New Moon April 2011 – Hubble Bubble

The New Moon on April 3 2011 is at 13 Aries and opposite Saturn. Saturn is on the fixed star Algorab in the Crow. This Moon is conjunct asteroid 131 Vala, a Norse witch archetype with our own dark Lilith who is still being zooped up by Uranus, but now she is extra hot with Mars too (Lilith Revolution). That’s powerful magic! However, I did pull the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card for this month and Venus is sextile Pluto which adds a sweet black cherry glaze to the boiling crow pie.

We know Algorab is a trickster. One would imagine combined with Saturn a malefic would bring out it’s most negative side, the scavenger and it’s general vileness. The most likely  outcome, I think though, as Saturn rules fear, this could be the terrorist showing its “kill or be killed” defensive side, especially with the hubble, bubble, toil and trouble stellium.

The Moon itself is on the fixed star Alpheratz which is the chained princess in Andromeda. All I can see here is some extreme measures taken in relationships to chain up the errant wife or husband out of fear. The Lilith side is flexing its newly found strength and is not standing for further abuse any longer. But Saturn on Algorab is totally petrified of the outcome, therefore this crow is backed into a corner all it can do is think up some revolting and nasty plan in which to gain the upper had on this apparent rebellion. This will be totally nasty, unexpected and shocking for the rebellious partner. They will then feel that they are totally chained by the scheme that the Saturn/Crow partner has dreamed up. Black magic and voodoo may get used.

People could be feeling cursed or under psychic attack. The princess in chains was rescued by Perseus who used Medusa’s head (containing the Lilith star Algol) to turn Cetus the whale to stone (Saturn), thus preventing her being eaten and setting her free. So that is exactly what we are seeing in this New Moon Chart. The Moon is the Andromeda, the chain is the opposition and Saturn is the rock. Mars/Uranus is Perseus the hero holding Lilith as Medusa’s head. Lilith can be castrating in this instance.

My feeling is that this Algorab/Saturn will use really low tactics. Poor Andromeda was sacrificed by her father King Cepheus. This makes me think of a parent holding their children as ransom in order to get what they want from an ex. In mundane astrology this could be taking hostages. This is utter fear and desperation, resorting to cursing because there is no where else to go.

However there is hope. The Wheel of fortune is about taking the wheel and spinning it in your favour, believing that freewill can override fate and not accepting you are cursed. This takes us back to Saturn again. Saturn is the law of karma and also a time lord. The wheel can look like the face of a clock and the astrological wheel

Saturn and Jupiter are the two gas giants and are both needed as balancers. In this chart we can see they are almost in opposition. The compromise between the two would be something like enlightenment I think. If you think about it either Saturn OR Jupiter could be freewill or fate.

Volva the Prophetess

The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Vala or Volva which is a shamanic Seer-ess in Norse Paganism. In Viking society they were wise women who wandered from house to house as and when they were needed in times of crisis. They were paid hansomly for their services. Other accounts paint them out to be more like Lilith in that:

“The völur were known for their art of seduction, which was one of the reasons why they were considered dangerous.[20] One of the stanzas in Hávamál warns against sexual intercourse with a woman who is skilled in magic, because the one who does so runs the risk of being caught in a magic bond and also risks getting ill.” Common to all was the fact she carried a magic staff on her travels. The word Volva means “wand carrier”

I do like the red opposition line from the Moon to Saturn looks like a wand, and Saturn mixed with this Moons energy does seem fit with a respected woman who was revered for her wisdom. Now this witchy feel also fits with Saturn falling on the Crow which them brings out the shamanic side of this opposition. It’s not all bad news with the crow, their power can be used to a higher vibration, it’s best use is probably protection. Algorab is one of the 15 stars used in medieval magic.

“Image; A Raven, snake or negro dressed in black. It makes the wearer angry, bold, courageous and a backbiter, gives bad dreams, the power  of summoning or driving away evil spirits and protection from wind and the malice of men and devils”[1]

In summary I think this Moon is a powerful time for making magic. It is also a time for us to learn how to protect ourselves from negativity and black magic. Curses only work through fear. Using the astrological wheel is one technique we can use to help us bend fate to our favour. But cloaking ourselves in the crows black feathers and reflecting back to the evil doer will too. I think whatever nasty schemes are put into force at this new moon, they will only ending up back firing. A karmic time of retribution. A beady eye for a beady eye….

[1] The Fixed Stars & Constellations, Robson, pg. 232.

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jivasol on March 27, 2011 at 1:08 am (Edit)
Brilliant! And I just by chance bought a wand today for my garden….>8}


Margaret Motheral on March 27, 2011 at 2:05 am (Edit)
I’ll have to study this further as it is my birthday and natal moon 12 Aires. I’m very witchy witch and have been kicking it out with the underhanded. Some enlightment is needed. I need to wear more red and lipstick and get out my wand. A wand is creative fire of course. Maybe I should chill with the being too scary part and just put on that red lipstick and call up my crows.


