January Astrology Forecast ~ Cracklin’

The January astrology forecast 2016 begins on an intense note. The Uranus square Pluto that we thought we had seen the back of becomes activated by the first New Moon of 2016 on January 10. The paradigm-shifting square get pinged on the full moon by Mercury Retrograde. So 2016 really does start with off with a bang. Let’s hope it will just be benign fireworks eh? It’s actually my Solar Return month with the aspect of the month, Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto, falling on my actual birthday… whoo ee! So I will try keep the Yule spirit charging with a crackling bag of party poppers. I do hope someone sticks a sparkler on my cake! 😉

Mercury Retrograde starts Jan 5
which I have written about;

“Mercury square Mars is the first aspect of the retrograde period and is a call to action. It’s a pretty harsh chart and I am thankful that this did not occur through the sensitive period Christmas. There is no way I can sugar-coat this one! Forbidden fruit, obsession, psychopaths, heroin, psychological warfare, abuse, paedophilia, child abductions, mental cruelty, possession, slavery, female suicide bombers are all words that come to me when I looked at that chart.”…..Read More>> 

January Forecast 2016Saturn moves into Sagittarius decan 2 for New Years Day 2016. An potent time to make those NY resolutions;

“Saturn’s agenda is revealed and understood, so it meets forces that oppose it. Saturn in Sagittarius 2 karmically binds you very securely to it’s course, so you better be damn sure you want to go there! You will need stamina and strength to face the long road ahead. Before committing to this path you will also need to train-up, so that you are a match for any opponents you encounter.”. Read more>>

Capricorn New Moon/Leo Full Moon

Both lunations this month contain the same Uranus square Pluto made into a T-square by Black Moon Lilith:

The New Moon on January 10 2016 is at 19º of Capricorn Decan 2
Aspect: Conjoined Pluto & Square Uranus. Fixed Star: Sheliak in Lyra. Dignity: Triplicity
Full Post >>

The Full Moon on January 24 2016 is at 3º of Leo Decan 1
Aspect: Quincunx Venus. Fixed Star: Talitha in Ursa Major Dignity: None
….Full Post >>

Aspect Of The Month

January Forecast 2016Mercury conjunct Pluto is activated January 22 (Rx) and January 30 (Direct.)
“Words have such importance that they are life-or-death. Mercury conjunct Pluto can be associated with being hushed up or threatened if you dare speak out. Blackmail is possible with this aspect too. There is a great obsession with solving mysteries and uncovering the truth no mater how deeply buried it is. The subject will risk their life in order to solve a crime. This is the aspect of murder mysteries and whodunnits. Mercury conjunct Pluto never takes information at face value, to them everything is a conspiracy.”…. Read More>>

The Lyra constellation is activated by both Moons. So these are the themes that will come up during the month: Blood is thicker than water, family honor, loyalty, musical, theatrical, arty and crafty, waxes lyrical, charming the birds from the trees, pied piper, paying the piper, songbirds, lullaby, lair, aspiring, social climbers, class conscious, divas, wannabies, fans, stalkers, admirers, high status, flash cars, impressive, political clout, gangsters, grasping, publicity hungry, media whores…..Read More>>

January 2016 Forecast ~ Key Dates

Mercury conjunct PlutoJan 1 Last Quarter Moon at 11º Libra
Jan 5 Mercury Station Retrograde at 1º Aquarius.
1.05pm UT, 8.05am EST, 5.05am PST
Jan 5 Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun square Lilith,
Venus square Neptune, Mercury square Mars.
Jan 7 Sun square Uranus
Jan 8 Venus conjunct Saturn
Jan 10 New Moon at 19º Capricorn. Lilith square Pluto
Jan 12 Venus trine Uranus
Jan 13 Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury trine North Node
Jan 14 Mercury Rx trine Jupiter, Sun conjunct Mercury.
(Cazimi 2.05pm UT, 9.05am EST, 6.05am PST)
Jan 15 Sun trine North Node
Jan 16 First Quarter Moon at 26º Aries
Jan 17 Venus square Jupiter
Jan 18 Mars trine Neptune
Jan 19 Venus square North Node
Jan 20 Mercury Rx square Uranus, Mercury square Lilith
Jan 22 Mercury Rx Conjunct Pluto
Jan 23/24 Full Moon at 3º Leo
Jan 24 Black Moon Lilith opposite Uranus
Jan 26  Mercury Station Direct at 14º Capricorn.
9.50pm UT, 4.50 pm EST, 1.50pm PST
Jan 29/30 Mercury conjunct Pluto
Jan 30 Venus sextile Jupiter
Jan 31 Mercury square Uranus

1.Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson. p. 51. p.216.

