New Moon December – Stromboli!

New Moon December 2013The New Moon on  2/3 December 2013* is at 10º 59’ Sagittarius and falls on Antares in the heart of the Scorpion. New Moons are dark, but they always offer the glimmer of a new start. Antares is an archangel star, so it makes this moon extra powerful. Antares is the perfect god for burning bridges and moving on, so look in which house the moons falls for where you should set up your whicker man. Antares will also leave you feeling like a phoenix rising from the flames afterwards. The last full Moon was on Algol, which has a fierce reputation, but we all survived! Apparently a high percentage of volcano’s are active right now, including spectacular spurts from Sicily’s Mount Etna. Now we have a Moon on Antares, yet another fiery beast. There is no question that emotions are highly charged and earth energy is very intense at the moment, but that does not mean negative!

New Moon December  2013 Horoscope

Here I will rant a bit; Last week a commenter said to me that three other websites had said positive, inspiring things about the previous Taurus Full Moon and it being good for money and projects. Because I base my interpretations on the fixed stars for my lunation reports, my Medusa Moon seemed “negative” in comparison. Well folks… all I can say is… volcano’s!!! There are plenty of other sites who only talk about the Moon sign and still more sites that will sugar-coat. I’m not one of them. But hey, at least when I say it’s a nice moon, you KNOW you can cuddle it. It won’t take a bite of you’re your arse when you are not looking. So, back to this New Moon. I will give a 5.5 out of ten for cuddly, a middling score because Antares is opposite fellow royal star Aldebaran, god’s most cuddly angel. Sometimes the Aldabaran/Antares axis can be seen as Good v Evil. But if Antares has been honored with the title of a royal star, then it must have some redeeming qualities surely! Aldebaran is supposed to be “the enlightened one”, but I think Antares’s purpose is to remind Aldebaran that he isn’t quite a god yet, and to keep him in touch with humanity. This might burst Aldebaran’s balloon somewhat, but that’s Antares job, smashing sugary and sickly meringues!

New Moon Sextile Ceres

The closest aspect is Moon sextile Ceres, which could indeed represent one of those yummy meringues. This aspect (like the star Aldebaran) likes to think of itself as a bit of a saviour. Only under the white peaks lies the tarty black corvus juice of fixed star Gienah in the magical crow. This is a bitter-sweet, high contrast moon then, yet balanced somehow, like lime marmalade. During this Moon we have the very last Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter too after having experienced two years of them dancing around each other. This time they are both on fixed star Castor, the mortal or “good” twin. Jupiter here is great for occult interests. I think this combination with Lilith will tend toward the honorable use of magic in line with natural law and move it away from bewitching sorcery. I hope the Lilith/Jupiter conjunction will tone down the Moon on Antares’s tendency to be driven by high drama, sensation and extremes. Castor was famous for taming horses, so Lilith/Jupiter here may help give the Moon sensitivity to subtle energy fields. Then, and only then, the brave, fearless spirit of Antares can be channelled effectively. Just the right dose at the very optimum time, the kind of energy that can move mountains.

Survivor Moon

New Moon December 2013As we can see, mountain moving is literally what is going on right now with all this volcanic action. This New Noon has Ceres in a T-square to Uranus square Pluto. To me any involvement with Ceres and Pluto suggests the earth opening up, just as it did when Persephone fell into the Underworld. In fact, myth actually says that Pluto flew out Mount Etna in Sicily, the very volcano that is now erupting, before he whisked up Persephone from the fields below. So I do expect to see more spectacular fireworks emitting from the mouth of Etna at the New Moon. Lets also not forget ISON should start to become visible with the naked eye in over the next week or so which I’m sure must be having some effect on us. So yes this is a dramatic, Stromboli Moon and a great one to evoke the archetype of the Phoenix. Those of you who have flown too close to the volcano’s mouth and survived I salute you. This New Moon is just for you.

New Moon Times: December 2, 7.22pm EST, 4.22pm PST, December 3 at 12.22am GMT, December 3 11.22pm AEDT.

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