Marina on March 27, 2011 at 7:43 am (Edit)
Thats the spirit! As I said in this article, fear is what I think brings out the worst of the crow. The illustrations were from a picture I did with the Tower Of London. They are their in their role as protectors. Legend has it that if they fly away then England will fall. So they keep a set who have had their wings clipped. Poor things, ah well atleast they are well feed. But it’s an interesting story and adds to their spookiness having this superstition. They so suit the ambience of the Tower also. I’m totally fascinated by the place.


Azizip17 on March 27, 2011 at 3:47 am (Edit)

I’m a relatively recent lurker who has long been interested in astrology, though I’m by no means an astrologer.

As an African American, the image of Algorab as a raven, snake, or Black person* dressed in black immediately caught my attention.

* I took the liberty of updating that old, now retired referent of “negro”. Especially spelled with a lower case “n”, that racial referent has a demeaning connotation that doesn’t fit these times. And I think that “negro” referent with its problematic negative connotations doesn’t fit the stated description of Algorab.

Marina, your post about Algorab motivated me to search for information about the symbology of the raven. That online search led me to this fascinating site:

That website provides information about the raven in ornithology, as well as in the mythology of certain Native American, European, & Asian cultures. Information was also provided on that site about the symbolism of the raven in Egyptian (North African) culture. Here’s one quote from that site:


Raven is a contrary spirit. On the negative side, Raven represents the profane, the devil, evil spirits, the trickster and thief, war and destruction, death and doom, the void.

Yet in many cultures Raven also represents deep magic, the mystery of the unknown, death and transformation, creation, healing, wisdom, protection, and prophecy.

Raven is both the symbol of the sun, and the symbol of a moonless night. She is the birth giving light in the center of our galaxy, and the black hole in the center of the universe, to which we are all traveling to our eventual extinction.”


Unfortunately, that website has no information on the raven in other African cultures besides Egypt. However, though he may not be symbolized as a raven, the Yoruba (Nigeria) and New World deity Esu (Eiegba) has the same divine messenger/trickster roles as Loki, Mercury and other deities that were the focus of that article. Eshu’s colors are black & red, and he is often represented carrying a cane or shepherd’s crook, as well as smoking a pipe-a description which may also connect with descriptions of the other divine messenger/trickster deities and maybe even with Algorab.

Here’s an excerpt from

“Eshu (other names include Exu, Esu Eleggua, Esu Elegbara, Eshu Elegbara, Elegba, Legba, Papa Legba and Eleda) is both an orisha and one of the most well-known deities of the Yoruba mythology and its related New World traditions.

He has a wide range of responsibilities: the protector of travelers, deity of roads, particularly crossroads, the deity with the power over fortune and misfortune, and the personification of death…

Eshu is a spirit of Chaos and Trickery, and plays frequently by leading mortals to temptation and possible tribulation in the hopes that the experience will lead ultimately to their maturation. In this way he is certainly a difficult teacher, but in the end is usually found to be a good one.”


I’m sharing this information here as it seems to me to connect to the description of Algorab.

Marina, I very much appreciate the interesting & informative posts presented on this site. I continue to learn from you & Jamie and the others who post here. Keep on keeping on!


Marina on March 27, 2011 at 7:32 am (Edit)
Thanks so much for the extra info on the crow. Very useful. The Raven does seem to be very dual, like Mercury or the twins Castor and Pollux. This star is very personal to Jamie and I as we have quite a few people close to us with this star. Jamie has probably experienced the most negative manifestation of it, but I only recently found out my daughter has her Sun on Algorab (I used to only use Bradys selection which does not include Algorab.) It was quite a shock as she is the sweetest thing and I would never have thought it. She does have a dark side though, every now and then she explodes like a little demon. She can also be quite sneaky, and yes she does lie. But of course as her mother I just couldn’t believe it of my little darling.

Glad Algorab brought you out of your lurking and we appreciate the compliments!


Azizip17 on March 27, 2011 at 4:12 am (Edit)
For what it’s worth, maybe it’s significant that my first post to an astrology website is about the New Moon on April 3 2011 being at 13 Aries.

That’s because my sun is 24 Sagittarius, my Mercury is 14 Sagittarius, my Jupiter is 11 Sagittarius, my Neptune is 12 Libra, and my Pluto is 14 Leo. Those degrees-with the exception of the sun- are very close to that new moon.

I’m not sure what this means for me personally, but I can definitely sense that change is in the air -whether that is a good change depends on what “good” means in the short term and/or the long term.


Deb on March 27, 2011 at 6:18 am (Edit)
Excellent article. You exceeded all expectations of beautifully enunciating the stars and their glory in this one. Algorab the crow, certainly a troublesome star vibration.


Marina on March 27, 2011 at 7:46 am (Edit)
Thank you! This Moon came very easy to me. It had all my favorite ingredients.


Victoria on March 27, 2011 at 12:17 pm (Edit)
Crows and ravens entered my life last year in a time of crisis. I consider them protectors and messengers. I live smack dab in central Paris, 6th floor apt, and now they even visit me on my windowsill! M, in how do we include Algorab in our chart? I thought it was 13degree libra , which, naturally is conjunct my natal moon. Oh yeah, life is quite the ride…


Rachel on March 27, 2011 at 12:35 pm (Edit)
beautiful and inspiring images Marina; this one falls on my natal moon and my love’s Chiron so we’ll take off with his bag of crow bones for some healing magic…


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