Moon Opposite Pluto

Moon Opposite Pluto

Moon opposite PlutoMoon opposite Pluto subjects have the ability to penetrate to the core of an issue without leaving a trace of themselves. A good example of this is the talk show host who knows exactly what the public wants to ask of his guests and can fish the information out of them before they realise they have been broken into. Moon opposite Pluto is the aspect of exposes, hacking, covert operations and skilled invaders. This is because at some point in their lives they themselves have been “invaded”. The mother may have left the child no room for privacy and was perhaps obsessively protective for fear of something dreadful happening to the child. Sometimes the worst does actually happen where the toxins of the whole family seem to get absorbed by the Moon opposite Pluto subject. The Pluto scapegoat receives all manner of “evils” projected onto them from the other side of the opposition. These subjects find it difficult to trust others with their feelings or secrets, yet somehow they become the catalyst for bringing to light others peoples deepest darkest demons. They can push the collectives boil to the surface so to speak, which is why they make great psychologists, in-depth researchers and spies. On the negative side they can use their insider knowledge to manipulate and emotionally blackmail.

Moon Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Timothy McVeigh was an American “Lone wolf” terrorist who exploded a truck bomb in Oklahoma City killing 168 and injuring 800. This was the biggest single act of terrorism in the USA prior to 9/11. Timothy was raised by his father, and suffered bullying as a child, but as an adult he would say that the US government was the ultimate bully. As a child he was a loner and had only ever had one girlfriend. His mother seems to be a mystery, which maybe why he found it hard to relate to women. In high school he hacked into government computers. Timothy joined the US army and was awarded a Bronze star during the gulf war. He said the army taught him how to switch off emotions and that they had implanted a microchip to keep tabs on him, classic Pluto conspiracy here. He grew increasingly frustrated when his efforts to find a girlfriend failed, finding solace in gambling. When he racked up a debt he couldn’t repay, he blamed it on the government. Tension in Timothy built up to the point that he started experimented with small bombs, which escalated into a full time terrorist career. He was executed in 2001 aged 31.

Arsenio Hall (09’): American late night TV Host. Janet Street-Porter (26’); Journalist and TV producer. John Lennon; His absent mother was run over and killed just after John reunited with her in his teen years. Later in life John was convinced the US government were spying on him. His fears may have been founded as there is speculation that he was murdered by the CIA. Johnny Carson; American Tonight TV Host, extremely shy and secretive off-camera. June Carter, Lisa-Marie Presley, Nina Simone, Martin Luther; German monk and protestant reformer. Prince, Ricky Martin, Neil Young, Cecil Beaton.

Moon/Pluto Aspects

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. Angelina Jolie: Moon/Mars in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra. I have been 100% convinced for the longest time that she is a CIA operative behind that bogus ‘humanitarian’ facade, simply by observing her “humanitarian” is plain, to me at least, that there is nothing “humanitarian’ about them AT ALL; quite the contrary, in fact!

    Angelina has always made a big hooha in the media about how “close” she was with her mother,”(my best friend!”) but it was observed that when Mom was diagnosed with the cancer that ultimately killed her, Angelina was nowhere around: not when the diagnosis was announced, not at any time while she was pregnant(the usual thing would have been for the pregnant daughter to rush to her afflicted mother’s bedside, but not in this case!), , not when her mother was dying (she was observed partying hearty in NOLA the two weeks previous to her mother’s death-oh, that’s right: she made a few token appearances at mom’s bedside after the MEDIA began openly making comment about how strange it was that AJ was IGNORING her dying “best friend”) nor when she died (AJ tried to let on that she was there but brother’s loose lips gave away the show in an interview: he let it slip that NEITHER of them had been there when their mother died!)

    So, there were clearly “issues” firmly in place between AJ and her mother! In fact , it was reported at one point that as a newborn infant, AJ was stashed away in a separate apartment, in ‘solitary confinement”, in a ‘white room’ in an apartment one floor below her mother’s..I suspect that the Moon-Mars aspect made AJ a VERY difficult child even as an infant; “war’ between her and her mother was declared at the moment of her birth!