December Astrology Forecast

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  1. What a great article! I have Saturn opposite Neptune square Ascendant, Sun in Sag. Your information is insightful and informative. I quiver with what is coming up on he political scene. Thanks for sharing.Mk

  2. Beware of dodgy Plumbers under Neptune Saturn square. My daughter just got conned by a joker who is trying to charge her through the nose for a small repair…saying she needs a special valve when she’s had a normal one in her loo for 5 years! it just needs replacing. HE has also created a leak and ruined her floor. I think we’ll see him in court.

    1. Marina doesn’t mention it (unless I missed it!) but Saturn ins the law and Neptune is deception. So people who have been conning will be brought to book. VW comes timing with their emissions cheat A.though I have to say ALL DIESEL should be banned! It is way the most toxic of fuels and on;y the fact it largely fuels public transport keeps it on our roads. IMO the buses and taxis f London have created far more filth in the air than a few VWs with dodgy software.
      Head of BBC Alan Yentob has the Saturn Neptune square on his natal Mars – he’s currently getting tick over his reporting of the Kids Company debacle. For those of you wo don’t know what Kids Company was – it was a charity funded by masses of gvt money run by an odd woman called Camilla Batmanjhelidh. Batman… yes, you read that correctly! A little bit of Neptune humour in there! She has been a psychotherapist for more than twenty years although she has no formal medical or professional qualifications… This square fall son her Chiron Uranus opposition. Watch that space…

  3. This square fascinates me. Who will win? the planet of the collective and dis-integration or the personal boundary keeper? There is a sense of fate about it,a trying to control something (Neptune) that is clearly not going to be; this Neptune thing is going to happen and Saturn it seems to me, is protecting its own in defense rather than acting upon the fated influence, if that makes sense. The last quarter square component I do not understand. Does this make Saturn strong- even against this huge trans personal planet? Apart from the migration issue possibly too, some trend – something from the imaginal realm in film, fashion or the like may come into focus and stay a long time.

    Also curious about the Rudhyar US Chart and issues of immigration as it shows a Sag Asc. This has been a hot topic that is going to have to be addressed in the primary and presidential election debates this coming year. The permeability of the Mexican/US border issue has been brought to the fore again. Interesting that the majority of Mexicans who are in the US illegally by some reliable sources are here because of an overstay of visas acquired legally, not illegal border crossing. Hopefully Jupiter in Virgo will help with the fact checking. And how about that Pope bucking his own system and meeting great resistance?

    1. Hi Jen,

      I’ve got another view on this square – that it is another step in the general breakdown of “order” we are seeing since 2012. Yes… we’ve all forgotten about 2012 because the Earth is still here! However – it was the completion of a Great Year and in as much as we can be totally accurate about when that completed, we are in the zone! We really are in the infancy IMO of understanding the outer planets – they are relatively new discoveries/additions to the collective and personal psyche and as such we analyse them retrospectively using myth which is after all myth but also from another time, another sky.
      That said, Saturn is the template generator for structure and order from the basic carbon atom of “life” as we know it – to the law!
      So it applies from the boundaries of the biological cell to the boundaries of a nation! Bodies within bodies… Migration = invasion from the outside to the inner most! ??? Those with permeable boundaries at cellular level won’t mind – but then are they more prone to parasites/infections/diseases than those with strong boundaries? I mean psychologically too. Just a thought! Ebola is back in the news with the nurse who survived it only to be very ill again a year later… I’m thinking of Syria as like a massive bruise with a hemmorage which is spreading over Europe and needs relief!
      I think Neptune is no less disorderly in potential than Pluto or Uranus but less obvious. Interestingly Blavatsky wrote – “Neptune does not really belong to our system, in spite of its apparent connection with the Sun. The connection is imaginary.” (S.D. Vol. I, 129, Note) … how very Neptunian!!!
      Alice Bailey – “No man begins to coordinate the buddhic vehicle until he comes under the influence of Neptune… When this happens, his personality horoscope will show this influence as dominant.” (C.F. 899)
      So! based on these esoteric approaches, I’d say there are going to be many manifestations of this square and its so interesting! On the very simple level we see immigration, on a scientific and thus micro level new study on the most deadly disease which affects and effects body fluids rendering them deadly… more to know on ebola! For some the, the square is initiation into Buddhahood – perhaps the Pope? I was reading about a small group of amazing local nurses in Liberia?? (wherever the ebola outbreak started) who have become immune. They have spent unselfish countless hours cleaning up deadly infected vomit, faeces and blood… and are immune. There must be a deeply spiritual angle to this in their own charts??
      Lastly – from the esoteric angle –
      “Neptune –
      Presides over and makes possible the 2nd initiation.
      Is one of the major synthesizing planets. [667]
      Is an absorbing or abstracting planet.
      Is connected with the perfecting process.” (C.F. 899)

      – the perfecting process! So breakdown in order is less about control and more about perfecting? With outer planets, the bigger picture and the long game? What to do? Go with the flow or build the dam walls stronger?

