New Moon April 2019 ~ Un$hackled!

The new moon April 5, 2019, falls at 15º Aries decan 2. This new moon is aligned with fixed star Alpheratz in Andromeda, the chained princess. The new moon is trine Ceres while Saturn and Pluto are sandwiching the South Node at 22º Capricorn. This new moon in Aries decan 2 has no special dignity and will generally run counter to popular culture since the Moon usually rules what is popular. The new moon in Aries decan 2 is a protector and warrior, rather than a conventional nurturer.

This spartan new Moon April 2019 teaches us then to be strong and independent, and we will reject people or projects that appear too ‘needy’. At this new moon, the family may be seen as a shackle, especially for those who like to keep active and travel light. We may find it very hard to put down roots, as this energy makes us the proverbial rolling stones who gather no moss.

New Moon April 2019 Astrology

New Moon April 2019

New Moon April 2019 ~ Star Alpheratz

The Moon falls on Alpheratz where it does very well so that contracts the general vibe of Moon in Aries. Alpheratz 14º “Energetic, persevering, honour, wealth, many good friends and business success.” [1] “Emotionally independent; to be self-contained and a loner. To be capable of taking actions which are contra to one’s culture.” [2]

Alpheratz is the largest star of this decan and along with Alderamin sums up this zone up rather well. It’s yet another one of the royal family stars and falls in the head of Princess Andromeda (The chained princess) Alpheratz also connects with the adjacent flying horse Pegasus’s wing. There is a great feeling of having just been released from jail and wanted to go wild in flight.

The name in Arabic actually means ‘the horse’s navel’ due to the star’s position. It does feel like the cutting of the umbilical cord. (The star used to be called “Umbilicus Andromedae.”) Robson says of this star that “It gives independence, freedom, love, riches, honour and a keen intellect.”

new moon april 2019Princess Andromeda was chained to a rock by her father Cepheus to appease Neptune and save his kingdom. In the end, it was agreed that if brave Perseus rescued the Princess he could win her hand in marriage.

So Andromeda is the original damsel in distress. The Ebertins say that this star in connection with the angles, Sun or Moon can give great popularity because of it’s pleasing, harmonious nature.

Strangely they give a caution to Alpheratz with the Sun (Which it is with this new moon) as the person can easily be toppled over if they are not careful. However the Sun in Aries is also exalted, so all I can imagine is that if it placed too close to Alpheratz, the Sun can become too big for its boots.

What got Andromeda into trouble in the first place was her mother’s arrogance and boasting, so one must be careful here that the sins of the parents are not visited upon the children.

The 2nd Face Of Aries

“A woman dressed in green clothes having one leg. This is a face of high rank, nobility, wealth and rulership” ~ Picatrix

Artwork kindly supplied by J Swofford at: and JSwoffordArtandPhoto

New Moon April 2019 ~ Aspects

Moon trine Ceres gives great luck and the ability to bounce back from tragedy. Fortunes tend to fluctuate from one extreme to another, we will be able to take it all in our stride saved by the ability to see the funny side of life. A sense of humour will get us out of the stickiest of situations, but there is a dark edge to the comedy too.

Moon trine Ceres is also an extremely sensuous aspect, with an appreciation for the aesthetic and general good taste. It can be quite indulgent and love luxury, however, it is generous too and charity is important at this time. Moon trine Ceres is fascinated by history and can be very nostalgic. Family and their ancestry are important. Archives that preserve the past for posterity are important at this time.

Saturn and Pluto are now 3 degrees apart, but we might start to feel about what the exact conjunction will feel like while they are bookending the south node. This axis has the energy of an eclipse and indeed we will have one at 24º Capricorn on July 16 this year. So we could get an idea of what is to come there also.

New Moon April 2019 ~Tarot Card

3 Of WandsThe Tarot card associated with Aries decan 2 is the three of wands. Karmically this card’s primary meaning is that of travel and liberating yourself from a painful situation in a past life. You can see that now the season has established itself, Aries decan 2 is secure in itself and is ready to shine.

