Libra Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Libra
and Libra Rising ffor June 30 – July 6. The quarter Moon creates enough tension in your personal relationships that even you lovely, harmonious Librans are finding it hard to be diplomatic. Mercury Retrograde is forcing you revise your career goals and you are tempted to break free from everyone and go live in an ashram. Home is restricting, parents are being a pain and you have no idea who your partner is anymore. One thing you can call on is your friend’s advice however, they seem to be on the ball intuitively. Hook up with some wise females, they may be goading you to take off somewhere cultural with them. Spread your horizons this week, even if it’s just to go to a lecture. Your mind needs stretching away from the mundane. Jupiter is at least getting you to think seriously about your long-term life calling and giving you the confidence to aim higher. You have a year of his expansive, status boosting influence. Use this retrograde period to plan your rise to the top.

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