Moon Sextile/Trine Mars ~ Passion Fruit

Moon sextile or trine Mars subjects are fiercely protective and passionate about their family. This is an incredibly sexy combination as it brings out the tender sensitive emotions of the moon ripened by the searing heat of an ardent Mars. It’s no wonder so many entertainers have this aspect.

Just because this is a soft aspect however, it does not mean that these folk is immune to Class A temper tantrums. What the soft aspect can can do is make that rage at least productive. This trine achieves incredible success with anything lunar. Moon trine Mars can be very popular, have a huge family, a wonderful house or be the world’s best host. They could be passionate about their home and foooood, fight for women’s issues or just act like a diva.

The trine brings out the drama of both the planets and if any aspect ruled kitchen-sink-dramas or soap-operas it would be this one. The domestic scene for this person is never boring, there will be parties, plate throwing, passionate rows and make up sex in the bedroom. If the make up sex doesn’t occur these people will be hell to live with.

Passion Fruit

nigella Moon sextile Mars is as you would expect an extremely passionate aspect, but it really does need to express this energy physically or sexually otherwise anger-management can become a big problem. Mood can change very quickly, but the frantic tide can be very creative. Moon sextile Mars will be passionate about their artistic products and be very driven to project them into the world.

Moon/Mars subjects can be a very hot blooded and excitable, so they may gain the reputation of being somewhat temperamental and volatile to work with. It is better that Moon sextile or trine Mars are their own boss so that they have artistic control over their products. These subjects learn to compromise because they actually need to bounce ideas off other people. Moon sextile or trines Mars’s rage is short lived, and once they have let off steam, their charm and wit make you forget their earlier tantrum

Moon/Mars Soft Aspects

Moon Trine Mars

Nigella Lawson is plainly passionate about food. The ‘domestic goddess’ started off as a food writer and journalist. It was Nigella’s seductive way of presenting her cooking that made her famous, as she admits she is not a trained chef. Nigella was awarded author of the year for her book “How to be a Domestic Goddess” and she has been called the“Queen of Porn food”. Nigella came from what seemed like the perfect family, her father was once the Chancellor of the Exchequer and her mother was a beautiful heiress. Despite the luxurious lifestyle, Nigella maintains she was an unhappy child and a disruptive teenager, mostly due to a turbulent relationship with her mother.

Cat Stevens (01’), Eleanor Roosevelt (15’), Edie Sedgwick (17’), O’Neal/Fawcett Davison (25’). Justin Bieber (29’), Edgar Cayce (30’), Kevin Costner, Maurice & Robin Gibb, Jimmy Hoffa, David Icke, J F Kennedy, John Lennon, Dean Martin, Robin Williams, Jose Maria Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti, Laurence Olivier, Dmitri Shostakovich, John Merrick, Gloria Steinem, Nathaniel Bar Jonah, Edward Gein, K T Tunstall, Eric Clapton..

Moon Sextile Mars

Russell Crowe (25’) is a great example of an actor who expresses both the physical, fighting spirit of this aspect and also the sensitive, emotional lunar side. As an actor he has played a wide variety of popular (Moon) roles, but became an international name portraying the Roman General (Mars) in the epic film Gladiator. The Moon sextile shows in his award winning, compassionate performance of the mathematical genius John Nash who developed schizophrenia in the film “A Beautiful Mind”. True to his Mars, Russell is a keen sports fan, but also has a reputation for having a Martian temper.

Jack Nicklaus (09’), Billie Holiday (11’), Chuck Berry (11’), Mary Pierce (11’), Bobby Brown (27’), Quincy Jones, Antonio Banderas, Julian Lennon, Heidi Fleiss, Sarah Aldrete, Charles Lindbergh, Edouard Manet, Prince Andrew, Tommy McVeigh, Aleister Crowley, Bjork, Justin Timberlake.

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  1. Nigella and I were born on the same day. Our Moon-Mars trine is also accompanied by a trine to Uranus. Jupiter is within a five degree conjunction to Mars so gets caught up in the trines too.

    I also was a very unhappy child and an even more miserable teenager. My mom was also very beautiful and our relationship was horrible. I can also throw plates and kick holes in the wall without much effort. 🙂

  2. So totally relevant. My mom and I just had a huge fight the other night, and I have to live with her. She then got in a big fight with my dad last night night too. She is definitely hell to live with and takes the cake for passive/agressiveness and not being able to communicate like an adult. Often feel like I need to teach her some times. Funny too, it was her birthday yesterday as well.

  3. Ha, I reckon me and Jude must have moon trine mars?? Mazza when are you going to Auss, sending hugs and strength to you and Jamie xxx


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