New Moon August 2012

New Moon August 2012 AstrologyThe New Moon on 17 August 2012 is at 25º Leo and on the star Alfard the watersnake. This is an ardent, creative and inspiring new start after the horrendous “Barking Mad New Moon” of July. The closest aspect is a saucy sextile to a bondaged up Mars conjunct Saturn, but there is also a square to Black Moon Lilith now on the Lilith star Algol no less. A wanton moon, very intense, and maybe a tad repressed, so he is stalking.(Venus opposite Pluto in the horoscope.)

Both Mercury and Venus are activating the sexual revolution through the Uranus square Pluto, maybe this Moon can provide a lasting solution between warring couples. The New moon is also conjunct Asteroid Calliope the muse of epic poetry, after all the squabbles, at least we have something concrete to show for it. The Mars/Saturn angst and Lilith rage could inspire great music or art that is cathartic for those who have a teasing lover infuriatingly blowing hot and cold.

New Moon Aspects

Moon sextile Mars “is as you would expect an extremely passionate aspect, but it really does need to express this energy physically or sexually otherwise anger-management can become a big problem. Mood can change very quickly, but the frantic tide can be very creative.” Coupled with Moon conjunct the muse Calliope, creativity could be very well starred only Mars is conjunct Saturn which could either be a creative block, OR with everything else that is going on in this moon, restrictions on sex inspiring creativity or inventive solutions. It is interesting that Calliope was the lover of the war god Ares (Ruled by Mars), which helps channel the sexual frustration potential of this aspect into something creative. Of course unrequited love is usually the inspiration for most great poetry.

Calliope means “beautiful voiced”, she is always depicted with a tablet for writing and taught her son Orpheus verses for singing. Singing is cathartic. Calliope could rule singer-songwriters who mend their broken hearts through writing dark love songs. Think Amy Winehouse. Talking of dark ladies we have a wide Moon square Lilith too “Is one of the most challenging Black Moon Lilith aspect you can have, but it is ultimately one of the most powerful. The subject will go through life facing constant intense triangular relationships that will either make or break them. They may be asked to choose between mother and spouse, child and lover or family and spiritual path.” 

The fixed stars are popular, extravagant Arcturus on the Mars/Saturn sextiling our slinky Moon on Alfard. “Lust, wantonness, profligacy……eventual disgrace and ruin, danger of death by asphyxiation.” Sounds like some sort of auto-erotic sex game to me, especially with Lilith on Algol too which rules the throat area and can be about gagging and suffocation. This is a rude S & M type mood to be sure with love goddess Venus also making a T square with the Uranus square Pluto. This activates the sexual revolution potential of this historic square and Uranus loves to experiment in the bedroom. With sadistic Pluto, kinky…

New Moon Meaning

The theme that is coming out here is that of Saturn restrictions on sex (Mars) inspiring great art. Uranus is the most aspected planet in the actual horoscope and is the catalyst here for revolutionary change in really intense soulmate/cellmate relationships. I am hoping this is a reconciliatory moon that will yield a new start in relationships that came a cropper at last months “Barking Mad New Moon” I advised people to batten the hatches and it certainly was a stormy one, (see Dark Knight Shooting). This new moon nicely follows the inspirational full Moon which brought some unresolved issues to a head through the reflection and rewiring of the Mercury retrograde.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is really lovely and totally fits with our summer moon stories (And our British summer weather hopefully…) “After a heavy storm, a rainbow appears.” The meaning is rather obvious as the “Barking Mad” July’s moon Sabian was that “A Violent Storm (.. In A Residential Canyon”) that we are now recovering from. This rainbow is just what we need. Hope for the future!. Peace restored, the return of the light and happy, innocent, carefree times. Yes there is the Venus/Uranus/Pluto T square, but the moon is not activating it in any way. The Moon is separate from it, it has moved away from the conflict and is taking a look at the bigger picture. It has some hard decisions to make now however with the square from Lilith and the stop-start of Mars/Saturn. Family or career? Lover or spouse? Domesticity or free-spirit? Hopefully the distance and the  new rays of sunshine can provide a fresh perspective and optimism for the future.

August 2012 New Moon Keywords

Catalysts, breaking habits, breaking taboo’s, break-ups, make-ups, bittersweet love songs, muses, musing, euphoria, peace restored, make love not war, rainbows, sunshine after the rain, colourful clothes, love-ins, erotica, S & M,  sexual revolutions, triangular relationships, affairs, booty-calls, text sex, kinky sex, Auto-eroticism, cellmates or soulmates, melancholic love, singing out the pain, cathartic writing, love inspires art, channelling sexual energy into creativity, transmuting anger, recovery, pouring ones heart out.

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