March Monthly Horoscope 2018

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To get the best out of your monthly horoscope, use the horoscope maker to find your rising sign and sun sign decan. I mention specific signs in the YouTube video and you will see in the visuals which aspects will be effecting your decan.

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Monthly Horoscope March



In the Monthly Horoscope March video, I look at the most important aspects patterns and how they affect your star sign. I also examine the season’s themes and reference the Pagan & Romans festivals in the month ahead. Scroll down for video.

March Horoscope Aspects & Feast Days

March 1 Venus trine Jupiter, Full Moon at 11º Virgo, Roman New Year! Matronalia. The goddess of childbirth.
March 2 Mercury trine Jupiter
March 3 Sun sextile Lilith
March 4 Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjunct Venus
March 8 Mercury enters shadow zone
March 9 Mercury trine Ceres, Last quarter Moon at 18º Sagittarius
March 10 Sun into Pisces Decan 3, Venus trine Ceres
March 11 Sun sextile Pluto, Mars trine Uranus, Mercury square Saturn
March 13 Sun trine Jupiter, Venus square Saturn
March 15 Mercury trine North Node. Roman feast of Bacchanalia 
March 17 Venus trine North Node, New Moon at 26º Pisces. Roman feast of Liberalia
March 19 Roman Feast of Quinquatria.
March 20 Sun into Aries Decan 1, Spring Equinox, Ostara, Mercury conjunction Venus
March 22 Mercury station retrograde at 16º Aries. Roman feast of Hilaria.
March 23 Venus square Pluto
March 24 Sun square Mars
March 25 Sun trine Ceres
March 28 Venus conjunct Uranus
March 29 Sun square Saturn
March 30 Roman Feast of Salus (Greek Hygieia)
March 31 Blue Moon at 10º Libra


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