“Whatever you have been working on has taken off and the results are beginning to show. The future looks bright and rosy from where you are standing. The Three of Wands brings with it a sense of personal power and becoming aware of your place in the world. It is a time of wonderful growth and personal development. You are ready to spread your wings and take on the whole world.” ~ Teachmetarot.


New Moon April 2019 ~ Summary

This is a new moon of contradictions as Aries does not plan for the future and lives very much in the now. The trine from Ceres brings a fascination with history and a concern for their descendants. The myth of Andromeda fits very well with these opposing factors. At this time we are looking excitedly into the future while other factors are asking us to take stock of the past. It is also about learning from history and not letting bad history repeat itself.

The tarot card suggests liberation from karmic ties of a past life while Andromeda herself was released from her chains by the brave hero Perseus. (An Aries/heroic archetype.) So at this new moon, we realise that while it’s important to respect our roots and our family, we are not doomed to repeat their worse traits. Andromeda was chained to a rock and this can also symbolise rigid behaviour patterns ingrained over generations. This new Moon comes after the spring equinox, so it is the newest moon of the year and just perfect for fresh starts and wiping the slate clean.

Rant after 7 mins: I talk about Orwellian speech-crimes and the ever changing definitions of words that can be offensive in modern times.


New Moon April Healing Crystal ~ Yellow Spinel

New moon april 2019The yellow spinel fits very well with some of the themes of this new moon April 2019. Spinel comes in many colours, but the yellow version is rare and will cost more than the other colours. But not to worry, once you have it, you should attract more cash so it says here!

“Spinel crystal brings high energy to all efforts and all realms. It is known to attract money, wealth, social well being and prosperity….The high energy of spinel birthstone in an inner world brings energy up from Mother Earth and empowers our spiritual quests. Eventually, taking us to  our best destinies.” ~ 

It is also good for releasing us from those negative ancestral traits: “It is an excellent anti-spite crystal against family jealousy and old rivalries that spill over into adulthood and for reducing over competitiveness between adult siblings that may be carried over to the next generation….wear yellow spinel for family events you are dreading!” [3]

“The sunny yellow of this stone is a natural anti-depressant. It encourages optimism and brings strength to keep going one day at a time in difficult periods of your life. For naturally pessimistic people should wear yellow spinel to counterbalance gloom.” ~ 

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1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p. 113
2. Stars & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p. 116.
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  1. All this anti PC I love it, now even Trump has one good bit … lol 🙂

    Great site!

  2. Hi Marina I love your crystal information and the art work and have never seen a yellow spinel before. Also love your videos!

  3. “Good (g-word that rhymes with holly) Miss Molly” was a great song by Little Richard…
    I’ve noticed that this hate speech thing is easily defined: if the person you’re talking doesn’t like what you’re saying, they quickly pull the “hate speech” card out of their pocket. It’s a type of one-upmanship game involving perceived moral superiority.
    Rant away, Marina!

    Have you noticed that The Donald is doing one GOOD thing? He’s against being ultra-PC! – Correct that: He’s against ANY kind of PC-ness. Not that I don’t wince at some of the things he says.

    (DO feel free to delete my comment, Marina… not that you need any kind of permission to do that…)

    1. Oh yes the Little Richard song! I think you are right about pulling the hate speech out of the pocket if you disagree with someone.
      Yes with Trump, whatever you think of him and even if he is controlled opposition what I LOVE about him is the un-PC “You’re fake news” side of him.
      Nigel Farage is a more polite version of Trump in the UK and the way he hits back at the oligarch EU drones is a joy to behold.



    1. Thanks Trina.:) I really must come to Texas one day! I feel like its my spiritual home.

  5. You are so true! Seems like the sins of the parents is visited on the kids. Look at the college scandal!
    Although the parents will more than likely not spend a day in jail.
    Marina, you is A+
    Never seen an astrologer like you!

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