    2. Hi Uber – good read there! Interesting that you close with the idea of perfection (meaning purification and transcendence?) since this is also seen on the practical level in the Virgo polarity of Pisces. I did not mean to say that Saturn will have no influence, but was interested in who had the upper hand since there are different opinions among astrologers about that. No doubt the contact with Saturn will bring REALization of Neptunian principals and that yes, a country’s border and government will be affected by Saturn, and Neptune in the square. PS Pope Francis is a 25 degree Sag sun! At some point Saturn will conjunct and Neptune will square that sun, so this will get interesting. Very few are talking about the mystical and transcendent component of Neptune so it is good to see it in your comment.

  4. THANK YOU MARINA for sharing the video “Syrian Girl Blows The Lid Off The Refugee Crisis”..


    A truly OBJECTIVE view into the genesis of this conflict! Brilliant! I have emailed the link to this video to my entire email list! The more people wake up to the truth, the more accountable our leaders are to us to create a more just, democratic world for us all as global citizens! Conflict and War can only survive in ignorance!

    1. Brilliant synopsis regarding neptune, so true. I have suffered a bit given my own neptune an energy.

  5. Thanks for looking at Merkel’s chart. Though, I think her actions are rather based delusional thinking than brilliance. I fear for Germany and Europe, and hope the Saturnian influence will provide the much needed boundaries to help shape a future peaceful and beautiful Europe.

  6. I have Saturn conjunct Neptune in Capricorn in my chart. Should I be expecting any particular effects from the square?

  7. Despite sliding numbers in opinion polls and more and more politicians opposing her course, Merkel is glued to her seat. Yesterday she said she is committed to “her way”. I don’t understand how anti democratic comments of this kind can go unnoticed by large parts of the population while her (lack of) policy loses approval. I don’t get it. This chancellor has turned into a nightmare for Germany and Europe.

    And now Paris!

    We have to get out of this mess again.

    1. This and Paris are a perfect example of how the fallout from the Pluto Uranus squares in ongoing in the background, now combined with the Saturn Neptune square. And what will transpire once Mars gets to Sag and joins Saturn? To me, Saturn in Sag can be seen as the rigidity of religious belief, dogmatism, as well as a committed search for a belief system and meaning. There was a comment on a news report yesterday (CNN I think and I believe it was a CIA director, who said that ISIS just wants to instill fear and they do not care (no compassion) who they hurt or that the other countries do not want war or to engage in a counter attack. And to paraphrase – that they have to be stopped (contained). The borders are being closed (Saturn). The container is leaking, the expression of compassion and the mass migration is hitting a wall. On and on…how could one make this stuff up? Astrology is clearing showing all of this.

  8. We have to stand together now. And I disagree, Jen, there is no lack of compassion. The problem is that we looked the other way for too long and allowed radical Islam to grow because we find all kind of apologies and blame ourselves. One problem imo is that the western liberal mindset, me too, cannot solve the problem ideologically because we are confronted with a medieval mindset of radical Islam that butchers everything that gets into its way. There cannot be any tolerance for intolerance. We also have to be aware of studies on the opinions of ‘moderate’ muslims (check Pew research) and how the majority of those also favor sharia law. … I only recently started to look more closely into these questions, and I am appalled. We have to protect our western, liberal societies and our values. This does not mean we are not compassionate or won’t help people in need, it simply means we actively create our world according to our principles and defend those: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” – liberty, equality, fraternity

  9. Mia – I did not say there is no compassion – there is a great of empathy in the world for the migration crisis, and that is very important to remember in times such as this, but clearly, ISIS is sociopathic and has none, and at the end of my comment when I said that “compassion is hitting a wall” I meant that even those who wanted their borders to remain open, such as Sweden, see that they cannot manage (Saturn) it and have stopped accepting refugees. I am pro west, pro egalite,liberte, humanite – pro compassion. I was just tying this to the astrology by correlation.

