New Moon December 2018 ~ Brutes Know S***!

The new moon December 7, 2018, falls at 15º Sagittarius 2018. The new moon December 2018 is great for natural healing and grounding as it falls on fixed star Ras Algethi in the constellation of Hercules. Breeding and DNA are a theme here as the serpent’s symbol so closely resembles the double helix and the caduceus of Mercury is also highlighted. This decan contains some stars in the snake charmer of Ophiuchus. There is also a certain amount of deception too, however… The forked tongue of the snake makes itself felt here in the form of jealousy or spiteful rumours. Sabik is problematic generally, so the lunar energy makes it hard for us to clarify truth from fiction. What is certain though, is the ability to conjure up fanciful stories!

These tales are so dramatic and entertaining, that in the end, no one cares if they are actually factual or not. Maybe the fiction contains an element of truth that is eternal, like a myth. The Moon has some dignity in Sagittarius decan 2. One of its unique abilities in this position is to unify disparate elements together in order to fulfil a specific goal. Moon in Sagittarius 2 is rather like a blinkered horse. That way it won’t be tempted or distracted by the forbidden fruit of temptation.

Austin Coppock warns of Moon in Sagittarius 2’s “greater powers of concentration and focus.” as it also carries with it “the potential for monomania, and its gift of perseverance will fortify the fools quest as well as the sages errand.” [4] At the same this new Moon’s healing potential is best channelled into a single goal. Otherwise, the Moon’s power here can sour Sagittarius 3’s healing medicine, if it is allowed to run amok and not funnelled positively.

New Moon December 2018 Star ~ Ras Algethi

Ras Algethi 16º ~ “The desire to help, heal or bring balance to others. A person who uses natural health techniques, one who seeks to prevent problems rather than try to cure them. The swing of the pendulum; people are out of balance.” [2]

new Moon December 2018Hercules is the standout constellation for this decan since it houses three good sized stars. Here we find the brilliant alpha star of Hercules, Ras Algethi. Robson says the constellation as a whole gives “strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature and dangerous passions.” Manilius associates Hercules with tightrope walking, but also says it makes one crafty, deceitful and a thug who terrorises cities! But if one uses this energy towards a profession it “will inspire him with enthusiasm for risky callings, with danger the price, for which he will sell his talents: daring narrow steps on a path without thickness..he will keep a multitude in suspense upon himself” [1]

So quite the daredevil then! Of course, Hercules is another solar hero, so it is often associated with courage and the desire for fame. The main star Ras Algethi according to Ebertin “possesses a character of Mars-Venus with a slight blend of Mercury. If in good aspect, it is supposed to give much enjoyment and favours from women. However, if unconnected with helpful planets, it is said to cause much irritation, especially in connection with the female sex. But, by its very Mars nature, Ras Algethi corresponds to boldness and a drive to gain power.” [1]

The 2nd Face Of Sagittarius

“A man leading cows and in front of him he has an ape and a bear. This is the face of fear, lamentations, grief, sadness, misery and troubles.” ~ Picatrix

Artwork ‘The 2nd face of Sagittarius’ kindly supplied by J Swofford and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

New Moon December 2018You can see why Hercules would make a person quite brutish, but Bernadette Brady sees another side of Ras Algethi saying it “could mean a respect for nature, a caring for the planet, a desire to have all things in their place; That is the correct order of nature, life, and the heavens… There is a natural need to submit to honour something larger than yourself. The shadow or lesser expression is adoration of another human, being an admirer or follower.” [3] The very fact Hercules is kneeling and in contact with the earth makes me think this interpretation could be valid. When one is kneeling, one is reverent.

With Hercules, the spirituality is about being in contact with the ground and being of service to mother earth. Hercules is described as quite a heathen, which is used as a derogatory term. However so-called “Heathens” (Such as the druids) had a sophisticated astro-theology and lived with a great respect for nature. George Noonan finds yet another side to Ras Algethi “When rising it can mean a wise and clever man, but can also indicate an individual trained in various tricks, a liar who deceives with different kinds of plots.” [3] Noonan says this star seems to be at its worse if the native is already a Martian character elsewhere in the chart because it would then bring out Ras Algethi’s more thuggish qualities.

New Moon December Tarot Card For Sagittarius Decan 2

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 9 of Wands.“you are committed to a cause and prepared to do anything for it. You are going to take this all the way and nothing or no one is going to stop you. You are determined to be the last man standing, the lone soldier, and know that you have the stamina it requires to resist and overcome all opposition. Stoic and enduring, your strength and beliefs are admirable indeed.” This card describes the feeling of being willing to stand alone and be exiled if the cause is a righteous one. It shows the positive side of Sagittarius decan 2 in that it would rather be ethical and honest, than popular. ~ teachmetarot

New Moon December 2018 Astrology

New Moon December 2018

New Moon December Aspect ~ Square Mars/Neptune

Moon square Mars is a highly emotional, combustible and passionate combination. The square brings such intense feelings and moods to crisis point, so those touched by this new moon will need to vent this great energy into some project which fuses the Moon with Mars. This could manifest in a variety of ways, but starting at the most base level would be sexual conquesting. In a man, they would have a great appetite for women, plain and simple. In a woman it would be a need to express themselves sexually, otherwise, they may feel like they have permanent pre-menstrual tension. If the sexual expression is thwarted in any way, then, of course, the flip side is great anger and rage. Moon square Mars has a great urge to protect and defend their family, generally, there is a need for their family to get ahead and this translate as one’s nation also. We will work long hours for our descendants. Success and competitiveness are encouraged, but we may also be a little too ‘Gung-Ho’ and pushy at this time.

