New Moon August 2013

New Moon August 2013The New Moon August 6 2013 is at 14º Leo and aligned with the fixed star Dubhe in the Great bear, while the general energy of Leo decan 2 is primal, spontaneous and uncensored. This month people will be unusually “mouthy”, outspoken, fearless in their reasoning and dive into debates with gusto. We should get interesting discussions in forums and intellectual groups, so this is a good time to partake in any form of brainstorming.

Bernadette Brady says the constellation Ursa Major gives “Insight, persistence, endurance and passive strength….It is the strength of patience, and the use of time to calmly solve problems rather than to take dynamic action” [1]. The Moon trine Uranus will ensure innovation and visionary thinking when these groups get together, and there should be some unexpected solutions to problematic issues that have been bothering us for some time. This could be a breakthrough moment for many of us, a period where we won’t hold back from taking charge of our lives. The courageous fire of Leo will thrust us forward into territory we never dreamed of. It is both shocking and exhilarating.

The indulgent, easy-going, harmonious grand trines, that we have been experiencing for some time, have melted into the sunset. Now we have some work to do. For the New Moon chart we have a forceful rod of Jupiter opposite Pluto plunging down the middle of it. And both the Moon and Pluto are making an aspect to Uranus. The great mother bear is soothing things for us, while Jupiter opposite Pluto are creating what’s known as the millionaires aspect. Is mother bear preparing us for great loss or great gain?

Dubhe will be the quiet strength the holds everything together, while the visionary egos are thrashing out plans. People will be trying to outdo each other in their innovation, each one coming out with an idea that is more off-the-wall than the next. The more modern and avant garde the better it seems. Dubhe will remind us to keep ideas down to earth, and make sure that they work on a practical level. The New Moon is also widely conjunct the grain goddess Ceres, reminding us that these plans need to be ecologically sound.

New Moon Horoscope

New Moon August 2013Moon trine Uranus “brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius that has been refined over many lifetimes. The more outlandish the subject behaves the more the public seems to lap it up. Even though this is supposedly harmonious trine energy, we still get some challenge with this aspect. Having such strong courage of ones convictions will often provoke criticism, fear and even envy from the establishment.” This is exactly why we need the energy of the great Bear to present this volatile, new wave of energy in a form that is easily digested by the conservative powers that be.

We still have Saturn trine Neptune active in the sky, so this is also adds to the successful blend of material substance with pie-in-the-sky dreams. New moons are a great time to start projects that you want crystallized by the next full moon in this sign. This moon has particularly rich soil, so check where it falls in your chart to see where to plant your seeds. For example you might start dating someone with this Moon in your seventh house, but get engaged or move in together, when there is a full moon in this very same house in six months time.

All in all, this is an exuberant, flaming, passionate, bear-hug of a moon. There is the opportunity for great drama, visionary thinking and eccentric behaviour for the month ahead. The sun is high in the sky in the northern hemisphere, it’s festival time and it feels like the summer of love all over again. So snuggle around the campfires and tell funny stories of your childhood. Dig your toenails into the earth as you gaze up at the great mother bear in the sky twinkling down at you. There is something reassuring about seeing the same formations of stars in the skies that your ancestors did. This is a time to blend the tradition of our grandparents past, with the exciting visions of our children’s future.

1. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p 160

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