Mars Retrograde 2020 ~ Volcanic Success


Mars retrograde 2020 will travel from 28º Aries to 15º Aries from September 9, 2020 until November 14, 2020. The red planet turns retrograde about every 2 years. Retrogrades work in a right-brained/cyclical/intuitive way, rather than the direct linear mode we tend to operate in just to get through our daily lives.

The planet’s energy is turning itself upside down in a sense, so we get the opportunity to view things from another angle. Mars is traditionally a malefic, but it does not follow that in retrograde it becomes even more malefic. Nor does Mars become its opposite, a benefic! It just becomes well… weird.

Mars Retrograde 2020 Dates:

July 25 2020 ~ Enters Shadow
September 9 2020 ~ Station Retrograde
November 14 2020 ~ Station Direct
January 4 2021 ~ Out Of Shadow

With Mars retrograde, instead of the usual flame-grilled Mars direct affair, it becomes more of a slow, rich bake. Much depends on in which sign Mars finds itself during the retrograde period. Generally, the Martian impulse will be slowed down, deepened and feel more Plutonic. Mars retrograde could also be similar in effect to the energy of Pallas Athena, where every move is planned carefully and strategically.

I have read that Mars retrograde is akin to it traveling in the 12th house, which would make it more of a spiritual-warrior. So if one is going to wage war at all, it will probably be a psychic one.

Mars Retrograde Meaning

Since Mars is about sex as well as war, Mars retrograde prompts us to re-evaluate our sexual relationships. A new sexual attraction may burn out quickly, while a fling with an old flame could turn into something unexpectedly long term. Our ambitions and goals are bound to come under scrutiny also. It is said that those who start a war during Mars retrograde are likely to lose.

In personal terms, ‘starting a war’ could mean summoning someone to court or initiating a new business campaign against a rival. In competitive cases like those, it is usually advised to wait till Mars is direct again. However if someone should wage war on you, then it would be foolish not to defend yourself.

Mars Retrograde 2020 For your Sign

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Full Mars Retrograde Audio Report

Mars Retrograde 2020 September In Aries

Mars is very powerful in Aries. It will probably act very Scorpionic, cunning and strategic. Of course this year 2020 just had to have a Mars retrograde in the sign that it rules doesn’t it? And during the USA presidential election to boot! Mars has been in its shadow since July 25th 2020 and we have certainly seen a very hot and explosive summer haven’t we? This gives us an idea already how this September 2020 Mars retrograde is going to play out.

It is possible the retrograde might actually work to subdue the tensions brewing in the USA, but I think there is too much frustration from the CV situation brewing for that to be the case. Another possibility at this Mars retrograde 2020 that the wise will hold back and let the impulsive ones hang themselves with their own rope, so to speak. Those who plan for the long term will win. Mars will be out of its shadow by January 4, 2021, so I would hold back until then before starting any important fights.

Mars Retrograde 2020 ~ Important Date

Mars retrograde

Mars will make some extraordinary aspect patterns during its retrograde. The main one on September 28, 2020. A learning triangle with Venus and Mars. Pictured below. (That is Mars trine Venus and Mars square Saturn and Venus quincunx Saturn. on that date we also get a Yod pointing to Saturn which is also about to station direct. A breakthrough moment perhaps? We cannot ignore Mars square Saturn which has been the main troublesome aspect that ran through August with all the volcanic heat build-up that went with it.

Expect some resolutions to problems that came up this summer with Mars retrograde 2020. It could also be a time of rehashing all the fake news that came out around the last Mars square Saturn on August 24, 2020. I worry that here ‘they’👺 might try a second lock down in certain countries. The last in this series of Mars square Saturns will take place on January 13, 2021 almost a year on from when the news of the pandemic first broke.

Mission Impossible?

Mars retrograde will also conjunct Eris on October 3 throwing a big fat golden apple into the Hollywood party! Who will blow the whistle this time? On October 9 with the Sun on crafty crow Algorab we get another Mars square Pluto. Again another repeat of August 13, 2020 when it last occurred. It’s all feeling like deja vu now. Rinse, lather, repeat…

The last Mars square Pluto will be on December 20, 2020. The last point to make is that Mars will be going over the fixed star Alrisha found in the knot between the fishes of Pisces. Bernadette Brady says of Mars on this star. “Being able to find unusual resources in order to achieve ones goals. To strive to achieve what others consider impossible; to gain success by approaching the problem from a different angle. A time of linking two different ideas, objects or places.”

However Eric Morse points out  that right next door to Alrisha is at 27º Aries ” the Great Galaxy in Andromeda; and this latter, a glorious family of billions of stars, must surely take precedence over the barely visible alpha star in Pisces.” [2] So this is a very important Mars retrograde for many different reasons. I think the key to success is let everything simmer nicely and not force anything. Then the volcano will erupt (in a good way) on November 14, rather like striking oil. The gusher will be something to behold!

1. Bernadette Brady. Stars & Planets Combinations. p.87. 2. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.118
Featured Image: Marc Szeglat On Upsplash

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