May 18 2015

Mercury stations retrograde from May 18 until June 11 2015. This is the most powerful Mercury retrograde of the year since not only does Mercury rule Gemini, but it will also pass over some of the most potent and bright stars in the firmament. The most famous of these stars is the grand Archangel star Aldebaran. This royal star is found in the face of the Bull of Taurus. I have written about this star in great detail here; Fixed Star Aldebaran at 9º Gemini and I found Mercury with Aldebaran speaks out against evil. It may swing between sinner and saint and switch abruptly between conflicting principles. For a while during this retrograde we may be confused with Mercury’s duplicity. But in the end though, this experience will force us to be more adaptable and pliable, with the ability to build bridges and mediate between opposing forces. Mercury is very likely to play devils advocate with even more force than usual during this time.

Mercury will retrograde back from 13º Gemini to 4º Gemini, but is super powerful in Gemini decan 1 as it is both Gemini’s general ruler and rules this particular decan too by triplicity (Gemini decan), so Mercury’s strength builds up as the retrograde progresses. Mercury will work as an enlightener as it faces the collective shadow squarely, working in the higher octave as it slows down and taking on the attributes of the outer planet awakener Uranus.

Uranus is sometimes given a promethean quality to it. Prometheus famously stole the fire from the gods, but maybe we should say Prometheus stole back the fire from the gods! Uranus is also connected with astrology, maybe this Mercury Rx is pushing us to reclaim this illuminating art (Along with all the “mysteries”) from the so called “illuminati” so we can enlighten ourselves and receive spirit directly.

Fire is spirit, the breath of life that connects all things. To be inspired is to inspire, to take a breath. Churches have spires that are like antennas to the sky. Uranus looks like an antenna and Mercury is all about connecting with other frequencies and dimensions. This Uranian Mercury on Aldebaran has an exorcist quality as it opposes Scorpionic fixed star Antares in the sky, but this time Aldebaran has a laser not a sword. Blood will not be spilt, this is cyber-zapping. The battle on this planet is between these two forces, but nether is right or wrong. The “winner”, (if there has to be one,) is the alchemist who stands a whole person between the two. Mercury/Hermes has to go through this Nigredo process, through the shadowlands in order to transform, he cannot ignore his dark twin Antares opposite.

The aspect that Mercury makes on its journey include a beneficial trine to Ceres which could be herbal medicine. So in simple terms, this Mercury Retrograde could be a great time to take a healing yoga holiday or retreat. (Ignore the nonsense about travelling during a Mercury retrograde, but maybe try to avoid the station days, as they can be wobbly.) This is the perfect Mercury retrograde for detoxing and travelling somewhere you can have plenty of locally picked, seasonal fruit, packed with healing rays of sunshine. This period can be quite active too, as midway through the retrograde we have a Mercury conjunction with Mars in the Hyades. This daring, impatient and aggressive energy is best channeled into something physical with a spiritual dimension like Yoga or Qi Gong. On the whole, most of Mercury’s aspects on its retrograde journey are benign, apart from the deceptive square to Neptune. This Neptune blip can play out as illness if we don’t allow time out to use this valuable awakening energy to its fullest potential.

Mercury Retrograde Fixed Stars

Prima Hyadum in the Hyades at 5º 46′ Gemini ~ May 5, June 5 Rx, June 17.
“Quick mind, resentful, hasty temper, broods over small troubles, favorable for gain.”
Ain in the Hyades at 8º 28′ Gemini ~ May 8, May 30 Rx, June 22.
Aldebaran in Taurus at 9º 47′ Gemini ~ May 10, May 28 Rx, June 23.
“Affects the health and domestic affairs, prominence through mercurial matters, material gain, and many learned friends.”
Tabit in the Lion skin trophy of Orion at 11º 55′ Gemini ~ May 13, May 23 Rx, June 25.

This Mercury Rx period is also fantastic for spending time writing about or studying occult matters and metaphysics (As is the case for most Mercury retrogrades due to the right brain/intuitive emphasis), but for me this current one has to be the most inspired in years due to Mercury’s strength by dignity and its connection to such powerful fixed stars. Mercury when it it happy in its domicile, is less likely to behave in a deceptive, tricky manner, though as I said earlier, it can’t help paying devils advocate (with the influence of Scorpionic star Antares).

Yes Mercury will still swing from one side to the other, but it will do it with such speed and agility that, like a humming birds wings, it will feel quite effortless and even fun. The Mercury Rx has a lot going on so the winged messenger will be very busy making connections here there and everywhere. Mercury is involved in a boomerang Yod to Pluto and forms part of a grand trine to Ceres and the North Node. This all supports everything I said earlier about healing holidays and inspired writing. In fact writing about alternative health would be an excellent use for this energy, while doing Yoga between chapters!

Mercury Rx & Direct Charts

Mercury Retrograde May Horoscope
Mercury Retrograde May 18

There is the small factor of the Sun being on notorious fixed star Algol, and opposite Saturn on the day of the retrograde, so this might be one of the more “wobbly’ days. Do keep your head screwed on tight, make sure you have that mind body connection and avoid too much alcohol or mind altering substances that day. If your travel arrangements are screwed up you will need to be able to read your smart phone! Oh and Moon square Neptune alert in the Mercury Rx chart too, so keep that precious phone away from liquids, beers, toilets…

The Mercury direct chart is kinder however. We have Mercury sextile benefic Leo Venus in a lovely, romantic minor grand trine to the North Node. Communications are back on track and travel is smoother. (Ie Pilots aren’t blissed-out by pretty fluffy clouds..) The Moon in the Direct chart is excitedly conjunct our Promethean Uranus. We also have the very last Jupiter trine Uranus now that Jupiter is direct again which just adds to the electrically charged, inspirational and visionary energy of this retrograde. I also love the second minor grand trine of Moon/Uranus/Eris sextile Sun/Mars on Warrior Queen Bellatrix sextile Jupiter in Leo. Both minor grand trines are in fire/air. So go flame-haired warriors, be inspired, reclaim your spiritual fire, dance around maypoles and enjoy the month of Beltane.

Mercury Retrograde May 2015
Mercury Direct June 11

Mercury Rx Period Dates

May 4 Mercury enters the shadow zone at 4º Gemini
May 6 Mercury trine Ceres
May 9 Mercury square Neptune
May 18 Mercury Station Retrograde at 13º Gemini. 9.49pm EDT, 6.49pm PDT
May 19 Mercury Station Retrograde at 13º Gemini. 2.49am BST
May 27 Mercury conjunct Mars
May 30 Mercury conjunct Sun. (Cazimi 6pm BST, 1.00pm EDT, 10.00am PDT)
June 3 Mercury trine North Node
June 11 Mercury sextile Venus
June 18 Mercury trine North Node
June 21 Mercury trine Ceres
June 23 Mercury square Neptune
June 11 Mercury Station Direct at 4º Gemini 11.33pm BST, 5.33pm EDT, 2.33pm PDT
June 27 Mercury out of the shadow zone at 13º Gemini

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