6 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Horoscope

  1. Markle is probably a vegetarian you can slow down ageing when you are a vegetarian #2 her vision is not ok she wears contacts. you can tell what year a photo was taken by the model year of a vehicles in the back round her father is in he’s 70’s he would know for sure how old she is so Marina probably you have the correct redacted chart.

  2. Strange I had read somewhere recently that she was in her early 40’s like 42, or did I? My sense is that she is 42, and that photo could be at any time in the 90’s, things didn’t change as fast and she looked older than 15, so who knows. Meghan must have really researched the privacy laws in Canada and British Columbia to decide to come here.

  3. Just wanted to note… a lot of evidence for Harry being Leo rising and not Cap rising. The birth time was reported as just a time, and people interpreted as PM, not AM. It was not a time of the internet or social media, so just printed in the paper. The Leo rising chart makes a LOT more sense.

  4. When you have had direct dealings with a narcissist, the MM situation throws up so many red flags!
    Fantastic and interesting video.

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