Lunar Eclipse January 2020 ~ Cellmates?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10 2020 falls at 20º Cancer. Lunar Eclipse January 2020 astrology triggers the Capricorn stellium and opposite Mercury. Lunar Eclipse healing crystal is Prehnite with Epidote. Fixed Star is Castor in constellation Gemini. Lunar Eclipse tarot card is the 4 Of Cups.

The Lunar eclipse January 2020 will fall on the exact same degree as the July 12 Solar Eclipse 2018 . That time the eclipse, was opposite Pluto exactly making it a Hades moon. This time this lunar eclipse will be exact opposite Mercury the trickster, but it also conjoins Ceres, Saturn and Pluto. The last Solar eclipse was actually in Capricorn but this one really triggers the activates the grand stellium in Capricorn far more strongly by opposition.

Lunar Eclipse In Cancer Decan 3

This Moon falls in Cancer which it rules and is therefore very strong. This decan is actually ruled by the Moon in the Chaldean system and is the Pisces triplicity in the Vedic system so extra watery and tide-pulling. Volatile moods, devotion, extreme passion and deep intuition. Inside there might be a tempest raging, but at this time it is vital to display a neutral mask. If we are bitten at this lunar Eclipse we will not be twice, but thrice shy! So under the surface of this lunation, the Gemini twins are playing tug-of-war.

Even though the eclipse is technically  in tropical Cancer, this lunar Eclipse January falls in the decan that contains the twin stars of Castor and Pollux. So the energy is very bi-polar, where we find it hard to make a decision. The jump between playing the angel and devil in the collective can be quite striking too. Those touched by this full moon lunar Eclipse might have to make the best of a reckless choice made in ‘devil’ mode.

MOON CANCER 3 EXAMPLES: Jean-Marie Le Pen, Ramana Maharshi, Haile Selassie I, Roman Polanski, Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Anthony Quinn, Charlton Heston, Penelope Cruz, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Benny Hill, Vic Reeves, Christian Dior, Barry White, Julio Iglesias, Shakira, Jimmy Hendrix, Vanessa Paradis, Chaka Khan, Dave Gahan, Courtney Love, Peter Sutcliffe, Lord Byron, Jeffrey Archer, Charles Baudelaire, Claude Monet, Tchaikovsky, Giacomo Puccini, Claude Debussy, Robert Oppenheimer, Darkstar Astrology, Ceres Discovery, Sedna Discovery, India, Pakistan.

Full Cancer 3 eBook

eBook includes meanings for all the personal planets and angles & detailed interpretation of the decan and its fixed stars.

Lunar Eclipse January 2020 ~ YouTube

This post contains my notes for this Lunar Eclipse January 2020
. The video pulls all the elements together and summarises the lunation’s energy and uses. I also talk about relevant moon/matrix issues that are pertinent to the current moon ‘spell’ and how we can best heal from them.

Lunar Eclipse Fixed Star ~ Castor

Moon on Castor 20º “Timid, sensitive, lacks confidence, occult interest and psychic ability, blindness, injuries to the face, disgrace, stabs, wounds (operations nowadays), imprisonment.” [1] “The therapeutic use of humour, to be involved in education; a desire to bring stories to others. To hope that everything will be alright. To disbelieve bad news.” [2]

Castor is the supposedly ‘good’ twin and was the horse trainer. He holds a harp in his hand so has musical talent and artistry. Sophisticated Castor was refined and civilised but still got into scrapes with his wilder brother, however. The influence of the dark side is never far away, for Robson say although

“It gives distinction, a keen intellect, success in law and many travels, fondness for horses, sudden fame and honor”….This great success can often be followed by “loss of fortune and disgrace, sickness, trouble and great affliction. Its natives are said to be mischievous and prone to violence.” 

At this time we have to be careful about the company we keep. The lunar influence of the decan makes us extra sensitive to  our environment. This sensitivity is great for psychic ability but it also means we could give into peer pressure far too easily. Eric Morse says:

“ Castor is also noted in natal astrology for proneness to mental breakdowns and neurotic distress. People with this star prominent and well aspected are exceptionally gifted intellectually. These geniuses often need help in not letting their concern for others go ‘over the top’, however” [3]

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse December ~ Tarot Card

Solar Eclipse 4 cupsThe Tarot card associated with this decan is the 4 of Cups. The ambivalence shown in this card fits well with the polarisation of this decan. A card of boredom and apathy on the one hand and daydreaming and fantasizing on the other. Maybe this card longs for the dramatic mood swings that govern this decan.

“The Four of Cups generally brings with it the blues and moodiness. (Cancer decan 3 is the moodiest, moon-ruled decan) In some cases it can highlight depression…you may have lost touch with reality and are totally ungrounded. You may have allowed yourself to indulge in daydreams and fantasies and have become too idealistic imaging life to be a certain way.”

Karmically this card can mean too many lives have been spent procrastinating, and waiting for the 100% perfect person or opportunity to come along. It ” can sometimes simply highlight the fact that you are too tied up in your own little world, too self-absorbed and too self-centred. You may feel that the whole universe revolves around you and have no time for other people’s problems or feelings. You may seem negative to others and see the ‘glass as half empty’ in this negative state of mind.” ~ Teachmetarot

Lunar Eclipse December 2020 Astrology

The Lunar Eclipse aspects are:  Moon opposite Mercury, Moon opposite Ceres, Moon opposite Saturn and Moon opposite Pluto.

