Moon Sextile Trine Saturn ~ Respectably Classic


Moon sextile Saturn or Moon trine Saturn both bring a great balance of intuition and realism. The sensitive moon and severe Saturn do not usually make easy bedfellows, but the soft aspect warms and soothes things here nicely. The over-riding theme is the need to achieve in order to build personal security.

Moon sextile Saturn or Moon trine Saturn may have grown up with a critical or strict mother so they are used to keeping to a fixed timetable, getting all their homework done and deferring gratification. These folk have a very strong work ethic with the stamina and patience to see a job through to the bitter end no matter what obstacles confront them.

Moon sextile Saturn or Moon trine Saturn can be quite status hungry which may come from a deep insecurity. They continually ask themselves if they truly talented or beautiful enough? The soft aspect will attract wealth and they really don’t need to work half as hard as they think they do to get it either. Moon sextile or trine Saturn seems to exude trustworthiness and capability. You have the feeling they will look after your money for you responsibly since they tend to be thrifty.

Moon sextile Saturn or Moon trine Saturn are famous for their hoarding, they love nostalgia and can be big collectors. Some can go too far with the cool Saturn control so that the suppressed Moon on occasion can exude intense emotion out of nowhere. There is often a surprisingly soft marshmallow centre under their cool Moon/Saturn armour.

Classic Collectors

Moon sextile Saturn or Moon trine Saturn makes for an honest and trustworthy person. Generally these folk are the salt-of-the-earth and ultra-reliable in a crisis. Their grounded nature makes them un-flappable in their day-to-day behaviour. They tend to be quite reserved though when it comes to expressing emotion, but their gentle shyness is surprisingly becoming. Moon sextile Saturn or Moon trine Saturn has an understated, classical elegance that easily charms others.

The subject often is surprised that they are having that much of an effect and I time learns to use this to their advantage. Despite the status hungry side to Moon/Saturn connections these folk never really exploit others unless the chart is afflicted elsewhere. This gem of an aspect is sometimes overlooked at first, but over time it unexpectedly matures into something quite exquisite. It is the perfect example of the ugly duckling that turns into the swan.

Sextile Alert! Despite the harmonious quality of the soft aspects, Saturn is still Saturn and it can be melancholic, especially with the sextile I found. Therefore the connection is always a tad sweet and sour. Creatively it is quite an interesting mix because Saturn adds dynamic edges to the sticky and clingy blancmange-ness of the Moon.  There are some darker characters in the Moon sextile Saturn natives list below however and one wonders if the moon sextile here could sometimes sugar-coat the bitterness of a bleak and withholding Saturn. Still, the scientist is evident here too and Saturn can give a supportive framework for the lunar imagination and intuition. 

Moon/Saturn ~ Soft Aspects

Moon Sextile Saturn

“Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything.” ~ Paris  Hilton

Paris Hilton fits well into the privileged, wealth attracting side of this aspect. Paris doesn’t have much of the image of the hard-working side of Saturn. However, she certainly displays some of the over-compensation that occurs when one may feel they are not enough as just a human being. Paris is the great, great granddaughter of Barron Hilton who also has this aspect.

“Commentators have said that Hilton is famous for being famous, exemplifying the celebutante: a celebrity not through talent or work, but through inherited wealth and lifestyle. She has parlayed her media fame into perfumes and a fashion line with her endorsement; her fragrances have earned $1.5 billion.” ~ Wiki

There are however a number of high profile and tragic celebrity deaths that popped up straight away on Astrotheme’s most popular searched celebs with this aspects. Not such a soft aspect for some then. I have seen this before with the sextile and malefic planets (See Moon sextile Pluto .)

MORE MOON SEXTILE SATURN: Edgar Cayce, Gaddafi, Franklin D Roosevelt, Barron Hilton, J.P Morgan, Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhart, Frida Khalo, Amy Winehouse, Heath Hedger, Whitney Houston, Dodi Fayed, Natasha Richardson, Jamie Bulger, Caroline Kennedy, Yoko Ono, Mel Gibson, Michael Moore, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Benny Anderson, Johnny Lydon, Emma Bunton, Willem Dafoe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Joan Rivers, Katherine Hepburn, Jeff Goldblum, Tony Hancock, Ru Paul, Yves Saint Laurent, Donatella Versace, Carl Sagan, Claude Debussy, Antonio Vivaldi, Le Corbusier, T.S Elliott, Edwin Hubble, Lynndie England, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mackenzie/John Philips Davison, Carter/Cash Davison.


Moon Trine Saturn

“America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.

