February Horoscope 2015


January Horoscope 2015

January looks set to be an exciting month as Uranus square Pluto is active for the whole period. If there is a stubborn nut in your life that refuses to crack, then Sun conjunct Pluto and the Nodes igniting the square on Jan 3 could be just what you need! The Nodal axis represents the collective’s soul evolution and may indicate the merging of timelines. If you feel there is past-life gunge holding you back, then Pluto can exorcise that for you. That way you are free to move towards that North Node destiny. Nodes are what make eclipses possible, so they are like a cosmic crossroads. This is where we can change karma to dharma, here where the suns path and the moons path intersect. This allows right and left-brain to unite for that “Aha” moment. There will be plenty of those “Knowing me, knowing you, aaahh haaa  flashes throughout January as we have a quirky, but entrepreneurial Aquarian Mercury retrograde to contend with. This will be a great period for re-launching or re-branding a product or oneself. Reinvention is the buzzword for January with a strong emphasis on international commence. Watch out for a difficult period when Mercury crosses Altair during the shadow period on Jan 6. Mercury can be rather too tactless and verbose here for its own good. (I refer you back to the “Aahh haaaaa” link!)

Aaaaah Haaaaaahhhh!!

The New Year will also feel extra new and fresh due to the fact Saturn has only very recently entered Sagittarius (on Dec 23 2014). All the fixed signs are breathing a sigh of relief! Saturn has been in Scorpio for the last 2 years and will however re-enter Scorpio just for a couple of months in June/July but then it is out of the way for good. Ok now the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces might be getting their knickers in a twist at the thought of Saturn’s imminent arrival into their domain. But I think generally we are in for a somewhat easier time with Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Scorpio was pretty heavy going since Saturn is rigid enough as it is without it digging its stubborn, pedantic heels into a fixed sign as well. I plan to write a post on Saturn through the three decans of Sagittarius in the coming weeks. For now though, the Sun transits through Capricorn decan 2, which I named Barristers & Baritones In Artistic Domination. This contains the very powerful star Vega in the Lyra, which houses some other quite “gangsta” type stars. (They reside in the claws of the vulture that holds the Lyra.) Capricorn decan 2 is ruled by Mars and Venus, and during this time we do things grandly, but there is the risk of having delusions of grandeur also.

January 2015 Monthly Horoscope ~ Sex, Lies & Sorcery..

Jan 3 the Sun is on Nunki in the arrow of the archer. The centaur here aims really high. It’s generally a fortunate star bringing “Influential public position, favorable for domestic and family matters.”  The Sun with Vega on Jan 5 is great for aspiring artists. Some of my keywords for Vega are “Blood is thicker than water, family honor, loyalty, musical, theatrical, arty, pied piper, songbirds, social climbers, class conscious, divas, wannabies, fans, stalkers, admirers, dynasties, forging…” This can be quite a pretentious area of the sky though, and probably the “X-factor” of the decans. During the Full Moon Jan 4/5 we might have an irrational yearning for fame and fortune if this moon touches our natal chart strongly. Maybe you might have to let go of some impossible dream related to that. Eg: You want to be a rockstar but can’t play a note and are tone deaf. After Jan 10 the Sun into Capricorn decan 3 is still quite show-biz, but more down to earth. I call this decan Noble Savages & All Seeing Eyes. Here we find the peacock with its eye-catching (and eye-staring!) plumage.

The Sun will be with Peacock on Jan 14. During this time we can see far into the future as well as far into the past. We are only just into a New Year and with the Mercury Retrograde looming we may be more in the mood for evaluating history rather than looking to the future. But at this time we can actually make very accurate predictions to the likely outcome of an event based on looking at how we got there. Revising history is popular at this time. The dawning of the month of Aquarius falls on the very same day as the New Moon Jan 20 at 0º Aquarius just after a bewitching Black Moon Lilith opposite a Mars/Neptune conjunction on Jan 19. We could fall prey to manipulating sorcery wether in the media or our personal lives. We feel the effects of Mercury stationing on Jan 21 too, but thankfully the beginning phase is fairly mellow. Jan 22 the Sun is on Altair. Mercury might not be great here later on in the month, but the Sun here has wonderful potential, even if it suffers from some venomous envy! Robson says Sun on Altair in the Eagle gives “Public honor, notoriety, favors from superiors, many friends and some envious ones who cause trouble through writings, some ill-health and losses, danger of bites from venomous animals (Probably from those green-eyed friends..ouch)”  The rest of the month is dominated by Mercury Retrograde, which turns direct on Feb 11. You can read about that in more detail on the Mercury Retrograde post.

January 2015 Horoscope Highlights

Sun in Capricorn decan 2, Mars opposite Jupiter
3 Sun on Nunki in Sagittarius, Venus into Aquarius
4 Venus sextile Saturn. Full Moon at 14º Cancer. 11.43pm EST
5 Sun on Vega in Lyra. Full Moon at 14º Cancer 4.43am UT.
Mercury into the retrograde shadow zone
8 Ceres into Capricorn
9 Sun on Sheliak in Lyra
10 Sun in Capricorn decan 3, Sun on Dheneb in Aquilla
12 Sun on Sulpahat in Lyra. Mars into Pisces
13 Venus sextile Uranus
14 Sun on Alpha Peacock. Venus trine North Node
15 Mars square Saturn
16 Mars sextile Ceres
19 Mars opposite Black Moon Lilith,
Mars opposite Neptune, Venus opposite Jupiter.
20 Sun enters Aquarius 9.43am UT, 4.43am EST.
New Moon at 0º Aquarius 1.15pm UT, 8.15am EST
Neptune opposite Black Moon Lilith
21 Mercury Station Retrograde 3.54pm UT, 10.54am EST
Sun on Sham, Pluto square Nodes
22 Sun on Altair in Aquilla
23 Neptune sextile Ceres
24 Ceres trine Black Moon Lilith
27 Venus into Pisces
30 Sun Cazimi Mercury 1.52pm UT, 8.52am EST
Sun into Aquarius decan 2. Mars sextile Pluto, Venus square Saturn
31 Uranus conjunct South Node



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