Lunar eclipse january 2020

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 10 January 2020 Times
Los Angeles ~ 11.21 am. New York ~ 2:21 pm. London ~ 7:21 pm. Rome ~ 8:21 pm.

Lunar Eclipse January Healing

To help release emotion and tears at this lunar eclipse January 2020 (without causing a full-scale flood!) vaccinate yourself by taking a small dose of Cancer decan 3 energy. If your ascendant, Sun or Moon are in the cardinal signs decan 3 you might find that you burst into tears at the slightest provocation. To avoid flipping too fast from soppy to iceberg, try a relaxing bath with a Cancer decan 3 theme.

Useful healing materials and props: The 4 of cups to gaze at, cucumber & mint to eat, white roses to adorn your table, Prehnite with Epidote crystal to hold, music in the key of G# to listen, Myrrh, Rose and Hibiscus essential oils in a bath.

Lunar Eclipse Crystal ~ Prehnite With Epidote

“Prehnite promotes unconditional love and stimulates spiritual growth. It is a wonderful stone for bringing peace, joy, and harmony into one’s life. Epidote is used to give yourself protection from physical harm when engaged in dangerous pursuits. It is also used to help someone injured by either physical or mental trauma. It sooths, protects, and guards.” ~

Prehnite ” is a stone for dreaming and remembering, so if you would like to enhance this, keep a piece under your pillow… one of its strengths is that it quietens the mind. It helps to settle you down, especially if you are prone to talk excessively. This stone is helpful if kept in the bedroom as its vibration will also alleviate nightmares, and help you to release deep fears. Sometimes this fear is of a karmic nature, and Prehnite will help you to release these past issues that are causing your current concerns.” ~

“Epidote has within it an energy that aids you to have the courage to let go of the things that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams. As you begin to embrace the boldness of spirit that Epidote brings to you, this will help you to have a greater knowledge of who you really are and your spiritual purpose…. Epidote is a stone that is known to effect different people in different ways.  How you are affected by its energy, may to some degree depend on your predominant way of thinking. It’s vibration is known to bring you more of the same.” ~

So with Epidote if you are a negative person, it will make you even more negative, but it will also bring to your attention the need for more positive thinking. On the other hand if you are a positive soul it will make you even more positive!  So it is not really recommended to use pure Epidote at this lunar eclipse. However used within Prehnite, Epidote should bring a balance and prevent swinging too far to the negative if you are on the melancholic side. Generally this blend should give the right amount of boldness tempered with the protection vibration of Prehnite.

The 3rd Face Of Cancer

“A celhafe with a snake in his hand, who has golden chains before him. This is a face of running, riding, and acquisition by means of wars, lawsuits and conflict.” ~ Picatrix

Lunar eclipse January 2020


A Lunar Eclipse is a super menstrual, wolf-howler version of a full moon. It will do a great job of purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher selves.

The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues within our primary relationships that have been festering there since the previous Solar Eclipse. With the Lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the Sun and the moon. Sometimes we get a blood red moon as the earth’s shadow slowly creeps across its crater face….

Eclipse Meaning for all signs!

This is a penumbral Lunar eclipse so only a very subtle shadow is seen over the moon and not the red one that we usually get. This subtle eclipse will be most visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Much of North America, East in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and the Arctic. Lunar eclipse Shadow path.

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Artwork: “Magician”. Voyager Tarot © James Wanless
Artwork ‘3rd Face Of Cancer’ J Swofford at: and JSwoffordArtandPhoto (Pixelated because google ads do not allow nudity)
1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. Robson, p.155
2. Star & Planet Combinations. Bernadette Brady. p. 146/147.
3. The Living Stars, Dr Eric Morse, p.43.

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  1. As a professional Numerologist and Astrologer, I can definitely relate to seeing both modalities as a means by which to examine different aspects of an individual’s character, attitude, inclinations with regards to interests and career(s), and I like Numerology due to its preciseness. It seems, to me, to be somewhat less ‘woolly’ and more specific than Astrology in some ways. You’re spot on with regards to people often picking up a book or two on these divinatory, psychological and spiritual methods of understanding ourselves and others but needing to have an intuitive grasp and understanding of these two modalities to really be able to use them properly, genuinely and with regards to how accurate and insightful they can be. It was good to see another Numerologist here, by the way. Best wishes, Zirnitra Elan.

  2. Hello Marina,
    You did a fabulous job speaking so honestly and sincerely on such a sensitive subject. Thank you for defending the heterosexual female! You mentioned adding a link for how this lunar eclipse influences each sign but I wasn’t able to locate it (I’m most interested in Virgo)!
    Happy new year and new decade!

  3. Many thanks Marina for the video and a comments about transexuals. All time I feel so seek going in pubs female toilets and see this kind of blocks wearing lipstick. They urinate in female toilets and this is socially acceptable in the British society! What a shame! I’m from eastern Europe and I’ve never met any man in my life behave like this.

  4. This is all so fascinating to me! As a Numerologist with over 22 years of professional experience, astrology has always fascinated me because I think of it as another way to see the same truth. It is also, like numerology, very mathematical and scientific (and therefore highly accurate).

    That said, translation of the message is a big portion of both numerology and astrology. The deliverer of the message has to be in tune with what is really going on energetically and otherwise. Anyone can pick up a book and learn numerology or astrology but not everyone will become skilled at properly and accurately translating the messages contained within these scientific modalities.

    Keep posting excellent articles like this. The internet (and world) need them!

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