  10. I don’t really see anything relating to astrology lately. Where are the astrology forums?

    1. Here is some astrology – the day after the Mars ingress into Libra the Paris shootings happened, and soon this Mars will be making a T square to Pluto and Uranus. I have not looked up the Paris chart yet – or France – which is tricky since the government re-established identity more than a few times. Birth of La Republique etc. The Vichy reign, etc. So, this may be forcing a fit a bit but I see Mars in Libra (its fall) as being very unhappy but most especially, strategic. Mars being the planet of aggression, of war. In Libra – The Art of War. These attacks were not spontaneous – they were pre-planned. There was a pre-formulated strategy that played out once Mars moved to Libra. Interesting too, that in Electional astrology there were very few favorable days seen in November and November 13th was one of them! Some astrologers missed the mark there. Marina mentions the conjoining of Mars to Algorab on December 6th. Other points of interest are Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio on the 17th and Mercury conjoining Saturn in Sag on November 23rd w/Mars sextile at 7 degrees. So how do you see this playing out? Serious, heavy thought given to the horrors of dogmatic religion, serious talk about negotiation? Serious thought given to the lack of containment of the migration crisis? Fact finding but no knowing (confusion – Neptune) about what to do with the information? Overcompensation by Saturn as a reaction – out of fear?

    2. Woops – correction – Mars is in detriment aka exile, not fall (which would be Cancer) right now.

    3. Astrology and life are inseparable. Sam Reynolds, an NY based Islamic astrologer has a fantastic presentation on the astrological themes running through Islam. https://unlockastrology.com/islam-astrology/ Not sure why you don’t think current events arent’related to astrology???

  11. Indeed. Unfortunately those who knew were bleating about the problem issues with Islamic populations quite a long time ago in the UK but were shot down in flames by liberals and called racist.
    30 years ago, head master Ray Honeyford of Bradford, Yorkshire (parts of which have seen their entire demographic change) spoke out about the problems of multiculturalism and allowing muslim kids to remain un-integrated. It caused a major row and his school was surrounded by a rent-a-mob of diseducated students, dingy professors and fired-up Islamists, chanting ‘Raycist’, and calling for his dismissal. The local education authority responded, and Ray Honeyford was dismissed.
    Full article from the spectator here – https://new.spectator.co.uk/2014/07/the-bradford-head-teacher-who-got-it-right-on-islam-and-education/
    As it rightly points out, there is a fundamental problem between identity via your nation which means you abide by laws etc and identity which doesn’t have territory – i.e religious e.g Sunni Islam – which follows to the word and cannot be rewritten because it is supposedly the word of God…Perhaps time for God to step up to the plate with a louder voice?

  12. Uber – the late Christopher Hitchens was a strong voice as well – years ago – about the importance of not allowing segregated religious schools. It is just common sense. Why move to another culture and not expect to have to integrate? There has to be balance on both the host country and those who have immigrated. In the US, historically, integration was paramount. Children of immigrants wanted to assimilate, become American – but they wanted the Western dream, aspired to the same values, and were of a similar Judeo-Christian culture. But of course, there are still no-go zones in every city here – based on race, not religion. What a mess. The enemy has no borders.

  13. Hi Marina – Everyone should watch Century of the Self – not least to question why Freudian psychology became such an acceptable template for life! The clue is in Freud’s statement reiterated in Century of the Self, that humans are driven by dark desires. Well he had a point – its all in the base Chakra! We might have moved on from seeing the cigarette as a phallic symbol or the addition of an egg to an instant cake mix as an offering of our personal ova to our spouses… (the first campaign to attract women smokers and an add for cake mix shown in the documentary) but the idea of dark desire is still alive and well and driving public opinion in the religion and theology of Conspiracy! Tenets of Conspiracy Belief are basically that the world is a dark and dangerous place and that Some One/Thing Else is manipulating your life out of greed, territorial rights, material obsession etc etc !!!
    Such are the fundamentals in the base chakra… Plutonic drives, the struggle for autonomy. Syrian girl isn’t exempt! IMO she’s not very well informed internationally – she cherry picks her info to suit her agenda… and like most alternative views, she’s ignoring huge lateral tracts of events etc etc to support her anti US agenda and has such a narrow view of world politics she’s laughable. Lucky for her she’s pretty though – so she’ll attract a good following of you tubers! She might want to analyse how she’s using Murdoch’s tactics as her own! Media is media is media!
    Back to Freud’s base and dark desires!!!

    1. Sublimation, transcendence, art.
      Kundalini rising, enlightenment.

      Can’t say much to Syrian girl; I watched a couple of videos, but mostly to understand what the different perspectives are. I try not to be pulled into anybody’s world of thought, opinion or doctrine.

      To me, right now more than ever, it feels extremely important to ground and center, focus on whatever positive I see, and not succumb to the dark side you described 🙂


  14. Meanwhile watch out for a big statement about his health – Charlie Sheen – today to announce he is HIV positive? Or has cancer? He has the Uranus Pluto Mars square to his pr asc on Sirius. He might be a good study for some other aspects? He’s had a busy life with the sex drugs rock and roll!

