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June Horoscopes & Astrology

The main theme for June 2020 is karmic payback with Neptune and Mercury joining Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in their retrograde dance. Depending on your sign and state of soul, you should reap some rewards from the universe in your Capricorn house.

Hurrah! Venus will go direct which should turn things around for the better in your love life. So if things have been rough with a soulmate, they will progress a lot more smoothly when Venus changes direction on Jun 25. Hopefully lockdown restrictions will be loosened to a more humane level by then as well.

May Aspects

4 Venus square Neptune ~ 20º Gemini/Pisces
7 ? Full Moon ~ 17º Scorpio
10 Sun into Taurus Decan 3
11 Saturn retrograde at 1º Aquarius.
13 Venus retrograde at 21º Gemini.
15 Jupiter retrograde at 27ºCapricorn.
16/18 Sun on Algol
19/21 Sun on Alcyone
20 Venus square Neptune ~ 20º Gemini/Pisces
20 Sun into Gemini Decan 1
22 ? New Moon ~ 2º Gemini
24 Mars conjunct Ceres ~ 7º Pisces
25 Mars sextile Uranus ~ 8º Pisces/Taurus
26/30 Sun in the Hyades
29/31 Sun on Aldebaran
31 Sun into Gemini decan 2

JUne ASpects

2 Venus square Mars ~ 14º Gemini/Pisces
5 ? Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ 15º Sagittarius
8 Venus square Ceres ~ 10º Gemini/Pisces
10 Sun Into Gemini Decan 2
13 Mars conjunct Neptune ~ 20º Pisces
17 Mercury retrograde ~ 14º Cancer
18 Mars sextile Pluto ~ 23º Pisces
20 Mars sextile Jupiter ~ 25º Pisces/Taurus
21 Sun into Cancer Decan 1
21 ? New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ 0º Cancer
23 Neptune Retrograde at 20º Pisces
25 Venus Direct at 5º Gemini
26 Mars square Nodes ~ 28º Pisces
28 Mars sextile Saturn ~ 0º Aries/Aquarius
30 Jupiter conjunct Pluto ~ 24º Capricorn

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  1. Hi Marina I’m so glad you started posting Monthly reports again. They were highly missed for a long period of time. Looking forward to 2021 horoscopes. Thank you so much for your work. Tc

  2. Hello Marina, you are amazingly insightful and I love your incredibly detailed work!! Thank you so much for all that you do!


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