Mars Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Risk Taker

Mars opposition or square Uranus is a risk-taker and racer. It feeds off adrenaline and has very little patience. Mars/Uranus hard aspects seem to have a great rapport with electrical items and have no qualms about ripping them apart if they have broken down, often risking shocking themselves in the process. They can make great mechanics, but not without sparks flying out occasionally. Some astrologers associate this aspect with surgery.

Sharp blades of Mars combine with Uranus’s sudden action so that these folk are great in an emergency. Fireworks are symbolic of this aspect too, in the bedroom department as well as in temperament. And yes, a quick temper they will most certainly have.. These folk are easily aroused and will jump right into a sexual relationship without much forethought.

Mars Square Uranus ~ July 17/18 2017, May 16 2018
Mars Opposite Uranus ~ December 1 2017, November 24 2018

When the novelty has worn off however, they may tire quite quickly. Stamina isn’t their forte! You get the picture then; Mars in hard aspect to Uranus folk are impulsive and quick off the mark, 0 – 60 in 30 seconds, no flies on them! Very decisive and incisive, they know what they want and how to get it as quickly as possible. These people are fantastic revolutionaries; they can rouse a crowd in their favour and get them to act with speed and efficiency. Mars in hard aspect to Uranus is so electrically charged that it works like a power battery, therefore they can really inspire and enthuse others into action. You literally can just plug into them and light up like a Christmas tree.

Those folk may be less the charging knights and more of an energy healer since the opposition could project Mars onto their client while they take the position of Uranus. Their thunderbolt hands then, can reboot your blocked chakras in a flash. These folk could indeed be ‘flashers’ however… Those streakers in the 70’s were probably Mars/Uranus types. Of course this is a rare fetish, so Mars opposite Uranus’s ‘flashing’ could occur in the sense of flouting convention and flaunting their sexuality as a political statement. Ie: Gay men will openly kiss in a very Catholic or intolerant country.

Mars opposite Uranus women will be quick to point out hypocrisy in sexist cultures. Whatever the case, sexual rebellion and reformation is very strong here. Mars opposite Uranus is usually brave and forthright, but the opposition can have a tendency to polarise the energies, depending if one planet is markedly stronger than the other. The cool Uranian side could then become very geeky and even prudish, viewing others as being sexually vulgar or explicit in their passions. If these subject’s sexual side is suppressed, then this combination can become quite violent. Mars opposite Uranus at its worst can be very clinical with its anger. If other factors slow down their usual knee-jerk reaction, they can dish out a very callous revenge if you should ever cross them.

Speed Ball

Mars square opposite uranus

The square is a Mars aspect so we get the doubling up of sex and speed here, sometimes both at the same time.. Passionate, fast and furious is their style because inside they have a raging war to conquer and modernise. Uranus can cool Mars a little though, and the fast movement stirs up a refreshing breeze as these folk dash past you. Even though this is a square I don’t think it actually creates violence or malefic intent. What gets these folk in trouble most of all is impulsiveness. It also really needs freedom of movement, and will become most frustrated if people dawdle in from of them.

The worst that can happen is that Mars square Uranus will annoyingly tailgate you. These folk make hovering parents since they have no patience with little fingers and shoelaces, which is why then end up doing everything for everyone. They can end up burning themselves out if they are not careful. However they are usually quick to realise when they have been put upon, so they will suddenly shock their family or workmates by clearing off in a flash. A very Mars square Uranus way to do this would be to mount a Harley Davison and zoom off into the desert. All that Uranian chrome and Martian exhausts belching out gas, the wind in their hair, leathers and utter freedom, how could they resist?

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23 thoughts on “Mars Square/Opposite Uranus ~ Risk Taker

  1. “You literally can just plug into them and light up like a Christmas tree.”
    Literally! Unfortunately no-ones plugged into my Mars Uranus and lit up like that yet – but its full of NRG so I live in hope lol

  2. Just figured I have the Quintile. My one and only…No wonder we got along.

  3. I have Mars Square Uranus. When I was 15 I smashed up a computer printer down to the steel shell then still plugged it in. Thankfully, nothing happened.

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