    1. Yes Mia – you’re right! Just better not to identify too strongly with things!

    2. I don’t watch the news either. If I did I would be mentally, as slow. Paris smacks of the Hagalien Dialectic to me. Everything is too far off in pictures, a band from LA was there, the kings of illusions, Satanic Music and Songs being played on cue, crisis actors going international.

      The video(s) are low and, have a being pushed, instead of found vibe. Solidarity through things like lights on top of buildings. Everyone is suddenly involved, and offended, phones stopping deadly shrapnel? Did the guy pull up his shirt so we could see his cell phone wound, no just grape juice on a shirt and a camera crew that just happened to be there.

  15. there was an interview recently ,with a man in London,pluto in scorp,who had been in gangs ,to rule the streets,now older,and notnow having an adolescent rebellion,in the form of hurt chuildhood,tunrd into attacking others for it, he said when he looked back,he felt ashamed of himself,as in the name of religion ,he indulged his ego,love of violence,and inadequate feelings ,reflected as superiority,wealding evil power and control,for fun.An uncivilized society, gets sadistic pleasure, from seeing others suffer,there is no exuse of religion and judging others ,to be in need of suppression and control.if those who are perpetraitors of violevce have the balls to face themselves ,then that is what is needed.
    but it all starts from within.
    unfortunately,we all have to stand up and be counted ,in the name of sanity.we are all a cell in the body of humanity,not separate.confront cancerous ideology,see it for what it is.

  16. I was very aware of the November 15th Sun, Moon, mercury conjunct and the Pluto square Uranus- as in my own chart it was com-busting my natal moon Neptune Scorpio conjunction along with Pluto opposing mercury mercury square natal mars and transiting Uranus. So I was hyper aware of these malefics and buried myself in meditation and prayer. The appropriate thing to do and when I got bored of protecting myself I moved to the prayers to protect others – So I was literally out of it .. i surfaced on the 15th – and saw Paris. Tears streamed as I watched precisely what this transit meant – and I thought of Aldebaran and all the other dark stars that were around when the titanic sank. For this was abject cruelty. murder, mayhem, madness evil for the share sake of death and destruction. This Bizarre Scorpio Moon mercury conjunction that continues was a continuance of a similar stellium in Cancer in July that burnt my feet off. The long and short – it declares war – it does spell out genocide and a return to 911 hyper vigilance from France and its allies toward the M.E. The Capricorn stellium coming soon will only push this forward. Scorpio ( Pluto) Pluto in Capricorn with the sun, a mercury retrograde in Capricorn going direct on Pluto @ 14 degrees – From Late December-15 to late January 16 .. this conflict makes hamburger on humanity.Ouch. Okay back to bed and meditation. There is way too much info in the news and all of it is unsettling. We are in for a rough ride.

  17. Venus in Libra square Pluto – powerful partnerships are forming? And back to Saturn of course …and finally – soon Sun conjunct Saturn in Sag – which did not happen when Saturn first ingressed into Sag Dec 2014 b/c the Sun was then in Cap. I see that Saturn and I can only think of the laying down of the law ….Neptune Stations direct today. The storm keeps breweing.

  18. “Mercury and Saturn will probably throw up some whopping lies, while Neptune continues its sorcery with media propaganda. It’s quite amazing how a small region like Hollywood in the USA can influence so many people in the world. With this square over the next year we will be looking at who controls (Saturn) the media (Neptune.)”

    There’s an Ofcom report out today showing children who are growing up on line believe everything they read on the internet. I’m sure the same is true of a lot of adults who don’t balance their info with that from other sources! or think a Dan Brown novel is fact!

    Mercury Saturn also the disclosure of info in cold hard light – so Charlie Sheen coms out as HIV pos. but says he has been blackmailed by a prostitute – I think the latter is the lie. Why would a man who has so little self respect let a black mailer corner him? And why would we believe someone with his track record of stupidity and drug abuse?
    Meanwhile his father applauds him as some sort of hero… for presenting himself as a victim? Saturn Neptune big in Charlie’s chart now – and with tr Neptune opposing his Virgo stellium on Zosma, expect the sinner to try and cash in on sainthood! https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Charlie_Sheen
    Hollywood folk eh!

  19. For the better part of a decade my sister watched as her happy, multicultural neighbourhood was taken over by Muslim thugs who drove everyone else away by intimidation and violence and murdering their pets. She was subjected to almost daily threats and racist abuse and the police did nothing because they are terrified of being labelled ‘racists’. She is now completely traumatized by what happened to her, her whole life has been ruined by depression and other traumas after what she went through. She has been telling everyone for years what is happening here, in the UK, and being taunted and labelled a racist for daring to tell the truth about what she knows and what she (and through her, our whole family) experienced. Now everyone is finding out that what she has been saying all these years is the truth, for all the good it’s done her.

