Mars Conjunct Pluto ~ Tragic?

There is something very tragic about Mars conjunct Pluto. It doesn’t mean that all these people are doomed, rather that they have a melodramatic aura about them. Some will channel the pain and passion into their creations. In the case of the musicians here, it makes for sincere, heart-felt music and a searing emotional delivery of their songs. This aspect is rare amongst the famous, so I would think it takes quite an exceptional person to use this explosive conjunction in such a way that it does not self-destruct.

Mars conjunct Pluto ~ April 26 2018

Mars conjunct Pluto seems to be the proverbial phoenix from the flames. If they learn to channel this wild energy well, then they can survive anything. This combination is also a dare-devil. It is fearless to the point it may indeed have some kind of a death wish. They enjoy the adrenalin rush of dangerous sports. Sexually, this is a red-hot as you can get, they like the taboo and the thrill of chasing the forbidden fruit. The harder-to-get the lover plays the better, for Mars conjunct Pluto likes a challenge.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Natives

Mars conjunct PlutoPatsy Cline (12’) died aged just 30 at the height of her fame as a Country music singer. She had an intense, emotionally rich contralto voice. Her most famous song “Crazy’ is one of those tragic Karaoke songs so beloved of the broken hearted. Patsy was tough and considered “one of the boys”, drinking beer with her male co-stars and telling dirty jokes. She experienced two car crashes, the second one near fatal.

Patsy brought sexy into country music, swapping traditional cow-girl outfits for slinky red cocktail dresses with spike heels and ruby red lipstick. Patsy had a sense that death was close, a year before her fatal plane crash she had begun giving away items to her friends and telling them to look after her children if anything should happen to her. A week before her death she told Ray Walker “Honey, I’ve had two bad ones (accidents). The third one will either be a charm or it’ll kill me.”

Francesco Smalto (05’); Italian tailor who kept a stable of girls for “entertainment”. Suspended sentence and fine for being a pimp in 1995. Ice hockey player Nevin Markwart (07’), Charles Marie-Widor (12’); French organist and composer. He is best known for his wild and passionate. “Toccata symphony number 5” commonly played at the end of weddings. It’s a manic yet beautiful, intricate piece of organ music. Brian Wilson (26’); Composer of the Beach boys. Bittersweet, psychedelic love songs and haunting melodies.

Paul McCartney; One half of the most famous songwriting duo in history, but did he die in 1966? Rose/Fred West Davison; Serial killer couple who sexually abused and killied children. Jeff Buckley; talented singer-songwriter died in a tragic accident during his prime. George Michael; Singer who was arrested for “lewd behaviour” (cruising for anonymous sex) in a public toilet, which resulted in him coming out about his homosexuality. He later release a song “Outside” celebrating the cruising incident. Trent Reznor (9 Inch Nails) and Actors Melanie Griffith, Kevin Kline and Candice Bergen.


98 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Pluto ~ Tragic?

  1. Wow!
    Paris has a big esoteric connection to Virgo via Notre Dame. Herewith a brilliant essay on the connection complete with maps etc!
    I have a little pet theory that many people incarnate with PLuto and Uranus in Virgo were involved in the Cathar movement and Cathedrals of medieval Europe and still have the ascetic memories of Christians of that time. According to Jeff Wolf Green (Evolutionary Pluto) Jesus would have had Pluto in Virgo.

  2. @UBQ – Darling, how do I find Orcus on the astral map? Would it be easy to do on Astrodiesnt? I’ll try. But if you feel like it, please don’t if you can’t – I can only imagine how busy you must be – my bday is 7/2/61 5a Madrid, Spain.

    But I’ll go check now. Am dying to know our synastry chart though.

    FYI my Mars is 1 degree Virgo – my IC 4 degrees and Pluto 8 degrees. Uranus and North Node are nearby in late, late Leo (with Regulus of course) – all in a stellium. They make the sextiles to the Grand Trine Water Kite.

    But as I was looking at my chart the other day with the asteroids included and Chiron and stuff – I have like 17 Grand Trines from the 1st to the MH to the 5th all sextiling the Mars/Pluto stellium.

    Venus in Taurus is out of it but in the Christ degree of Algol – 24 degrees. 25 is the anti-christ degree. This was told to me in person by Martin Schulman – remember him? the great astrologer who am sure is long since dead. I saw him as a young boy. I was always into this stuff.

    Well let me know about Orcus, am going to check on my own now. And, fyi, am feeling this Cardinal Cross like a lead baseball bat. Don’t know how am going to endure this until April. Am locking myself in my hovel like Repunzel. (sp?) xoxoxo Oh Marina friended me on FB today.

  3. Well you’re officially n the coven now!!
    Re Orcus – you can select it on Astrodienst. There’s a brilliant book on Orcus and soul oaths by Jeremy Neal. I’ll take a peek at your chart at some point soon.
    Yes I do know Shulman’s work. I’m re connecting with Jeff Green via youtube ( I have his books, read them years ago and still have them in my home in the Uk, but I’m now in CApe Town). These guys are SO valuable now. They have the gravitas i their knowledge we need to be reminded of.
    Re Cardinal cross, this is a big evolutionary step for all of us involving soul initiation. For some it will be traumatic (Uranus) for others enlightening (Uranus) depending on how much they want to embrace change. I think I’ll put up what I got from Jeff Green’s Karma to Dharma lectures on the other thread because they are so profound.
    I tihnk the intensity of the GCC (its very grand and very cross…) is mounting. I’ve got Saturn sq my
    Sun Venus Mars PLuto conj now so I feel in a sort of limbo. But its OK… I’m just reading a lot and being reclusive!

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