “Gate of Return” or “Gate Of Angels” that brings transformation of mind and spirit. It unites sensible earth with sensitive water. The legend goes that the gods in their war with the giants were driven to Egypt, Pan jumped into the Nile and turned his lower body into a fish’s tale. This is where this stars feeling of being persecuted comes in, water can feel victimised at times. There are strong emotions churning beneath the waters surface, while above there is the capable, cool goat. Those affected by this moon will need to show their vulnerabilities, show that they care.

The star the New Moon is closest to is Nashira which translates as “The Fortunate One, or the Bringer of Good Tidings”. That is the second mention of luck during the New Moon. Although there has been a need for transformation as signified by the star on the goats tail, this change will be lucky. What is interesting is that Robson says of Nashira “It causes overcoming by evil, which is turned to success.” This may mean a perceived act of “evil” is necessary in order to ensure future luck and triumph in one’s life. This act of “evil” maybe having to sack someone when you know the person has mouths to feed. But this is short-term pain, for long-term gain and having to be cruel to be kind.

New Moon Aspects

Moon trine Ceres; “Seems to give great luck and the ability to bounce back from tragedy. Their fortunes tend to fluctuate from one extreme to another…. They like to keep archives and preserve the past for posterity. Passing on their talents to the younger generation seems to be strong with this aspect as is having some inheritance to hand down to their children.” There we go with luck again and also thinking long term. In the mundane world Ceres of course can be ecology and ensuring we do have a planet to had down to our children. This New Moon would be a good period to start an ecology focused group or anything that works towards creating clean energy.

new-moon-february-2013Get out your Velleda supermop and clean away all the grub that stands between you and success then. Looking polished and regal will show you respect yourself and that will be reflected back to you, law of attraction and all that. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “A rug placed on the floor for children to play on”. This brings us back to Moon trine Ceres and wanting to protect those we love from the hard knocks of life. The rug can be a safety net so we can let go and throw ourselves around a bit or we can find it restricting. The rug is only so big, so do we dare go past its comfy, familiar edge and risk scraping our knees? Saturn is the cord that is binding the two learning triangles together in the New Moon chart, it places a limit, like the rug in the Sabian symbol. With this Moon we have to assess how elastic we can make our relationships, we can stay connected but only with a great deal of flexibility and room to manoeuvre. The Mars trine Saturn in the Full Moon chart cannot be a ball and chain.

New Moon Keywords

Re-potting, elastic connections, luck be a lady ;), creating the future, self-fulfilling prophecy, protection, no pain no gain, cruel to be kind in the right measure, transmutation, conservation, lessons for growth, passing on talents, long term plans, showing vulnerabilities, self respect, valuing yourself, preserving dignity, safety nets V risk taking, deferred gratification, faith in the future, endurance, creating something of value.

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*Learning triangles are an aspect pattern used in the Huber school of astrology. Learning triangles can be large or small, but always comprise of a red, blue and green aspect. In this case, the planets in square create the conflict, there is karmic adjustment between the planets of the semi-sextile then harmony is restored by the planets in sextile.