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  2. It’s interesting to me how convinced you are that “evil AJ” is the reason there was lifelong tension between her and her mother…

    Let me just say that I am a natal Moon/Pluto opposition, and I am 26 years old, trying my hardest to finish school and maintain an important career I have established, all the while STILL having to deal with an emotional wreck for a mother. She’s clingy, abusive, has no sense of reality unless it has to do with her darling youngest child “me” and its an obsessive, overdone, spoiled kind of motherly love that has always suffocated me and continues to suffocate me in ways I cannot describe beyond what i have already mentioned.

    People, most likely including you, are simply jealous of Angie and the inner power that she radiates and wields. In my opinion, it is the very power she has finally been able to take back and keep safe away from her mother’s fanatical psychic vampirism. (Just observe how Angelina refuses to focus too much on any particular child, how she drags them from country to country in a desperate attempt to show them everything outside of their “mother” and herself, etc.)

    Just think before you speak…

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    • That is interesting Ms Gumdrop……. Bhagwam Shree Rajneesh aka Osho had Moon in Cappy opp Pluto in Cancer and he had allergy problems which seems to be common with this aspect. He was raised by his grandparents as his parents had a business.

    • Actually, thinking is something I do very well, unlike yourself,apparently, who has clearly ‘bought into’ the PR facade that AJ has concealed her nefarious activities behind.

      As for the “jealous’ accusation, surely someone going to school and “maintaining an ‘important career’ ” (whatever that means) could come up with something more original to accuse me of, but I expect anyone who is so easily conned by a contrived PR facade such as that thrown up by the FRAUD Angelina would hardly be capable of anything even remotely resembling an “original thought”.

      As for the way she treats those children, it is quite clear that there is NO connection there; those children are obviously nothing more than “photo props” to her; trotted out for publicity and fobbed off on nannies the rest of the time. Right from the start the disconnect could be seen; I have lost count of the pictures I have seen where the kids are leaning AWAY from her and Brad while being carried around, as though by strangers! And when AJ talks about her kids she sounds like some sort of clueless idiot mouthing memorized “sound bites” and not at all like anyone who has actual experience of interacting with children as a mother. which is hardly surprising; she probably spends more time interacting with a SYRINGE, or a mirror with white lines on it, judging from those blown pupils of hers constantly in evidence! But THAT’S probably more to do with her Sun/Neptune opposition than Moon/Tars/Pluto!

    • I agree with you completely on AJ and her moon Pluto mothering. It is how’s a real strength in her to have been able to overcome her childhood dilemmas and be who she is now. I am a,Transpersonal therapist and work with psychological astrology as well and it would be wise if we didn’t judge others and looked in our own backyards first. Particularly given our Current social and spiritual opportunities for personal change in not just our own lives but also those of others in the collective consciousness.

    • I agree with you completely on AJ and her moon Pluto mothering. It is show’s a real strength in her to have been able to overcome her childhood dilemmas and be who she is now. I am a,Transpersonal therapist and work with psychological astrology as well and it would be wise if we didn’t judge others and looked in our own backyards first. Particularly given our Current social and spiritual opportunities for personal change in not just our own lives but also those of others in the collective consciousness.

  3. what abuot moon quincunx pluto ?

    is is a bit simliar to the opposition? or different again?

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  4. This interpretation of moon opposition pluto has more positive things to say about this aspect than those i have read. I have moon square pluto and moon square uranus.

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    • does that combo make u feel defeatist, or obsesive?

    • I completely agree, most sites focus on the negative of this aspect and don’t really speak about the positive.

      Another thing I have noticed with this aspect is jelousy, I have experienced it from woman
      without any reason.

      I have a moon in Taurus opposition Scorpio Pluto.

    • I have deeply felt the jelousy from other women, even family since I have been so young. In fact I am currently dealing with the aftermath of trying to save a friendship from wrongful jelousy on her part (she has a scorpio moon). I too have a Taurus moon Opposite Pluto Scorpio, with a plut in the 4th house.

  5. I have this opp. And my mother was a pain in the ass regarding her *dreams* for me. She avoided me all kind of experiences that would have taken me to be more conscious and not so impulsive. And I have the feeling that she did that because she wanted me to support her (her diamond son kept inheritances for himself and left her with small penies to live with… hahaha… there goes my Antares Moon! It would have been much more different -I seek for justice- if she had made her older son and myself responsible, as were my father´s wish… but no! She changed his will and had to live with her decitions).

    So, I did not let her! I did not let her go her ways. I did not let her separate us (we got splitted from our own woundsm lol).

