Moon Square/Opposite Venus ~ Black Swan


Moon opposite or square Venus will bring a bit of zest to what otherwise would be a soft, compliant, custard-pie combination. Having the two most feminine bodies in astrology in opposition makes for an interesting tug of war between the glamorous, but impossibly-vain lover and the caring, self-sacrificing mother.

Moon opposite or square Venus could well feel torn between her loving mothering duties and satisfying her sensual desires. When this happens, one end of the opposition gets projected. One manifestation with Moon opposite or square Venus is a person obsessed with making everything gorgeous, perfect and idyllic while bemoaning the kids with their sticky fingers and life’s unpleasant bathroom smells…

Turning it around, the Moon could become the self-righteous martyr-mother who will do anything for her kids. This is the sort of person who thinks treating oneself to the hairdresser is indulgent or selfish. The Moon opposite Venus subject is hungry for love and affection and always thinks someone else is more beautiful, a better parent, more gifted artistically or just plain richer than they are.

Their striving for Venusian glamour fuels them to be the best at whatever they do. This is helped by the moon which makes them popular, in tune with the public mood and with arty Venus too creates a pretty package. Examples of successfully blending the Moon/Venus polarity would include a career in architecture, interior design or a master-chef who presents his food beautifully.

Moon square Venus is particularly notable in the arts and in great thinkers. The tension of the square spurs the imagination of the Moon plus the artistic leanings of Venus to produce great works of creativity whether it be in music, theatre or fine art. The drive for material wealth is there too as Venus represents pentacle.

The edge of the square may have the native feeling quite uncomfortable with the amount of wealth they acquire so therefore much energy is devoted to bringing harmony or love to those in suffering. Artistic souls will transfer the love through beautiful pieces of artwork, while those in the caring professions will have a generous heart and will be extremely affectionate.

This hard aspect does not go without its heartache. Sometimes these folk can suffer from bleeding heart syndrome, where their devotion knows no bounds, which can leave them feeling too drained. Their unconditional love is admirable, but they need to make sure they maintain a balance between how much they give and receive.

Moon/Venus Natives ~ Hard Aspects

Moon Opposite Venus

Alanis Morissette started off as a teenage dance-popper with bubblyVenusian curls. That is until she rather abruptly flipped over into the wild-haired moody moon. She is credited with paving the way for other serious female singer-songwriters. Her most successful album “Jagged Little Pill” was famous for its raw emotion and most of her songs seem to deal with the pain of rejection and not getting enough love.

“You Oughta Know” gained attention for its scornful and explicit lyrics directed at her ex-partner over choosing a more respectable, domesticated lady for a wife. Alanis seems to have turned the Venusian ‘woman scorned’ into an art form.

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Moon Square Venus

Moon opposite square VenusTchaikovsky was a 19th Century Russian composer. His ballet music is probably what most people today remember him for. The romantic appeal of Swan Lake, the Nutcracker and the Sleeping Beauty never fades with time. Lunar romanticism and the florid harmony of Venus ring through Tchaikovsky’s musical composition.

Critics wrote of the composers “sweet, inexhaustible, supersensuous fund of melody, a feature that has ensured his music’s continued success with audiences.” The square always adds a bittersweet edge to Venus.“Despite his many popular successes, Tchaikovsky’s life was punctuated by personal crises and depression. Contributory factors included his early separation from his mother for boarding school followed by his mother’s early death” ~ Wiki.

His yearning for a loving relationship was confounded by the fact Tchaikovsky was thought to be a homosexual. He had one disastrous marriage and remained a bachelor most of his life. Tchaikovsky always stated soprano Desiree Artot was the love of his life. However, the famous singer refused to give up her career for him and settle in Russia. Moon square Venus can show difficulties maintaining female relationships.

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  1. I have TAU Moon opposite SCO Venus };). They lie along my ASC (Venus Ist, Moon VIIth; I’m SCO rising). Venus also conj’s Neptune and Mercury in SCO. Keith Emerson and Eric Clapton are my IDOLS, especially ELP (and fellow SCO Greg Lake).

  2. Oh!

    I will have this opp. in my comming year chart (17th april). So, I will taste this… tamarindo flavor?
    My children are young grown ups. My rising sign is cancer. And my moon is in sagitarius.

    Regards! and will see you around… Mh!


  3. Thanks Marina! I was born with Moon opposite Venus and I am a Mother of two BEAUTIFUL girls. Since my kids were born I have struggled between being a nurturing mother (Sun in Cancer) and being a lover to my husband (Venus in Taurus). I could never switch from one to the other gracefully, and could never be both at the same time. I’m divorced now and the kids are teenagers, we share custody, and still to this day when the kids are with me I can only be a Mom, and when the kids are gone, I’m in touch again with my sensuality.


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