The Astrology Of The Narcissist, Scapegoat & Golden Child

In this video, I look at the astrological factors that make one more likely to be the scapegoat or the golden child to the narcissist parent. I look at examples from my family triad through our natal charts, synastry bi-wheels and Davison charts.

7 thoughts on “The Astrology Of The Narcissist, Scapegoat & Golden Child

  1. I have a LOT to say about Beauty: being a first house Venus combust and debilitated…RFLMAO!!!

  2. My birth family was large enough to have two scapegoats. I’ve long thought it interesting that we were both Aries Suns and both a middle child of our gender. He only made it to 23 years though.

    I latched on to my older sister and considered her my true mother though she’s not quite 2 years older than me. Events occurred last May that exposed the fact to me that she had been lying to me and manipulating me for years. I knew being a member of that family was sucking the physical life force out of her but I did not know how badly it had twisted her spirit.

    That was the last tether I had to my birth family. I’m free now to FULLY heal. For a while now I have had major transits to important natal planets and points from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all at once. Spiritually I started growing like a weed! I have a tarot deck that speaks to my core. The Tarot keeps telling me to rest and heal and this is a new beginning.

    Thank you for sharing Marina. I personally think the oldest child has the worst position – Children having to take on adult responsibilities.

    1. Sorry to hear about your experience. And yes being an oldest child myself I can see how your spirit could be twisted. I felt that mostly in my teens and 20’s. I realise a lot of my best female friends are indeed the oldest child and also the scapegoat.

      I also use the tarot to heal. Good healing to you. We are living in interesting times indeed!

  3. Marina, in your Davidson charter with your mother, There usted a geometry oficina a craddle, isn’it?
    Congratulations! Not many go soooo deep!

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