January Astrology Forecast ~ Cracklin’

The January astrology forecast 2016 begins on an intense note. The Uranus square Pluto that we thought we had seen the back of becomes activated by the first New Moon of 2016 on January 10. The paradigm-shifting square get pinged on the full moon by Mercury Retrograde. So 2016 really does start with off with a bang. Let’s hope it will just be benign fireworks eh? It’s actually my Solar Return month with the aspect of the month, Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto, falling on my actual birthday… whoo ee! So I will try keep the Yule spirit charging with a crackling bag of party poppers. I do hope someone sticks a sparkler on my cake! 😉

Mercury Retrograde starts Jan 5
which I have written about;

“Mercury square Mars is the first aspect of the retrograde period and is a call to action. It’s a pretty harsh chart and I am thankful that this did not occur through the sensitive period Christmas. There is no way I can sugar-coat this one! Forbidden fruit, obsession, psychopaths, heroin, psychological warfare, abuse, paedophilia, child abductions, mental cruelty, possession, slavery, female suicide bombers are all words that come to me when I looked at that chart.”…..Read More>> 

January Forecast 2016Saturn moves into Sagittarius decan 2 for New Years Day 2016. An potent time to make those NY resolutions;

“Saturn’s agenda is revealed and understood, so it meets forces that oppose it. Saturn in Sagittarius 2 karmically binds you very securely to it’s course, so you better be damn sure you want to go there! You will need stamina and strength to face the long road ahead. Before committing to this path you will also need to train-up, so that you are a match for any opponents you encounter.”. Read more>>

Capricorn New Moon/Leo Full Moon

Both lunations this month contain the same Uranus square Pluto made into a T-square by Black Moon Lilith:

The New Moon on January 10 2016 is at 19º of Capricorn Decan 2
Aspect: Conjoined Pluto & Square Uranus. Fixed Star: Sheliak in Lyra. Dignity: Triplicity
Full Post >>

The Full Moon on January 24 2016 is at 3º of Leo Decan 1
Aspect: Quincunx Venus. Fixed Star: Talitha in Ursa Major Dignity: None
….Full Post >>

Aspect Of The Month

January Forecast 2016Mercury conjunct Pluto is activated January 22 (Rx) and January 30 (Direct.)
“Words have such importance that they are life-or-death. Mercury conjunct Pluto can be associated with being hushed up or threatened if you dare speak out. Blackmail is possible with this aspect too. There is a great obsession with solving mysteries and uncovering the truth no mater how deeply buried it is. The subject will risk their life in order to solve a crime. This is the aspect of murder mysteries and whodunnits. Mercury conjunct Pluto never takes information at face value, to them everything is a conspiracy.”…. Read More>>

The Lyra constellation is activated by both Moons. So these are the themes that will come up during the month: Blood is thicker than water, family honor, loyalty, musical, theatrical, arty and crafty, waxes lyrical, charming the birds from the trees, pied piper, paying the piper, songbirds, lullaby, lair, aspiring, social climbers, class conscious, divas, wannabies, fans, stalkers, admirers, high status, flash cars, impressive, political clout, gangsters, grasping, publicity hungry, media whores…..Read More>>

January 2016 Forecast ~ Key Dates

Mercury conjunct PlutoJan 1 Last Quarter Moon at 11º Libra
Jan 5 Mercury Station Retrograde at 1º Aquarius.
1.05pm UT, 8.05am EST, 5.05am PST
Jan 5 Sun conjunct Pluto, Sun square Lilith,
Venus square Neptune, Mercury square Mars.
Jan 7 Sun square Uranus
Jan 8 Venus conjunct Saturn
Jan 10 New Moon at 19º Capricorn. Lilith square Pluto
Jan 12 Venus trine Uranus
Jan 13 Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury trine North Node
Jan 14 Mercury Rx trine Jupiter, Sun conjunct Mercury.
(Cazimi 2.05pm UT, 9.05am EST, 6.05am PST)
Jan 15 Sun trine North Node
Jan 16 First Quarter Moon at 26º Aries
Jan 17 Venus square Jupiter
Jan 18 Mars trine Neptune
Jan 19 Venus square North Node
Jan 20 Mercury Rx square Uranus, Mercury square Lilith
Jan 22 Mercury Rx Conjunct Pluto
Jan 23/24 Full Moon at 3º Leo
Jan 24 Black Moon Lilith opposite Uranus
Jan 26  Mercury Station Direct at 14º Capricorn.
9.50pm UT, 4.50 pm EST, 1.50pm PST
Jan 29/30 Mercury conjunct Pluto
Jan 30 Venus sextile Jupiter
Jan 31 Mercury square Uranus

1.Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson. p. 51. p.216.

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  1. I had a very Venus square Neptune day, yesterday, January 5, as Mercury stationed square Mars. My garbage disposal’s seal failed, and flooded the cabinet below the sink with water while I was washing up dishes. Neptune is in my 4th house, Pisces, so the flooding was in my home. Luckily, the maintenance man for my apartment complex happened to be working that day, so he kindly fixed it right away.

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