…the President drinks Coca-Cola, Liz Taylor drinks Coca-Cola, and just think, you can drink Coca-Cola, too.” ~ Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol made his name in the Pop Art movement creating iconic screen prints of the rich, famous and glamorous. Some of his paintings are the most expensive in the world. As a child, he was sickly, often bedridden and rarely at school so he bonded with his mother. Warhol spent most of his childhood drawing in his bed surrounded by photos of movie stars.

Andy Warhol Moon SaturnDuring the 1960’s Warhol founded his Moon trine Saturn named art studio, ‘The Factory’. The main subject matter was American consumer culture.  Warhol liked to surround himself with an entourage of bohemians whom he dubbed ‘Superstars’. Valerie Solanas (herself with Moon trine Saturn), was on the fringe of this clique.

The feminist author of the radical S.C.U.M manifesto attempted to murder Warhol at his studio, because she said “He had too much control over my life”.. This was Solanas’ own negative projection of the same Saturn energy in her own chart.

Andy Warhol was openly gay, but maintained he was a virgin. In interviews, he was extremely reticent and would only volunteer two-word answers to inquires about his paintings. Warhol was a very private man, a quietly devout Ruthenian Rite Catholic and an avid collector. He amassed 641 boxes of ‘stuff’ which included collections of airplane menus, pornographic pulp novels, wigs, stamps, supermarket flyers, biscuits jars and even a mummified foot.

MORE MOON TRINE SATURN: Nostradamus, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Stephen Hawking, Ron L Hubbard, Serge Rachmaninoff, Eminem, Victoria Beckham, Richard Pryor, Yul Brynner, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Kris Jenner, Nigel Havers, Priscilla Presley, Matt Damon, Ian Holm, Paul Keating, Barbara Hutton, Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Carl Wilson, Nelly Furtado, Eric Clapton, Lena Zavaroni, Leonard Bernstein, Marshall Applewhite, Billy Graham, Max Ernst, Stephen King, George R. R Martin, Tony Abbot, Evel Knievel , Nick Faldo, Rosa Parks, Valerie Solanas, Anne Frank.

Featured Image by Laura Chouette on Upsplash

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28 thoughts on “Moon Sextile Trine Saturn ~ Respectably Classic”

  1. Guys! this is soooo me! lol

    I thought I was the only weirdo.

    I must be sober all the time…If not I can’t have fun.

    Like the smell, hate the taste of alcohol.

    Now that I know, I am one with this knowledge…

    Thank you all!

    • No,no no, I have Saturn trine Moon and really enjoy alcohol, especially nice wines, just not the very strong reds. But discovering a new mixed drink is fun! Maybe that’s my moon in the 9th conjunct Jupiter and trine Neptune ascendant. Oh yes, Saturn in Pisces too…champagne anyone?

  2. I have Moon trine Saturn and I don’t like the taste of alcohol (beer, whiskey, wine, etc). I’ve read also read this somewhere that people with Moon-Saturn aspects like being sober and hate alcohol. Can anyone else with Moon trine Saturn aspect confirm this?

    • kai! i can confirm that! i have this aspect and i always cringe at the taste of alcohol. i also have an overbearing mother…. lol so weird

    • Strange…I have this aspect, plus I have 5 placements of health freak Virgo in my chart (Asc, Sun, Merc, North node and Saturn) yet I was on the verge of becoming an alcoholic, tho it’s true that I do hate the taste of it…Must be that pesky Pisces south node…

    • Omg yes! I’m not crazy about drinking. Don’t get me wrong, I like to party, but when it comes to drinking, I usually like to water the drink down with seltzer or water. I’m even allergic to alcohol! I get red and wheezy if I don’t drink enough water to cancel out the reaction.

  3. I have a Pisces moon trine saturn in Cancer; the moon is the pointy part of a Yod with Jupiter and Mars – I really resonate with Saturn. I know if I work hard I am rewarded. If I cross all the T’s and dot all it I’s and function ethically, money just falls in my lap, though not enough to make me greedy or rich. I love old stuff and I am a hoarder, although as a Gemini with Sag rising, I don’t stay in one place long enough to accumulate anything much more than what I truly value. In 1988 I owned a suitcase of clothes, a pink sofa and 16 boxes – these were filed with books, journals and I had nowhere to live!

  4. I don´t know about Devon, though for me it seems to be clear what a Moon trine Saturn is!

    Eduardo was the name of that boyfriend I had. He was very clever in the finance domain and he was very sweet and nice. I did not like that he had too much alcohol. And at the time, I was in my late twenties. He was diverced (as I am now…) and I was not able to manage his Little three year old girl, who always said to me: *he is mine… mine, mine, mine!*

    So funny now!

    Thankyou very much!

    (clearing relations, that´s the guide, ah?)



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