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The New Moon April 7 is at 18º Aries Decan 2 on Delta Cepheus in the King. This is an important Moon as it may bring some closure to issues brought up over the last few years. The last hit of Uranus square Pluto was at 15º Aries/Capricorn in March 2015, but this will be the last time this square in close orb before Uranus zooms off into Aries decan 3. This New Moon also revives the “Tele-Microscope” aspect pattern, which was in the sky from Feb 26 to Mar 19. It seems like a bit of a revival happens then before the final curtain call. Of course nothing is ever really the end, just the beginning of a new cycle.

The Tele-Microscope “gives rise to the so called ‘magnifying glass affect’, allowing things to get out of all proportion. The best possible applications are obtained by very accurate observation. The semi-sextile enables meticulous differentiation and the quincunx allows the wider context to be seem. If awareness is adequate from the small, the great can be understood.” [1]. It does make me think of a forensic post-mortem where a tiny piece of evidence can make all the difference in the greater scheme of history.

New Moon April ~ Aries Decan 2

The Moon placed in Aries decan 2 has no special dignity and will generally run counter to popular culture. It is a protector and warrior, rather than a conventional nurturer. This spartan New Moon teaches us to be strong and independent, and we will reject people or projects that appear too “needy”. At this New Moon, the family may be seen as as a shackle, for those who like to keep active and travel light. We may find it very hard to put down roots, as this energy makes us the proverbial rolling stones who gather no moss.

Spartan Witness

The Moon in Cepheus the King. Manilus says of Cepheus; “Offspring of Cepheus will also furnish words for the buskin of tragedy [Cepheus is depicted in the garb of a tragic actor] whose pen, if only on paper, is drenched in blood; and the paper [the audience at a performance], no less will revel in the spectacle of crime and catastrophe in human affairs.” [1] This Moon brings popularity to writings of tragedy, horror, thrillers and murder mystery in the collective.

Aries decan 2 is ruled by the Sun which means it is also the Leo decan of Aries, it will raise issues of sovereignty. Who is fit to be our leader? With Uranus square Pluto triggered as well we have to wonder wether things will get so bad that people will start to call for strong leadership. From a Western perspective, this does tend to happen when incidences of terrorism escalate, as in the recent Brussels and Paris Attacks.

At the time I wrote the Uranus square Pluto post, nationalism was subtly on the rise. Now with the increase in threats to native Europeans. (I refer to the Cologne NYE sexual attacks) you can see how it could grow further. It’s impossible now to ignore parallels with the last Uranus square Pluto of 1932/34. Now lets look at those aspects!

New Moon April ~ Aspects

Moon Aspects

Moon conjunct Uranus veers between the kooky, crazed lunatic and the unconventional rebel. At this New Moon we have a pathological need to shock and outrage, but then become shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety this outrageous behaviour brings. Those touched by this Moon will have the need at this time to reclaim their lost childhood, but are then accused of living in a fantasy. At least this naive fascination with life at this time enables us to think anything is possible, so this new moon is incredibly inventive, ingenious and imaginative.

Moon Square Pluto is the aspect of exposes, hacking, covert operations and skilled invaders. This New Moon throws itself into the deep-end when it comes to emotions. Those touched by this New Moon will experience relationships, truly, madly and deeply. However those emotions can also easily freeze over in an instant if one attempts to go to far with the need to dominate, manipulate or control.

Moon trine Saturn gives a great balance of intuition and realism. The sensitive moon and severe Saturn do not usually make easy bedfellows, but the trine warms and soften things here nicely. The over-riding theme is the need to achieve so as to build personal security. Moon trine Saturn seems to exude trustworthiness and capability. You have the feeling this New Moon will look after your money responsibly since this aspect tends to be thrifty.

Sun Aspects

Sun conjunct Uranus gives a strong mission to individuate and help others to do so too. The castration myth unconsciously simmers in the background of this New Moon, which is why we might see rebellion against figures of authority. There is also a rivalry between the past and future. Those touched by this New Moon will have a primal need to overthrow tradition, to shock with awe and to break through barriers.

New Moon AriesSun square Pluto aspect  can represent stalkers and obsessive callers, those who panic if their lover doesn’t return a text or goes off-radar. Those touched by this New Moon have  a real fear of death, but in their panic they are often self-sabotaging and create the very scenario they fear the most. The New Moon could feel quite paranoid and generate fear of demonic, unacceptable and beastly thoughts.

Sun trine Saturn. Since Saturn is associated with time this New Moon should be fantastic at keeping to schedule. Those touched by this New moon could suddenly find they have a great sense of time rhythmically, whether it is comic timing or just knowing the opportune moment to arrive at a meeting. This aspect has the ability to be at the right place at the right time and can therefore, strangely for Saturn, even be quite lucky. The collective pays special attention to synchronicity and we could feel at this time that many events seem fated.

New Moon April 2016 Summary

I find this a refreshingly “Kick arse” type of New Moon. It is essentially a “no bullshit” and galvanising kind of energy. I hope there will be a useful post-mortem, inquiry of some sort that will bring out conclusive evidence one cannot argue with. It seems like facts will be looked at rather than fiction, but there is also the Uranus influence which may hype up the shock factor. It could also be a bit grisly, like when people slow down to look at motorway accidents. It’s certainly not the most romantic New Moon, no soft focus rom-com here. More like a hyper-reality T.V show where you get to study all the gory details.

1. Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.336-341

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