Lilith conjunct Jupiter

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Jupiter for much of 2013. This only happens every 33 years. In 2013 we have the another conjunction between 11 – 13 July, then Lilith follows Jupiter in a wide conjunction up until the end of the year. The final exact conjunction is on December 1st, so I think 2013 will be a culmination of that which has been brewing for the last 3 years. What can we expect?

Lilith Conjunct Jupiter brings together two apparently opposing forces in western culture. Lilith and Jupiter share sex and religion in common. Jupiter was the insatiable chaser of nymphs while Lilith is also accused of being insatiable. However with Lilith, her apparently greedy sexuality is vilified and seen as destructive somehow. Instead of a congratulatory slap on the back she is labelled a succubus and a nymphomaniac.

The same double standard goes for the religious aspect between them, Lilith’s magical ability is branded as witchcraft, but for Jupiter these powers are just an example of the divine miracle of his godliness. Lilith like Jupiter has a hunger for knowledge and mind expansion, indeed it was this desire for wisdom and the passing on of that sacred knowledge that caused Eve to be booted out of paradise.

Lilith conjunct Jupiter gives an insatiable, ravenous sexual energy but also a real need for those physical relations to be tantric. Sex for Lilith/Jupiter has to bring one in contact with the divine which is similar to Lilith/Neptune. But where Lilith/Neptune is fantasy forming, yearning, unrequited and ultimately celibate, Lilith/Jupiter, has to be very, very physical. So we are talking total body, head-to-toe ecstatic orgasms that blow your mind to kingdom come.

If this aspect is cannot be channelled into sex, then it becomes a very zealous approach to spirituality. They may have an unusual, far-out belief systems that forces them to have to justify their brand of religion. The most obvious religious cause with Lilith would be the advocation of women priests and the ultimate archetype of Lilith/Jupiter of course, a female Pope! I ran a chart for the appointment of the legendary/mythical female Pope Joan. [1] There is not enough evidence for this to be a trustworthy event, but it is interesting that we had a mean/true Lilith sextile Jupiter (60’) for date of the death of her predecessor.

Lilith conjunct Jupiter Events

This conjunction is quite rare, to find them within a degree apart we have to go back to 1977 and 1978. I thought it might be interesting to see if there were any relevant news events in those months:
January 1977 – The world’s first personal all-in-one computer is demo-ed in Chicago.
Apple Computers is incorporated.
10 March 1977 – Rings of Uranus discovered.
1 January 1978 –The Copyright Act of 1976
July 25 1978 – The world’s first test tube baby born
August 6 1978 – Pope Paul VI dies.
Also in 1978 but date unknown:
David Rorvik claims he participated in a creating a human clone “ In His Image”.
Abortion is legal in Italy for the first time.

What can expect from this conjunction this time? New discoveries and playing god seem to have come up at the last one, plus the expansion of wisdom in the form of information technology. Lilith’s forbidden fruit becomes Apple Computers! I would hope for a greater acceptance of female priests and modernisation of the Catholic Church. Maybe we shall see surface more revelations as to what secrets the Vatican is hiding. The notion that there could have been a female pope is intriguing. The 2009 film “Pope Joan” caused an uproar within the Catholic church [2], I wonder how many women in the dark ages with a thirst for knowledge did in fact disguise themselves as men in order to gain an education and practise their craft in medicine or as philosophers. Were some of the ancient scholars in fact women?


December 2012. Recently the Church Of England voted against women becoming bishops. “No To Women Bishops”. During the wide conjunctions in 2012 we had the whole Jimmy Saville paedophilia scandal. This children’s TV presenter was a Jupiter god in the eyes of the British public, knighted by the Queen and famed for his charity work. It turns out this case has opened a can of worms for more abuse of young girls within the BBC. The taboo sex of Lilith and the abuse of Jupiter God status is very obvious here. This case continues with yet more allegations against high profile media men like Max Clifford. Of course the BBC is a huge, powerful and very Jupiterian corporation also.

Lilith conjunct Jupiter July 12th 2013 On this date Malala Yousafzai (The Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for going to school), spoke in front of the UN about a woman’s right to education. Malala is a perfect example of Lilith. Malala, survived the shot to the head. This is very symbolic, as the head represents intellect and also Algol’s wise head of snakes (Taboo in a woman for some Muslims) of course Jupiter is education.

Lilith Conjunct Jupiter Natives

We can learn something from the list of those born with this aspect natally. The magic and sexuality is there (Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger, Shakira,), the blending of the mystic with the physical too (Bruce Lee), scandal (Christine Keeler), baby-killing (Kanesha Berry) and also provocative writing (Erica Jong, Gertrude Stein).

George Van Tassel was a perfect example of the far-out religion aspect of Lilith/Jupiter. He was an American contactee and Ufologist. He claimed to have been transported astrally to an Alien vessel where he was told to put together a construction with the aim to extend the life of human beings so that they could take advantage of wisdom acquired with old age. He called it an Integratron and claimed to be built with Tesla technology. Like many contactees of the 1950’s he formed a paranormal research organisation to share this cosmic knowledge.

Mean: Jimmy Page (29’), Lyndon B Johnson (13’ & True), Aretha Franklin, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Shakira, Gertrude Stein, Erica Jong, Joe Frazier, John D Rockefeller, Neil Kinnock, Michael York.

True: Joe Pesci (07’ & Mean). George Van Tassel (13’), Juan Garcia Abrego(14’), Neil Diamond, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Lee, Barbara Streisand, Bobby Womack. Rutger Hauer, Liv Tyler, Christine Keeler, Kenisha Berry, Comet Elenin, McCartney/Eastman Davison.

1. “Leo died on 17 July 855 and was buried in St. Peter’s. Benedict III was Leo’s immediate successor. A medieval tradition claimed that a woman, Pope Joan, succeeded him, disguising herself as a man;.”

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  1. Hi Marina,
    If I am right, following your instructions on how to create my natal chart, I do have this rare Lilith conjunct Jupiter aspect (born March 77). I will come back to you in a near future for your personal interpretation of my birth chart. I am curious about it and I am sure you will find it interesting. My both Lilith and Jupiter are on / conjunct „evil“ Algol (well, “evil” for others I guess, to me personally, Algol is a Powerful Protection/ Blessing) and…my Part of Fortune (Alcyone) conjunct each of them as well, so it is a hot conjunction threesome Party! I´m happy they´re having fun.
    By the way, I also like your post about Sun sextile Lilith, I have this aspect. Yes, Fantasy and Magic are the words, coming from a Pisces rising Pisces, believe me! 😉 . Thank you & have a nice weekend.

  2. I have this conjunction. Your post explain many things! What expect about this conjunction in leo, house ten, in midheaven? thanks a lot for this post!

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