Moon Sextile Saturn

Moon sextile Saturn makes for an honest and trustworthy person. Generally these folk are the salt-of-the-earth and ultra-reliable in a crisis. Their grounded nature makes them un-flappable in their day-to-day behaviour. They tend to be quite reserved though when it comes to expressing emotion, but their gentle shyness is surprisingly becoming. Moon sextile Saturn has an understated, classical elegance that easily charms others. The subject often is surprised that they are having that much of an effect and I time learns to use this to their advantage. Despite the status hungry side to Moon/ Saturn connections these folk never really exploit others unless the chart is afflicted elsewhere. This gem of an aspect is sometimes overlooked at first, but over time it unexpectedly matures into something quite exquisite. It is the perfect example of the ugly duckling that turns into the swan.

Despite the harmonious quality of the sextile, Saturn is still Saturn and it can be melancholic. Not only that, but it doesn’t get on so well with the Moon either. Therefore the connection is always a tad sweet and sour. Creatively it is quite an interesting mix because Saturn adds dynamic edges to the sticky and clingy blancmange-ness of the Moon. There are some darker characters in the celebrity list however and one wonders if the moon sextile here could sometimes sugar-coat the bitterness of a bleak and withholding Saturn. Still, the scientist is evident here too and Saturn can give a supportive framework for the lunar imagination and intuition. The Moon sextile being extremely feminine while Saturn is the ultimate patriarch and father figure also makes for an unusual connection in both genders.

Moon Sextile Saturn Celebrities

moon sextile saturnMarie Duplessis (01’) was a famous 18th century courtesan known for her relationships with many wealthy and powerful men. Paintings of the time show her to be petite and very beautiful. These attributes, along with her great charm resulted in her company being much sought after from men of high status. Marie taught herself to read and write while also making sure she keep in touch with world events and politics. She was also a hostess to a salon where the in-crowd of the day (various writers, politicians and artists) gathered to exchange ideas and socialise. Marie was held in high esteem by many of her lovers and benefactors, all of them remained close to her even after the relationship ended. Marie died of tuberculosis at just 23 and was greatly mourned due to her discreet, gentile nature while her entertaining wit and intelligence were greatly missed. Marie was married briefly to a French count and rumoured to be the mistress of Franz Listz. I think Marie Duplessis short but influential life reflects this aspect pretty well. The sextile is a blossoming Venus aspect, and is not very robust. Saturn here does give the sextile a little more staying power, so these dark orchids are well remembered long after they have left the earth plane.

Other Moon sextile Saturn celebrities: Barron Hilton (04’), Natasha Richardson (04’), Sam Cooke (06’), JP Morgan (06’), Franklin D. Roosevelt (08’), Joseph Pilates (15’), Le Corbusier (16’), New York City (17’), Mary Wollstonecraft (23’), Edgar Cayce, Edwin Hubble, Oscar Wilde, Alan Whicker, Donatella Versace, Erica Jong, Frida Kahlo, Gaddafi, Huey Newton, Lynndie England, James Bulger, John Travolta, Johnny Carson, Johnny Lydon, Mel Gibson.

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