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My name is Marina. I am a self taught Brit-alian astrologer and illustrator based in the UK. 30 years of working with symbols and archetypes form the foundation of my astrological approach.  For reading natal charts, my technique uses the tropical zodiac divided into decans and incorporating the fixed stars.

Aspect patterns are very important to me and represent the sacred geometry of ones soul. In 2015 I completed an Horary course with Deborah Houlding, owner of the amazing site Skyscript.  I am moving more towards traditional techniques since they are based on natural law, visual astrology and make use of the fixed stars. Read more about my transformation…. Re-Learning Astrology.

Darkstar Astrology

The name of the site Darkstar, is an oxymoron and describes my approach to astrology and life in general. You can only see the stars in the dark of night and we can only become enlightened by going through the nigredo (Blackening) stage in alchemy. This means facing our shadow. Persephone’s journey to the underworld describe the alchemical process very well. The fixed stars take us away from the earth and into another dimension, but it’s important to keep a balance between the heavens and the earth.

I continue to research for my future book on Lilith and Eris. I am glad now that I did not rush to complete it because I realize that the Dark Goddess archetype is far greater than just Lilith. It is really all about the Persephone myth and what that means for humanity. In 2015 I had quite an awakening in terms of the negative effects of feminism on Western civilization. There is now a concerted attack on both the divine feminine and divine masculine in the mainstream media which is hugely destructive to family life. The unique diversity of European culture is under attack by monocultural, materialistic, mall-minded globalists who are out to destroy natural boundaries and national identities.

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26 thoughts on “Your Astrologer

  1. Please ignore my first comment, it was 2 stars with a black heart in the middle but showed up as 3 question marks after I submitted it lol.
    It was just my way of showing love for Darkstar Astrology! : )

  2. Hey ! Marina it’s very convenient to visit your site. I am a 2nd Decan Cancer and 70% of your saying is true as if you know me all too well. I even read your book and it’s very understanding. I hope to know about my future from you. Love U

  3. You’re so cool Marina, and I love your blog! I was wondering if there was an option to buy an e-book that included interpretations of all the decans for sale?

  4. Hi Marina. I ran into a guy Peter Temple market analyst, cycles expert who wrote the particulars on a number of 172 yr cycles that spiralled down to poverty and epidemics.
    He and Gregg Braden a well known scientist
    both said 2018 was the end of it. We re in the new 172 and in the padt a golden age comes or Renaissance at some point. So that accounts for our downfalls somewhat.

  5. Marina,

    I read your astrology/musings/philosophy with appreciation for your understanding of the cosmic cousins. It’s always a pleasure visiting your website.

    I was reading of the Hyades in respect to May birthdays, and among the celebrities under the effect of planets with the Hyades, you listed Dennis Rodman as a pro boxer — well, he certainly is not known for that. Dennis was a major college & pro basketball star for years. That is his number one claim to fame. In later years he has messed around in the wrestling world, doing things with the likes of Hulk Hogan.

    But “boxing” is never mentioned with Dennis. Perhaps he has done some mixed martial arts (i just don’t know), which could include boxing in the arsenal of whammies these folks use. But really, Dennis’ claim to fame, aside from his later and current shenanigans, has been as a basketball player.

    Please don’t take my comment as a criticism. Your work is outstanding, your factual information seems quite accurate, and how can any of us be expected to know much or even care too much about Dennis Rodman.



    1. Thanks Johnny, I will correct that! I’m a bit dyslexic when it comes to sports as I have zero interest in it. I probably read basketball as boxing as they both begin with B…;)

  6. Hello Marina,

    I had an astrology reading with you about a year and a half ago. Reflecting back you were 100% accurate.
    My job/Career change felt it could be right but it didn’t seem feasible.
    Well, it was a modern version of what was discussed. SPOT ON!

    Well worth it!

    Many Many thanks,

    Lisa Mack

  7. Hi Marina. – u did a dark star reading for me 21/11/10 which I am re reading right now April 25th/19 and FULLY appreciating. Its awesome like a fine wine getting richer. I was still going by my chart but now I see connections I have not taken into account that should help alot. Just wanted to say that.

  8. Dear beautiful Marina,

    You should consider releasing a hard copy of your books. Especially the Wheel of Stars complete book. It will make an excellent coffee table book… something which you simply can’t do with an ebook.

    I look forward to more great works from you.

    AP (Libra Decan 3)

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