    1. God that is really awful. Sorry to hear that. Where does she live? It makes me laugh how so many of the ‘informed Guardian reading’ intellectuals (who tend to brand others as “Islamaphobes.)’ live in very largely white middle class areas like SW London and Surrey.
      London’s Religions Map.

      I live in Ealing which has a large Asian community. It is mainly Hindu and Sikh which seems to be pretty peaceful. Interesting how the groups stick together! I think I’m in the largely Christian area with speckles of Buddhists and Sikhs to my left.

      I was amazed at how difficult it is to find detailed information about the demographics of London. This was the only map I could find from 2013. I just read in the article that he made a typo. Not Buddhists, but Hindus to my left. From London’s Religious Concentrations Article

    2. Sheffield, in an area that my family had lived in for generations, where she was constantly insulted and spat and and told she had no place living as these were ‘Muslim streets’.
      Needless to say, she doesn’t live there any more; she took it as long as she could before leaving, like her Jamaican, Kurd and other non-Muslim neighbours. The worse of it is the sense of hopelessness, that no one, least of all the police, is listening or taking what you say seriously and labeling you a racist if you dare to speak out. The truly-racist abusers on the other side are never called to account.
      It’s interesting what you say about Hindus and Sikhs (etc). We grew up in Bedford, a very multi-cultural town, with very large Hindu, Sikh, Italian Polish, Ukranian, Irish, West Indian and other non-native UK populations, all of whom lived together in reasonable harmony. I can’t say I ever remember a single racist incident in all my years living there.

  20. OMG Gilly! I come from Sheffield and I have been harping on to the uninitiated for years about what happened to Bradford ( the entire demographic has changed) and now Sheffield – not to mention the Rotherham grooming/abuse case. I totally get what you’re saying. I visit my parents who are still there and I am shocked at what I see/hear. Sheffield of course is one of the largest bastions of left wing political correctness. My sister worked with the whistle blower (who was sacked) who spilled the beans on the actual numbers of illegal immigrants entering under the Blair administration. She now works for another gvt agency and has discovered a Somalian woman who is conducting female circumcision from her house – the area is called Firth Park. The council/police won’t go near it because they don’t want another “Rotherham” on their hands or to upset the local Muslim community etc – I actually wrote a letter to the Times online which wasn’t deleted giving this info out hoping someone would follow it up. Who knows.
    I grew up in Sheffield and have one horrid terrifying memory (this from about 1958… I know, prehistoric) of a couple of drunk Irish navvies hammering on my grandmother’s door shouting to see if there were any coloured people there… My family are mixed race Eurasian. Other than that and the fact the local paper took up the story my uncle couldn’t get a job because of his colour, life was pretty peaceful. As you say – lots of different ethnics but largely no problems. Alas a Muslim from Pakistan did open a brothel down our road and filled it with tragic white girls from kids homes who he put on smack. (About 1968). Conversely my brother had a Muslim friend in his twenties who was ordered to marry a girl from Pakistan he never met. He was mortified and said no. He created no end of hell because the girls family were “disgraced” his family was “disgraced” and he ended up doing smack and then in jail for 8 years for dealing…

    Sunni Muslims (sunni is the predominant conservative sect) believe the word of the Koran is the incorruptible word of god and as such it cannot be questioned or changed. So the contention is ideological and there is no compromise. The belief keeps these people in the dark ages.

    In Esoteric astrology, Uranus and Pluto present an opportunity for initiation into Christ consciousness. If everybody got it, it would be a truly wonderful world but a growing body of people don’t get it! I was raised catholic like Marina and I learned two big things from it! To try to be charitable at the very least – and paradox! Paradoxically, all religions have the ultimately the same aim – improvement of the soul. Paradoxically many believe to enter heaven you have to create hell on Earth. I wonder if the reverberations of Pluto Uranus will create an avalanche in the Muslim world to make them redefine the “word of god” or to accept in a Christian manner, that if everything is the work of Allah who cannot be truly known,(and is not a person) then no one can speak/act in the name of Allah and claim righteousness over another. But then there is the paradox – so beautifully understood in the Hindu Advaita philosophy, that everything is an aspect of god/creator/universe/absolute etc – so its all alright. The bombs, the blood, the glory… the reactions the indifference, the arrests, the punishment and so on…

  21. Many thanks Mia – I’ll see if I can get more details and contact her. Ironically, the first woman to expose the practice is herself a Muslim, third generation Pakistani/Brit!

