New Moon December 2011

The New Moon on December 24 is at 2º Capricorn 32’. It is trine a Lilith/Jupiter conjunction and square Uranus. This moon is not on any important star or conjunct any asteroid, but the Lilith conjunct Jupiter that it is triggering more than compensates. As I said in my Lilith conjunct Jupiter post, this is a rare conjunction that last happened last 33 years ago, which combined with the Moon square Uranus could make for some innovative new scientific discovery or a shocking revelation to do with women and spirituality. It could be that science reveals something far-out about the human race’s genetic ancestry.

This new moon chart is interesting because everything is fanning out from Jupiter/Lilith while the new moon is igniting the whole dynamic. The new moon usually signifies a seed moment for the month ahead. There are many planets between 28 and 2 degrees, signifying a tying up of loose ends before embarking on a new chapter. Christmas tends to be a reflective time anyhow, especially if for some reason we cannot be with the ones we love, due to distance or because some have passed over.

By now we all have some trepidation to the year 2012, whether we realise it or not. This moon is the last one of 2011. However the collective has assigned so much energy to 2012, that the shift in consciousness that we have all been praying for may well happen because enough of us have willed it to be so. Jupiter is all about faith and that dialogue between Jupiter/Lilith and Uranus (which is still on high flying Scheat in Pegasus) may bring about some of our wildest dreams. Scheat reaches for the stars and we know Uranus is light years ahead of everyone else.

This chart is also interesting because of Jupiter/Lilith’s opposition to Saturn. Lilith in opposition to Saturn is really the epitomy of the subdued and restrained wild woman, bound by controlling Saturn’s fear of such a banshee. Hard Lilith/Lilith aspects are most likely to exhibit either sadistic or masochistic tendencies, but at a higher level these S & M urges can be played out cathartically in the bedroom. At a lower level however Lilith/Saturn could suggest an attraction to abusive co-dependant relationships where one is bullied or does the bullying.

New Moon December 2011 Horoscope

Lilith/Jupiter is the adjuster, releasing what Saturn constricts. They are both on the fixed star Mirach in Andromeda the chained princess, again suggesting release from the chains of Saturnian bondage. So there is hope, and much needed balance as the Venusian star Mirach “ gives personal beauty, a brilliant mind, a love of home, great devotion, beneficence, forgiveness, love, overcoming by kindness, renown, and good fortune in marriage.” [1.] This provides great opportunity for healing in abusive relationships since we can see that we also get a beneficial sextile from the self-sacrificial Chiron/Neptune conjunction.

Remember we have just come out of a Mercury retrograde and reversing back over stuff we have be chewing over the last few weeks since Mercury first hit Antares on December the 5th, I wrote: “Fire breathing dragons as Mercury is square Mars too. Mars on Zosma is pretty shameless, an ego-maniac and acting totally unreasonably. “ Now, as then, we have a cool Venusian influence to smooth things for us. On Christmas eve we are still in the Mercury shadow so there will be a certain amount of suspicion in the air, but nothing like as flammable as it was on the 5th.

Venus is bold on Altair the Eagle, confidant and unyielding but apparently not so great for love affairs causing “strange and peculiar attractions “ [2] according to Robson. It looks a bit kinky to me with all that bondage mentioned earlier… Some established relationships that had perhaps got stuck in a rut, may benefit from a surge of  naughty sexual magic from the Lilith/Jupiter conjunction.

So all in all with the stars being activated on that evening, it looks like a zesty set of ingredients there, but this is not just a surface sprinkling of chilli. It’s deeply embedded aromatic spices that leave their aroma for years to come. Tasty! “The earliest Christmas holidays were celebrated by drinking, sexual indulgence, singing naked in the streets (a precursor of modern caroling), etc.” [3] Happy Saturnalia! This moon falls aptly right at the end of it. The lawlessness lasted from the 17th-25th according to Roman tradition, a week where our normally uptight Saturn lets his hair down. Enjoy!

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. Robson, p.178, p.135.