leo-The New Moon on August 25 2014 is at 2º Virgo and falls within 2.5º of the royal star of Regulus, the heart of the Lion. This is significant because Regulus entered tropical Virgo from Leo on November 28th 2011*. This is the first New Moon to hit Regulus since it changed signs. So I would hope to see this moon reflecting back to us something of what this huge astrological event means for the collective. The transition makes me think of the Egyptian Sphinx, which has the head of a goddess and body of a Lion. “When the nature of the world is revealed, then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist.” ~ Alice Bailey [1]

This new Moon falls in Virgo decan 1 which is a totally different creature but is still ruled by the Sun! (and Mercury by triplicity). The energy is still regal but Queenly rather than Kingly. There is both a Yod and learning triangle in the New Moon chart. Attached to the Yod is Venus/ Lilith in tight square to Mars/Saturn. A battle of the sexes? The Saturn/Mars on Zubeneschemali could prove interesting as Robson says with Mars it brings: “High ambitions, success through energy, influential position, forceful writer and speaker” and with Saturn “Cautious, reserved, studious, economical, analytical, good chemist or detective, good judge of human nature” Both the Goddesses are greatly empowered by the star Merak in the heart of the great bear. Merak brings command and domination but is also empowering. I think the mix of fiery goddess energy plus quiet caution and sound judgement mean that through conflict, understanding is found and it all ends well and amicably.  The Yod points to Uranus Rx on Alpheratz, still awaiting to break free of its change. You can see the very strong theme of the transition at this New Moon. It shows the evolution of humans being of service (Slaves) to the Sovereign to one of being sovereign beings in service to humanity. This New Moon gives us a glimpse of the future where there shall be sovereignty for all!


New Moon August 2014

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1. Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey. p.288.
* According to Solar Fire, other astrological software may show a different date.

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