  22. That makes sense to me; if someone is not directly affected by the cruelties it is hard to name and criticize what exactly is going on and why. I am only now becoming aware of the problem and am grateful to everybody who speaks up to regain theirs or defend our freedom.

  23. Thanks for the articles, Marina;
    I’m Gen X and I don’t watch mainstream or alternative, though do partake in youtube videos and online articles often. It’s important to know who funded and ‘founded’ ISIS, as well. Side note: in our household, we don’t call the group that name-b/c it co opts the goddess ISIS who is far more ancient and important, IMO. [actually, it was my husband who decided and refused to refer to it as ISIS-he was/is quite p*ssed off that they took that powerful name].
    Here’s an interesting video: Does ISIS exist? Food for thought by Ron Paul-he’s a decades long statesman and retired doctor in the USA. Though his political ‘party’ is not everyone’s, his consistency of message and integrity in delivering it is always valuable and food for thought, IMO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRVhpK907A4

    The thing to remember is that divide-conquer politics and Hegelian approach (problem-reaction-solution) are in place at ALL times, in global politics. While there are low level players who do not know that they are puppets, the puppet masters have absolute awareness of what they unleash, though are happy to let it run rampant without having full control over it. While a real tragedy may have happened, the ‘hired mourners’ you mentioned in the Paris post is quite an interesting term. And for sure the media as gatekeepers will manipulate the event as servants of the elite agenda-using any human tragedy as a means of benefit for their control of human consciousness.

    Be aware of dalai lama and tolle too. Useful ideas and thoughts in the message, but not necessarily trustworthy individuals. Interesting also that the ‘climate change’ agenda is happening in Paris around this time as well. And yes, the holidays are always one to watch-whether a false flag event [as often happens in the USA] or a real time trauma; there’s ‘always something’ to dampen the unlifted and joyous vibrations that occur during this season for many. Wouldn’t want humanity to catch a glimpse of a greater potential, would we? /sacrcasm.

    1. I would love to believe that everything nasty that happened in the world was a “false flag’. It’s so much easier isn’t it?

      I’m also fed up with being told about the “divide-conquer politics and Hegelian approach.” Which immediately puts anyone who questions another religion into guilt for daring to believe there might be something to defend ourselves against and that somehow this is all our fault.

      “Who funds ISL?” Well who DOES fund ISL? Western governments? So again, Paris was bloody asking for it?
      It’s like saying that a woman was asking to be raped and I’m sick of it!!

      The Paris civilians DID NOT ASK FOR THIS. They did not support their government to go to war in Syria, they did not ask them to give ISL guns. They did not ask for the immigration policies that allow mass amounts of one religion to sweep into an area and then declare ‘these are muslim streets’ (See comments on Sheffield.)

      If anything is ‘dividing and conquering’ it’s these immigration policies that are creating no-go zones within many cities within Europe. Then when riots break out, I guess it’s the racist European’s fault. Hegelian approach (problem-reaction-solution) right there. ‘Solution’ = work on those European bigots!

    2. Was feeling quite hot headed the other day! I just wanted to emphasise I’m not condoning western interference in the middle east. EVER It’s just a shame the common folk on the front line always end up suffering. Here’s a better answer. Survive the Economic Collapse
      It’s basically the fall of yet another empire. Not the first and not the last.

  24. Why did gen X invent the false flag idea? Is it the inherent mistrust and suspicion of Neptune in Scorpio and a need to confirm this in the outer world? Why is political correctness the province of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo? Are both these positions the biggest signatures of fear?

    1. did gen-x-ers invent the concept of ‘false flag’? possibly, although, it’s mostly baby-boomers i see touting the phrase on conspiracy websites. as an 80’s baby, i think reliance on the false flag paradigm is far too simplistic. i was born with neptune-moon in capricorn and i need no such templates.

    2. Wha? would someone please tell me what this false flag is? I am a late boomer and I have never heard of it.

    3. Jen: “false flag” is an event that is designed to look like it was perpetrated by someone else ;
      a “hoax” would be an entirely fake staged event in which no one died

      you would have grounds to suspect that either might be case, faced with a dearth of visual evidence and official narratives which don’t add up . for example when we are told that a bomb blast which could be heard over 80,000 cheering soccer fans managed to kill only one victim. and that the blast happened near the security gate of the stadium, just “seconds” after the security guard had found the suicide vest on the bomber and the bomber had turned away to leave (because that is what you do when you find a guy wearing a suicide vest, let them walk away). and that the security guard survived this blast, and when he heard a second blast in the distance a while later he assumed that it was firecrackers.

  25. great work as usual marina… but christianity holds women in the highest esteem imaginable if the birth of god manifest is to a virgin. that’s beyond anything..

