New Moon August 2019 ~ Which Craft?

New Moon 30th August 2019 falls at 6º Virgo. New Moon is trine Uranus and conjunct Mars. New Moon healing crystal is the Amandine Garnet. Fixed Star is Thuban in Draco the dragon. Virgo decan 1 tarot card is the 8 of pentacles


New moons tend to make us want to plant new seeds and start afresh. But we are essentially working blind, however, without the illumination of the Sun’s wisdom. With a new moon, we are working 100% on our instincts so any decisions made at this time will be from habitual drives and infantile cravings which may not be in our best interests.

New Moon August 2019

At the new moon we should listen to our body. The more we tune into our guts, the more we can tell the difference between a wounded ancestor who is crying out for attention and a genuine gut-feeling that is one’s trusted intuition.

Otherwise, discernment is needed, because the guidance of the Sun (the light of truth) is missing at the new Moon and one may easily be hoodwinked. A new moon can work powerful manifestation magic because the Moon is furthest from the earth and this frees the imagination from material limits. Thought-seeds planted at the New Moon will grow, so be careful what you wish for!

New Moon August 2019 Astrology

In the YouTube video, after the New Moon low-down (10 mins) I talk about the fake Biblical myth of Lilith as Adam’s 1st wife and why I have deleted most of my Lilith posts and why I have ditched my Black Moon Lilith book in favour of a broader look at the Dark Goddess archetype.

New Moon Virgo Decan 1 Tarot Card

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 8 of pentacles. This is a card of commitment and craftsmanship. Karmically this will be a life where one pays a lot of attention to detail and completing tasks. Education and scholarships are important and it is about giving something back. In this life, however, the native must learn:

“you may be working hard to build a secure future for you and your partner or family. Make sure you remember to go home regularly and make some time for fun and social activities. The type of person you are leaves you exposed and vulnerable to becoming a workaholic. If you let this happen, then it may very well destroy your lovely relationship. You must work hard at striking the right balance. (This life) you can have both you know!” ~ teachmetarot.

Virgo Decan 1

The 1st Face Of Virgo

“A young girl covered with an old woollen cloth, and in her hand is a pomegranate. This is the face of sowing, plowing, the germination of plants, of gathering grapes, and of good living” ~ Picatrix

Artwork ‘1st Face Of Virgo” kindly supplied by J Swofford and JswoffordArtandPhoto

Fixed star thuban
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Artwork: ‘4 of Cups’ & “6 of Wands”. Voyager Tarot © James Wanless