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Monthly Horoscopes December 2015

The December horoscopes this month look at the Cardinal T- Square and what it will activate in your chart. This T-Square is comprised of Pluto on Vega (14º Cap) square Uranus Rx (16º Ari). Uranus square Pluto is activated by Mars on Algorab (14º Lib). The full T-square will last from December 1st to 11th with Mars square Pluto peaking on Dec 6/7 and Mars opposite Uranus peaking on Dec 10/11. Please read the December Astrology Forecast for the full in-depth look into what this T-Square means for the collective. On this post we examine what this T-Square means for you personally. Mars will show where or to whom you might want to lash out at and blame for frustrations in your life (caused by the last 3 years of Uranus square Pluto.) When Mercury conjoins Pluto on Dec 19/20, this is the area in your life where you will have to dig for answers, but could also uncover some unpalatable truths. If you have any personal planets at the degrees mentioned then you will feel these effects very strongly.


Aries monthly HoroscopeYour need for personal freedom is intense and you are likely to blame your partner for tying you down even if they are not particularly possessive. Try not to lash out at them because the real fault of the matter may be that you are feeling trapping in your work. Look deeply into what you really want in terms of your career path and stop blaming your partner for what is most likely your own unacknowledged fears that are chaining you to your current circumstances.

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taurus Monthly HoroscopesYou are feeling spiritually empty in your day job or daily routine, and think that the solution is to go off on some Buddhist retreat for a weekend and all will right itself. One week of deathly silence filled with gongs is not enough to shatter the godless void within. Instead of binge guru-ing, make time everyday to connect with spirit. Light some incense, with a candle every-hour-on-the-hour to connect internally and have a sacred moment or bring your religious icons to work with you and arrange them in a pleasing manner around your desk..

Your Taurus 2016 Horoscope


Gemini Monthly HoroscopesYour children, if you have them, are driving you insane. While if you have a part time lover they are throwing their toys out of the pram also. Both scenarios are reflecting your own need to get out and have some playtime. In fact you’d like nothing more than to ‘bunk off’, so do you self a favour and do so before you have a silly sleep-deprived accident. Hand the screaming brats to your mother, tell the immature lover your mobile is on the blink and go have fun with your mates.

Your Gemini 2016 Horoscope


Cancer Monthly HoroscopesEvery appliance in your house has decided to explode at once and is symbolic of your repressed anger towards your father… Ok that’s a bit too much of a psychological cliché, but it’s almost close to the truth. It could actually be that your ancient ancestors are trying to get a message to you! They may be warning you to pay attention to something that your partner or an open enemy is deliberately hiding from you. Ask that taboo question you are avoiding.

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Leo Monthly HoroscopesNoises that comes from next door are amplified so that it seems like you are living next to Wembley Stadium or a building site. What this really means is that you are long overdue a holiday. Get out of your immediate neighbourhood because the place is really grating on your nerves right now. It also seems like there are some weird hidden political shenanigans going on in your day job, so the further way you can get the better. This will help keep things in perspective and keep you from making mountains-out-of-mole-hills

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Virgo Monthly HoroscopeCash flow this month cannot keep up with your frantic spending. But Christmas is coming up and if you have children it will be these mini-dictators that will be the cause of the deep scorching holes that have mysteriously appeared in your pocket. If you are child free, just be careful where you leave your purse as your lover may be after a little more than your sparkling personality and tight butt. If you have neither of the last two things, fret not, but it might be time to get brutally honest with yourself if the relationship is all one-way coin traffic.

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Libra Monthly HoroscopeYou might actually enjoy sizzling Mars in your sign! It’s time Libra to get physical for you are bursting with zest and have an aura of passion that is captivating. The party season is yours, so work that energy on the dance floor. A partner gets a touch of the green eyed monster however and might try all sorts of underhand tactics to get you to stay at home like faking illness. Don’t take their feeble excuses, probe a bit before you make that event cancelation and go solo if you have to. Don’t waste this optimum networking time.

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Scorpio Monthly HoroscopeThis is quite a slow and retiring month for you since your energies are focused inwards. You feel like something is cooking inside you, but not quite sure what it is. Some of you might actually have the proverbial bun in the oven, so take that pregnancy test and give your partner a surprise double blue line for Christmas. If buns are the furthest thing from your mind, this month is marvellous for study and in-depth research. You won’t have much patience with your day job and feel it might be time for a change. Getting more qualifications may be the answer..

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Sagittarius monthly horoscopePresently you are acting out like a teenage dirtbag much to the annoyance to your friends. They don’t know quite what has got into you, but something is triggering the wild child within. Maybe you need to look deep into your self-esteem issues. It could be that you have just found out your ex is now dating a younger, or richer version of you out of spite. The cad! You could feel your confidence is undermined by juvenile, belittling comments. Try to avoid the temptation of childish retorts. You can be the bigger person, and in doing so, make better friends.

Your Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope


Capricorn monthly horoscopeYou are as fired up and as ruthlessly ambitious as Donald Trump this month. Nevertheless your work colleges are still pretty impressed with your ‘Can Do’ attitude and your no-holds-barred honesty. Plain speaking wins you admirers even after a few fraught debates. Despite your apparent candour you still manage to hold the important information back, which keeps clients coming back for more. Total truth or saying nothing are the best tactics for business success. Watch with interest what your colleagues project onto your silence.

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Aquarius monthly horoscopeTravel could make you hot under the collar. This could be due to the frustration of delays or it could be that an attractive foreigner has caught your eye. However they are being deliberately mysterious, making you wonder what they are hiding. It might be better to leave well alone and dive deep into the mysteries of the meaning of life instead. You have an extra fascination with anything occult this month so you might as well use the bleak midwinter as an opportunity to explore the dark places. All those twinkling shopping malls are leaving you frazzled, so it will be a welcome relief.

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Pisces monthly horoscopeOh dear, the temptation to take a great big bite out of the forbidden fruit is huge this month. But do be careful because it could be a honey trap. All is not what it seems and one of your friends may be part of this fidelity test. Try to keep out of trouble by playing with the kids or doing fun innocent things. Keep away from all dark items, black leather, whips and Depeche Mode. Dig out those sunny ABBA records and take yourself back to simpler, blonde-flicked 70’s days, before they got divorced and Frida started to look like Quentin Crisp.

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