    1. I have two Virgin Mary Statues that totally look like Vaginas. The clit is crowned. 🙂 Thought this was quite interesting: Blessed Mary with Clit ring halo

      On another site: “The whole misogynistic aspect of organized religion always struck me as fear of women – and here we find out that we have all been instructed to actually WORSHIP female genitalia.

      “Long before Jesus Christ entered history, it was the old Babylonian ritual to pray to idols of fertility. The Queen of Babylon, (Semiramis) claimed a virgin birth of her son Tamus on December 25th. (by our calendar) Hundreds of years later Babylon needed a way to compete with the new Christian faith and to continue all the fertility worship. “If you can’t beat em’ Join em!” The Babylonian religion merged with Christianity and produced the Universal Church. (Catholicism) With this church’s bent on mother and fertility worship, it’s no mistake that most depictions of the Virgin Mary look like a vagina.!” Postcards from purgatory

  26. and don’t be so sure that blasphemy no longer exists.. you can get the rug pulled out from under you.

    1. That reminds me of Mary as the one who crushes the serpent, and of archangel Michael who defeats the devil/evil. Makes it quite easy to figure out who to turn to for support with prayers if one is inclined to do so.

  27. “Long before Jesus Christ entered history, it was the old Babylonian ritual to pray to idols of fertility.”

    The problem is – that NO ONE worshipped or prayed to fertility! This is lazy thinking by early academics who didn’t have the full picture! And assumed all people of antiquity were simpletons! If all the old gods were about fertility, there would be babies etc in the frame! Or even huge phalluses everywhere in temples!

    The ancient skies appeared very differently – the “gods” as we know them were stories made up to explain celestial phenomena which was visible for a time. Once the moronic idea of fertility as the grail of adoration is removed you get a very different picture!
    e.g analysis of the beautiful cave paintings at Lascaux in France reveal the Pleiades and much more – but the standard explanation just sees some hunting scenes and a few dots. Likewise other cave/rock art around the globe.

    Its idiocy to think our ancestors – who managed to build extraordinary temples, cut stone etc in ways we cannot decipher worshipped fertility! Images can’t tell the full story – scripts such as the Vedas, Egyptian or Tibetan book of the dead make no reference at all to fertility as something to be worshipped!

    1. Uber – very interesting. I am not qualified to address this from an academic point of view but I have to wonder – were women never given their due? It has been a long time since I read The Chalice and the Sword (Riane Eisler,)but it is my recollection that women did rule or have great authority at some point. Of course, this does not mean fertility was worshiped. But why not? Fertility is life sustaining. Weren’t the authors of these ancient texts educated (rare) men? As with the Bible we can only guess that there was some bias and manipulation by the authors? I somehow doubt any of them were women.

  28. Hi Marina
    Diseases of the central nervous system,and brain cancer.
    He was born 19.3.1942 (02 a.m.)
    Saturn opposition Mars from 17 November 2015, remaining until 4 December 2015
    Jupiter square Jupiter
    Uranus conjunction Moon (Beginning of July 2015-May began Illness and now about to “leave us”)
    Uranus conjunction IC (Beginning of June 2015-May began Illness and now about to “leave us”)
    This passage is the death of the patient?

    1. Hi Marina, you are right about the death and Neptune-ADH. Die by my relative (born on 03/19/19 02p.m.and transit is,
      Framed “(Neptune square Mars) (L)
      “Inner dignity” (Saturn trine Chiron) (L)
      “Beliefs and ideas” (Mars in 9th house) (L)
      Moon sextile Pluto, exact at 07:58 (L)
      Moon trine Mars, exact at 14:38 (L)
      Moon sextile Chiron, exact at 18:05 (L)
      Uranus conjunction IC
      Uranus conjunction Moon
      Jupiter square Jupiter
      Saturn opposition Mars (A transit approaching its end, from 17 November 2015, remaining until 4 December 2015)

      Now (today) he’s dead……..

  29. What time does the December 24th pentagram happen? UK time 🙂 What planets and signs are aspected? Or, where can I look this up? Thanks Marino, you are a clear voice among alot of white noise!

    1. I don’t know anything about this Pentagram. I didnt see anything that jumped out at me. I think the T-square is enough to be getting on with. 🙂

  30. I had a very Venus square Neptune day, yesterday, January 5, as Mercury stationed square Mars. My garbage disposal’s seal failed, and flooded the cabinet below the sink with water while I was washing up dishes. Neptune is in my 4th house, Pisces, so the flooding was in my home. Luckily, the maintenance man for my apartment complex happened to be working that day, so he kindly fixed it right away.

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