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After the astrology part (13 mins) I talk about mental disorders according to the DSM-5, Is it ADHD or Narcissism?, ADHD and sudden Uranian relationships, Mars Retrograde/old flames burning out and this Summer’s retro/eclipse madness.

After the astrology part (16 mins) I talk more about Neptune’s boundary problem and alcoholism, nature or nurture, the alcoholic gene?, Muslim sobriety, the lost of sacred/ancestral land, alcohol abuse in native Americans and how that relates to Western European’s drug and alcohol problems.

After the astrology part (15 mins) I talk about Neptune’s problem with boundaries and alcoholism, co-dependency, healer priestess types, 12 step programs and the labels the control matrix uses in psychology.

After the astrology part (15 mins in) I look at the political compass, where “normal” people stand on the spectrum, the Hegelian dialectic and pushing people to the right so as to create a leftist response (and vice versa.) and a reply to a couple of critical comments.

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