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After the astrology part (13 mins), I talk more about narcissism and the elites, them reptilians, how humanity is being farmed for “fuel” and the encoded occult info in religious books and Hollywood.

After the astrology part (13 mins) I talk about how narcissism plays out with the Plutonic elites, the gaslighting MSM and how the “uneducated” Ceres working classes (“peasants/redknecks/chavs”) have become the new black sheep.

After the astrology part (13 mins) I talk about mental disorders according to the DSM-5, Is it ADHD or Narcissism?, ADHD and sudden Uranian relationships, Mars Retrograde/old flames burning out and this Summer’s retro/eclipse madness.

After the astrology part (16 mins) I talk more about Neptune’s boundary problem and alcoholism, nature or nurture, the alcoholic gene?, Muslim sobriety, the lost of sacred/ancestral land, alcohol abuse in native Americans and how that relates to Western European’s drug and alcohol problems.

After the astrology part (15 mins) I talk about Neptune’s problem with boundaries and alcoholism, co-dependency, healer priestess types, 12 step programs and the labels the control matrix uses in psychology.

After the astrology part (15 mins in) I look at the political compass, where “normal” people stand on the spectrum, the Hegelian dialectic and pushing people to the right so as to create a leftist response (and vice versa.) and a reply to a couple of critical comments.

2 thoughts on “MoonTube Videos

  1. This month feels as if mercury retrograde is still in effect. People in general seems to be making lots of small stupid mistakes. There’s a mix of slow moving clueless folks, and equally clueless impatient & frustrated folks.
    Basically nothing much is flowing smoothly. But fixing part issues and work is slowly getting done.

  2. Full Moon August and Mars retro. Mars in H6 (health)for me. Returned to therapy for an old injury during this time. Mars rules Sun and ASC ruler. In general everything feels like it is on hold, including rebuild of joint property in the sign of Aries for me, and hold on the sale of that property to relieve debt that is owed from ex. So in a way, communication with him regarding this issue was an old love returning, and yes, is a trauma trigger of sorts. By the way, Pete Walker’s books on CPTSD are good for children of narcissists or any recovery from emotional trauma – like long term emotional abuse that is experienced when living with a narcissistic spouse or parent. Narcissism is very well defined – it is not genetic, it is a set up from childhood where the true self is not allowed to express, but rather, a persona that is a mask that cannot be maintained is what is presented to the public and to intimates only at first. The sudden fall from grace with them is devastating. They are two-faced, hot and cold, and often cruel. Lots of information giving definition and how this pathology stems from childhood. Only the conditional self is rewarded, is safe to be, and the real self gets lost etc.

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