August Astrology ~ Finger Of God!

The August astrology is going to be a very exciting but it could also be pretty explosive and dangerous for some folk so keep your wits about you. This is because the planet of war Mars will be squaring the Capricorn stellium one by one starting on August 4. For example, Mars square Jupiter is the best combination for a military commander, for it is daring, courageous, pioneering and busting with red-hot, sexual energy. It is extremely physical and finds it impossible to keep still for very long. Because of this restlessness, we may see the return of protests and rioting in August. With Mars square Pluto on August 13 the predators will come under fire.

August Astrology 2020

August Astrology

On the positive side, we will also see the formation of a Yod which we have not seen in the skies for a while. This is because the Sun and Mercury will be in Leo Decan 2 and will pull a Yod from the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction which is sextile Neptune all around 20º. The Yod will start with the Sun on August 10 to 16 where it is joined by Mercury from August 14 to 16. It looks like some much needed divine intervention to me. We could see some progress with arresting the p3dolites between August 14 and 18. 💣

On August 18 at the New Moon no less, a very interesting thing happens when the Yod flips over back to point at Saturn at 26º Capricorn with the Sun/Mercury conjunction sextile the North Node. This amazing Yod is illustrated below. I feel like some otherworldly influence happens here… The finger of god points to them that are guilty! Around about the same time Mars makes a conjunction to Eris which could see the holy hand grenade of Antioch being thrown into the Hollywood party. This could be a very interesting month indeed for matrix watchers!

August Aspects

1 Mercury opposite Pluto ~ 23° Cancer/Capricorn
2 Sun square Uranus ~ 10° Leo/Taurus
2 Sun into Leo Decan 2
3 ? Full Moon ~ 11º Aquarius
3 Venus conjunction North node ~ 26° Gemini
3 Mercury opposite Saturn ~ 26° Cancer/Capricorn
4 Mercury into Leo
4 Mars square Jupiter ~ 19º Aries/Capricorn
5 Venus conjunct North Node ~ 27º Gemini
7 Venus into Cancer
10 Mercury square Uranus ~ 10° Leo/Taurus
12 Sun into Leo Decan 3
13 Mars square Pluto ~ 23º Aries/Capricorn
14 Yod to Sun/Mercury ~ 19º/23º Leo
16 Uranus Retrograde at 10º Taurus
16 Sun trine Mars ~ 24 Leo Aries
16 Venus trine Ceres ~9° Cancer Pisces
17 Sun conjunct Mercury ~ 24° Leo
17 Mars conjunct Eris ~ 24º Aries

17 Mercury trine Mars ~ 24° Leo Aries
18 Venus sextile Uranus ~ 10º Cancer/Taurus
18 ? New Moon ~ 26º Leo
18 Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch ~ 26º Capricorn
19 Mercury into Virgo
22 Sun into Virgo Decan 1
22 Sun on Regulus ~ 0° Virgo
23 Mercury opposite Ceres ~ 6° Virgo Pisces
24 Mars square Saturn ~ 26º Aries/Capricorn
25 Venus opposite Jupiter ~ 17º
25 Mercury trine Uranus ~ 10° Virgo Taurus
27 Venus trine Neptune ~ 19º Cancer/Pisces
28 Sun opposite Ceres ~ 5° Virgo Pisces
29 Mercury trine Jupiter ~ 17° Virgo Capricorn
30 Venus opposite Pluto ~ 23º Cancer/Capricorn
30 Mercury opposite Neptune ~ 19 Virgo Pisces

August Highlights

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  1. Hi, yes I can only agree with everyone else- and say thank you for sharing your life long passion of astrology, it is always so interesting to read & learn…also thank you for your generosity in sharing the information which helps us understand life and suffering and the joy! You are a true dark star…

  2. Hey Marina
    Love your work! Thank You!
    Antares is within 4º of Jupiter (5º Sag conjunct Neptune 2º Sag) how do I understand this? Expansion of Anti-Hero Hades? Maybe married to my BML conjunct Pluto in 8th & Mars conjunct Asc… what a combo add to that a Scorpio Moon & MC..does this make me a Female War-Daddy???
    OMG! *=} any advice… much


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