Moon square Neptune is one of the most sensitive and compassionate aspects one can have, but sometimes its idealism can be misplaced, unrealistic and impractical. The subject’s day-to-day existence can be a struggle coping with the nebulous and surreal energy of Neptune. They may feel like they are forever walking through a Dali painting, checkerboard staircases tapering off in spirals, melting clocks… However this fantastical imagination works very well in show-business since the square turns the fantasizing into something concrete, the movie business with all its glamour and melodrama are just perfect for these individuals.

New Moon December 2018 ~ Summary

New Moon December 2018Hercules is bent on one knee and is close to the earth. The grounded ‘heathen’ energy is good for wholesome pursuits with an element of rough and tumble since we have Mars active. This is also a Moon of raw expression without much diplomatic finesse. Like the tarot card says, this moon favours brutal honesty even if it offends. This is a moon for the country bumpkin, not the cosmopolitan city dweller. There could be a conflict between rural people and city slickers who think they know better than those they may see as ‘simple folk’ just because they have gotten out of the small town and now have an education.Tal

Hercules knows shit! Oh yes he does, check out the myth behind him. The 5th labour was one of shovelling ox manure out of the Augean stables. “In English at least, bullshit is even today a common term for lies and falsehood, and the term is quite vivid protolanguage for communicating the loathing we feel when we have been deceived by charlatans. Apparently, assholes are assholes, whether in 2000 BCE or 2000 CE. Even many animals use their faeces as a form of derogatory comment.” ~ Nitya Teachings 

So this is a great Moon for detoxing, so stick on your metaphorical wellies and grab your shovel. It’s time to give your stable a good clean out. Of course, the new moon is perfect for new starts so one need to clear the space for healthy new influences to enter.

UPDATE 5/12/18. Taking into account Mars conjunct Neptune! With this current new moon configuration, religious cults are up for purging. The metaphoric shit will hit the fan. A cult can be any institution that generates an unquestioning belief in the wisdom of their “gurus”. By that I mean those Gurus the “un-enlightened” (or base, shit-shoveling populists 😉 deem to more have more “goodness” than themselves.. Political movements can also have this cult-like vibration as their memes create egregores. The globalist agenda of destroying all nation states is a very Mars conjunct Neptune energy. We are being controlled by social-media peer pressure, guilt and covert narcissism. Subversive war would be another expression of Mars conjunction Neptune.

New Moon Crystal Healing

Red Calcite Red Calcite: I picked this stone because it seems able to tame any problematic brutish energy in both humans and animals. At the same time, this revitalising stone gives courage to teenagers who are being bullied. This stone is great if you need the stamina of Hercules, so take it to the gym with you if you have not exercised in a while or are starting a new fitness program and you are not physically fit. Red Calcite is a passionate, warming crystal so it is good at this time of year for early risers. It gives you some get-up-and-go if you feel sluggish on your frosty commute into work.

“Emotional healing: For anyone expressing anger in inappropriate ways, by self-harming…or frequent panic attacks. For people who are hooked on psychic or sex phone lines or who seek love through indiscriminate sex.” [5] “It is highly grounding and protective, and it will safeguard your energetic, physical, and emotional boundaries. It will also alleviate your listlessness, confusion, and restlessness. It will help you prevent overextending yourself, especially for people who are manipulative, and people who just don’t deserve your energies!” ~ Crystals &

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  1. @Chris. I can’t believe I missed sneaky Neptune! Actually, I rushed this one as I had a bit of a family emergency and had to fly off to Sicily unexpectedly. Anyway I have added the interpretation in now,

  2. Hi Marina!
    Doesn’t the mars neptune conjuction bear any significance? Sorry if I missed it

  3. surprised you didn’t make more of the fact that Neptune / Mars are conjunct at the New Moon, so that the square to Mars is also a square to Neptune — the Sun has contacted both Mars and Neptune in the run up to the New Moon so we are past the Solar part of this, but the Moon makes its squares just a few hours (late Thursday Night) before the New Moon, so it’ll still be swimming… Pisces can be some dramatic / diva-like (though sweet) so there is more than a little Sag-Pisces chop here;

    thanks for stuff about Hercules!

  4. That is almost like after 12 busy moth someone has to pick up a shovel and trying to sort everything in the last moment. Well good luck to them but there’s too much work to do.

  5. Maybe this moon is about to make a Gold from manure (shit). People likes vegetables . Happy people will treat vegetables same like gold. This moon is about having nice, Organic, vegetable, Honest diner with lots dishonest friends. Or basically having a dinner with dishonest vegetables (friends).

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