February Horoscope 2015


During February Uranus square Pluto starts to tighten its grip as we approach its last exact square on March 17. What makes this effective right now is Uranus currently conjunct the South Node. This to me signifies some kind of shock about humanity’s origins. Are we really a slave race? It’s interesting that the Uranus/South node conjunction is still on Alpheratz in Andromeda the chained woman.

February Monthly HoroscopeComet Lovejoy will pass across Almach in the feet of Andromeda in the first week of February and will align with Alpheratz too. As you know I have been really gripped by the whole question of archons, mind parasites, extra-terrestrials, demonic possession etc etc. Will this subject matter become more acceptable to the collective as time goes on?

David Icke was considered a lunatic 15 years ago when he brought up the unsavoury subject matter of paedophilia among the elite. Now we see he was right about that and there are many more researchers now in the same feild. (NB. I don’t believe the Moon is a hollowed out space ship.) It almost feels like a process of “coming out” when admitting you believe there could be such things as archons and that one is a Gnostic. I’m still researching and remain always open-minded, but it seems my whole interest in Lilith and Eris has led me to the Sophianic myth. Dee Smith talks about the Divine Feminine and Comet Lovejoy here: The Story of the Emerald Comet.

Comet Lovejoy & 50 Shades Of Grey

On Valentines day we get an interesting Ceres conjunct Pluto. Here we have two of the players in the Persephone myth. If you believe in alien abduction then you this could be a time when you would need to set up very strong shielding against that possibility. Put garlic around your bed… I only half jest! I have to add that 50 Shades Of Grey the movie was officially released during Ceres conjunct Pluto. How about that for Mr Grey (Pluto) abducting Anastasia (Kore/Ceres) into his Red room underworld? Talk about chained Princess also! This in a month we also get Venus conjunct Mars in Aries. Someone knew what they were doing with the timing of this release.

I wrote in the 2015 forecast that “The nodal axis represents the collective’s soul evolution, but I think it also could also indicate the merging of timelines. Nodes are what makes eclipses possible, so they are like a cosmic crossroads, maybe even a star gate.” Now I feel I have to revise what I think a star gate might be. It sounds magical and everything, but there are some theories that say it was the opening of something like a star gate that brought in the nasty parasite beings into our galaxy in the first place.

Path Of Comet Lovejoy

Opening portals to the astral realm is not something to be played with or taken lightly. Shamans might know what they are doing after many, many years of training, but I believe us average Jo’s should leave well alone.

A better way of looking at the Nodes is to realise that they are where the suns path and the moons path intersect which could be about uniting right and left-brain. But if we can’t handle the information, it can blow our minds. Therefore at these times, it is vital to keep grounded. Gaia Sophia wants to “upgrade”, so are we sympathetic with this or not? Ceres conjunct Pluto can be a time when natural disasters occur because our mother earth wants and indeed needs to shift. Ceres is about respecting natural law and cycles. Around Feb 14 we need to remember to make time for quiet contemplation, switch off the lights and iphone and connect with the earths (or our beloveds) hummmm…

We are currently in the middle of quite a head-buzzing Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. Last month Mercury was in far mellower Aquarius Decan 2, this month it retrogrades back into Aquarius decan 1 where we will experience the Promethean nature of this zone. Mercury here is bold, aspirational, focused and very eccentric.

February Monthly Horoscope So we might start the retrograde period quite calmly and diplomatically, but as we move back and start turning over things in our heads, we might find we are becoming rather more agitated by what we discover. (I must say I am really experiencing this, but then my Aquarius stellium is being zapped like hell.) I wonder if my own discoveries right now are going to upset some people, but hey I have to be true to my Altair Sun!

About the Mercury Direct chart I wrote “The volcano erupts! This is another one of those retrogrades when all hell breaks loose when the planet goes direct again. This is because the T-square at the start of the retrograde is still there and what’s more Pluto is joined by his irate mother in law Ceres.” I think the days from Feb 11 to 14 may be quite active geologically. The last time Ceres came face-to-face with Pluto was in 2010. In Europe we had the volcanic eruption in Iceland. This event caused huge flight disruption when Ceres was wide conjunct Pluto (but the apex of a yod and T-square. The chart was really dramatic.

This time we get a waning quarter moon on Feb 11, not such a stunning chart, but I think Comet Lovejoy and Mercury Rx will create quite a charged atmosphere behind the T-square. Saturn is busy this month annoying the blissed out Pisces Sun with a square on Feb 23. But Saturn makes a lovely trine of commitment and crystallisation to the lovers Venus conjunct Mars on Feb 24. If I get time I hope to do a couple of these aspects as posts this month. I am continuing to upgrade the decans to add the meanings of the personal planets. Aquarius decan 3 and Pisces decan 1 are in the pipeline.

February Monthly Horoscope Highlights

February Monthly Horoscope1 Venus conjunct Neptune.
2 Sun sextile Uranus
3 Full Moon at 14º Leo. 11.08pm GMT, 6.08pm EST, 3.08pm PST
6 Sun opposite Jupiter
8 Venus sextile Pluto
9 Sun into Aquarius Decan 3. Venus conjunct Chiron
11 Mercury Station Direct. 2.56pm GMT, 9.56am EST, 6.56am PST
Last Quarter Moon at 23º Scorpio
15 Pluto conjunct Ceres, Mercury on Altair.
18 New Moon at 29º Aquarius. 11.47pm GMT, 6.47pm EST, 3.47pm PST
19 Sun into Pisces Decan 1.
22 Venus conjunct Mars
23 Sun square Saturn
24 Venus trine Saturn
25 Mars trine Saturn, Sun conjunct Neptune

 Picture Credit: The Temptation Of St Anthony. (Detail)  Hieronymus Bosch. 1490