New Moon December 2014


New Moon on December 22 at 0º Capricorn

New Moon December 2014

This New Moon falls in Capricorn Decan 1 ~  I summarised this as Crystallising Dreams & Venerating Loved Ones. 
Decan rulers: Jupiter & Saturn. Deity: Asklepios, (God of Medicine)
“They have a strong and honorable work-ethic and are so religiously dedicated to whatever path they choose in life, that every business deal they make is sacrosanct. Everything in their life is a crusade, no matter how run-of-the-mill the situation might be..”

Moon on fixed star Acumen in constellation Scorpio. Mag 3.2 and is a star cluster known as the Ptolemy Cluster “there is a tendency to be either the ‘hellfire and damnation brigade’ or to take up a fierce anti-religious and even anti-God stance. But at their best, well aspected, they can have very sharp minds and a perception well above average as though, perhaps ‘blind’ to what we see and take for granted, they see what we do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach.” ~ Dr Eric Morse

New Moon December 2014 Aspects & Meaning

New Moon December 2014Moon trine Black Moon Lilith is witchcraft of the highest calibre, but with it comes the ability to mesmerise and manipulate in the most underhand and unscrupulous fashion if need be. Lilith trines can manifest as a unique talent that stands out from the mediocre. Moon trine Lilith has a lively sparkle that makes anyone touched by this new moon irresistible. Unfortunately the ability to hoodwink can be used for nefarious ends.

New Moon Ritual

This new noon would be great for starting a spiritual or occult group. The potential of spellbinding is high, but with it comes cosmic responsibility. Remember what you plant at this new moon will come back to you threefold. Any religious cult started at this moon will have great powers of sorcery. Embarking on a mystically journey would be good at this time. Starting a course on alternative healing would also be apt. Any seeds planted at this new moon do very well if they are of practical use. Make sure they are sturdy and well crafted.

Suggested items for your altar:

The tarot card 2 of pentacles, an icon of the god Asklepios, a telescope, a pipe, a magic wand, an eagles feather, an oak leaf, a bottle of olive oil, something tin, holly, Cypress incense, a sapphire, a jet stone, the colour indigo, a wood carving, a sharp instrument.

New Moon December 2014The Weekly Horoscope Moon Diary December 16 – 31

16 Moon Libra. Moon Opposite Uranus.
Moon square Pluto, Moon conjunct North Node
17 Moon Libra v/c from 0.39am until Moon Scorpio at 9.51am
18 Moon Scorpio. Moon square Mars
19 Moon Scorpio v/c from 4.11pm until Moon Sagittarius 4.55pm.
Moon square Jupiter, Moon opposite Saturn.
20 Moon Sagittarius, Moon square Neptune, Moon square Chiron.
21 Moon Sagittarius v/c from 6.02pm until Moon Capricorn 8.24pm
New Moon at 0º Capricorn 8.35pm.
22 Moon Capricorn. Moon square Nodes, Moon conjunct Venus,
Moon square Uranus, Moon conjunct Pluto.
23 Moon Capricorn v/c from 11.33am until Moon Aquarius 9.52pm
24 Moon Aquarius, Moon conjunct Mars.
25 Moon Aquarius v/c from 10.10am until Moon Pisces 11.06pm
26 Moon Pisces. Moon conjunct Neptune, Moon conjunct Chiron
27 Moon Pisces v/c from 10.43am
28 Moon Pisces v/c from 0.00am until Moon Aries 1.35am.
Moon conjunct Uranus.1st Quarter Moon at 6º Aries 1.31pm.
29 Moon Aries. Moon square Mercury, Moon square Venus,
Moon square Pluto. Moon conjunct South Node. v/c from 7.45pm.
30 Moon Aries v/c until Moon Taurus 5.55am
31 Moon Taurus, Moon square Mars, Moon square Jupiter

Void of course Moons and the Moon hard aspects in EST. UT +5 hrs.



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