    So hard for me to find my own inner core, inner self. Yes, I acted as Angelina. Yes I was in my own comfort zone. Yes I could not understand life. Yes she was an orphan -from age 3, both parents- and I could not live her alone.

    When she died, I of course was not there. Though, for my own sake, she did not need me either. I was a fairly good daughter. And -now that I have teens of my own- I do understand the amount of *using* her spaces and my own dreamy nature (sun opp. venus, sun and sedna).

    But she was stronger than all of us together, so she died on her own will when she wanted in 20 minutes (or, she got lucky…). The doctor said she was Ok and she could leave the hospital. But I kind of *know* that she was in her ironic mode and told herself why would she live longer if she really had good time, all in all in her life. For her, this was not life at all (Alzheimer desease).

    When she passed away, what I did is to keep praying and meditating, until I deeply felt peace. I somehow did not want her to loose her path and strongly told her to seek for her angel, for her light.

    We still have so much mixed feelings regarding her. She wanted me to fullfil her own dreams (she was very lazy, for God´s sake!). And I am hard working…

    Yesterday, I was talking with one of my sisters in law. She was married with the diamond of son (the nasty brat taking our inheritances away… with my mother´s support :s). She said that now being a grand mother herself, having lived a life, she still hates my mother, how she was unrespectful, how she was demanding and manipulative.

    But on the outside… oh she was a Darling high spirit!

    Shortly after she died, while sleeping, I connected with her and she said “I´m sorry. You are in the best ways of knowing yourself”. I had mix feelings: on the one side, I felt that my pain was somehow recognized. On the other side, I was happy that she -at the end- had to do some reflecting, and stop acting as the survivor she always was, using others (Oh, recalling this, I hate her soooo much!). And in the other, I only said to her. Ok! I´m in peace and you stay right were you are and stop messing with my life.

    When I was Little, she managed to go and have fun (with his diamond son) and left me taking care of my younger sister, who was ill.

    Then, when all my friends had opps. with the inheritances their mother left them, I just felt so embarassed that my mother left not even one cent (though, spirituality as she understood it and at least, no debts… which is a lot!).

    My mother did not know how to manage, produce and sustain money. She only knew -very well- how to spend it.

    Now that a teen boyfriend appeared from the blue and ancient times (we were boy and girlfriends some 35 years ago), he had so much trouble also with my mother. And it is time for me to recall. In the first momento, I said NO to him. But -first decan aries- he insisted, and insisted. I grew in a house were men were to be pleased (4 brothers and a strong father in macho culture). And at the end I said yes. He was not rich (and my father was) and I think his NN is where he though *we were* or something becaouse he learned with such an appetite, curiosity and wonder.

    My mother was against this relation with all her strength (dangerous: he was not rich and I was the only daughter). And now he is a high qualified, travelled and rich (hahaha… rich, mother, rich!)man. His fortune is based on technology.

    She was not against it supporting my first no. She even supported that I had dangerous plays with well known people in journalism (I studied Comm. Scis.). And also supported a relation that I know now would have killed me. And all, because there was plenty of money in those.

    I feel now very happy that my NO to that oldtimes boyfriend is really a no. I even sigh!

    And I just don´t want to hold on a dream and end up drawned! (Sedna, venus and sun on 10th H).

    And there is still so much to write about her! But I feel like quitting and to live (I´m happy she is dead; she was a burden for all of us. As my younger brother -astrologer… only planets, what a pitty and a waste!- used to say: she is like a 15 year old, dancing her first waltz!). Oh yes she was! (though, orphan…).

    I have spoken with her parents and told them loud and clear that they should live to take care of their children (they died both from a huge problem they had over here, regarding land and money; they both were griddy and wanted all for them. Touched some interests… and end up very bad. My granpa died at 34 with a non-accurate diagnosis. He had appendicities and was treated against tifoidea. And my grand mother, looking at her all by her self with 7 children and 3 huge ranchs…).

    I´m happy living for culture and for the others. I feel happy that I don´t have the slightest interest in the rich oldtimer rich boyfriend. And to enhance the way I stand on this magnificent and sooo beautiful Earth. Projects go very, very, slow, athough they are all noble, good and have great potencial. I rather be there. Really, where I feel happy and fine.

    So, maybe, marrying my job projects (Juno conj. MH).

    Regards, dear community!


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